Quest Mindshare Review – Scam or Legit?

quest mindshare scam

  • Name: Quest Mindshare
  • Website:
  • Price: Free
  • Rating: 4/10 (Things didn’t work out good for me, but I’m still giving it a 4 because I know its a legit site and others make money with it )

I wouldn’t say the Quest Mindshare is a scam, but my experience with this survey panel is one that will cause most people to not bother with it. In this Quest Mindshare review I’ll be going over why I do not particularly care for it. But remember, this is my personal experience and while I have had a negative experience I am sure that others have had good luck with the panel.

Ok, so let me begin. First of all, what the heck is Quest Mindshare? I’m sure most of you already know but just to make sure of this let me give you an extremely brief overview of what its about.

What Is Quest Mindshare?

Its on online survey site that pays money for your opinion. You sign up, you take a survey, and you get paid for completing it. Surveys like these are important in market research and companies pay big money for survey sites (like Quest Mindshare) to go out and help gather people’s opinions.

And thats all you really need to know about that.

Joining Quest Mindshare

Like most of the survey sites out there, once you join you are going to have to fill out a bunch of profile surveys so that they can get a feel for who you are, what you like, what you do, and just anything about you.

This is a pain in the a** but its important. Because the more they know about you the better they can match you with appropriate surveys. Quest Mindshare is pretty serious when it comes to the profile surveys. There was something like 15 different surveys to fill out after signing up.

So after taking the time and filling all of them out everything should be good to go right? I mean they should be able to match you up well and you should be getting some surveys soon.

Well….. thats how it should go, but it didn’t go that way for me.

My Problem With Quest Mindshare

The problem I faced is one that I’ve had on other survey sites before. And it is that I was barely able to qualify for any surveys!

You see, before you are able to complete a survey that Quest Mindshare gives you, you first have to fill out a short qualification survey. And you must pass that first.

For some reason I couldn’t qualify for nearly any of them. And that makes no sense because I filled out my profile surveys truthfully. So the only reason that I can think of for this problem is that Quest Mindshare just really sucks at matching people with appropriate surveys.

And what is really irritating is that I spent a bunch of wasted time trying to qualify for these surveys. You get no money out of the qualification survey, just wasted time.

I am sure that Quest Mindshare works great for some people. But it just doesn’t for me and it just makes no sense that I wasn’t getting many surveys that I would qualify for.

But on the upside, Quest Mindshare does have some good payouts compared to other survey sites.

Quest Mindshare Pays Well

Its disappointing that I am not able to qualify for many surveys at all, because they have some decent payouts.

Here is one survey offer that I received. As you can see I would make $3.63 for a 30 minute survey (give or take). Thats not too shabby. Its over $7/hr and thats decent if you could always have a survey like this to take in your spare mindshare pay

They also will occasionally offer you more unique surveys. Take for example this one below. They offered a $40 payday to rate music clips for 2 hours. Thats $20 per hour which sounds great to me. And… its just to rate music. Unfortunately these types of offers aren’t all that common even if you do qualify for mindshare pay 1

Cashing Out

Unfortunately for me I never was able to cash out. But I will say that I do like their cash out policy. You can cash out at just $12.50, which is much less than many other survey sites. You are able to receive money via Paypal or you can go with an Amazon gift card.

My Advice On Quest Mindshare

Its a legit business, but for some reason things just didn’t work out for me. My advice would be to give it a try and see if you are able to get some good surveys that you actually qualify for. If you can than you should be pretty happy making the money that they offer.

Like I said earlier, they seem to pay better than most. It could be something worthwhile to do in your spare time.

But to be honest. Quest Mindshare and any other survey site that I have come across is just a waste of time. You can better spend your time online elsewhere.

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