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Quantum Code Review – Scam or Legit Opportunity? Here is what I found out

By Kyle / September 27, 2016

If you have come across this new Quantum Code software, STOP right now and read this. It should NOT be trusted and in this Quantum Code Software Review I’ll be going over some very important points about the software as well as answering the main question, which is “is  Quantum Code a scam?”

And believe me, 5 minutes of your time to read this is well worth what you will learn about Quantum Code.

My Quantum Code Review

  • quantum-code-reviewName: Quantum Code
  • Website: the-quantumcode.com
  • Founder: Michael Crawford
  • Price: Free but you have to make initial deposit
  • Rating: 0.5/10 (SCAM, SCAM, SCAM)

First off, hopefully you should know that you can’t trust a damn thing that you come across online (well except for me, lol). And Quantum Code is no exception to this.

The sales video starts off like just about 90% of the other scams out there. They flash bank statements, sport cars, mansions, air plains, and boats all in your face to get you daydreaming of living in this ridiculously luxurious life. But don’t get sucked into that. Keep your rational thinking.

Quantum Code is a scam… POINT, BLANK, PERIOD.. There is not much debating that. And I’ll prove this too you.

To begin with, the guy in the sales video who goes by the name of Michael Crawford is a fake.

Michael Crawford (the guy in the video) Is FAKE!

michael-crawford-quantum-code-scamHe is an actor that is paid to do this video. He makes false claims, like that of being featured in Forbes magazine.

Its not that difficult to prove him a liar on this one. If you search Michael Crawford on Forbes.com you won’t find a damn thing about this guy. There are other reviews of Quantum Code that I came across with people saying that he has been featured in Forbes numerous times over the years.

But where!!!????

Without proof its nothing but a lie. And believe me, if he were in Forbes magazine, it wouldn’t be some hidden truth, it would be known and you would be able to find it online.

The Guy In The Video Has Been In Other Scams

Mr. “Michael Crawford” has been around a while. And I don’t mean in the world of financial investment, I’m talking about in the world of scamming people online.

Thats right. This same guy was in another binary options software scam called Terran Capitals. Here is a screenshot of him on terrancapital.comichael-crawford-scam

This is evidence that this guy is a scammer. At no time in the Quantum Code sales video did he make any mention of being involved in Terran Capitals. Don’t you think if this were legit he would talk about his background and involvement with other binary options trading softwares???? It would help with credibility.

But the reason he didn’t mention it is because Terran Capitals was a scam. And so is this Quantum Code B.S.

The Quantum Code Software CANNOT Work

While Michael is busy telling you a bunch of fairytale nonsense, he actually digs himself into a hole. He says something that ensures that this software doesn’t work (if it even does exist).

How The Software Works (how they claim)

He says that it works by scanning the market for trades that are being placed by other traders in real-time. And when it finds a trade being placed, it beats the entry price. What he is telling you is that this software beats other traders at their own game.

The problem with this is that says nothing about which traders the software looks for. So you can only assume that it scans the market at random and beats people’s trades. And this means that it beats “bad traders” trades as well as “good traders” trades. And that means that you are going to lose a lot of money, because there are a lot more bad traders in binary options than good.

In order to make money it would have to only scan “good traders” trades, or people that know what the heck they are doing.

This type of copycat software can NEVER work out.

The Scarcity Counter Is Fake

quantum-code-is-a-scamWhen you are watching the video you will notice a counter at the bottom right that says the number of VIP spots available. This is intended to get you in a hurry to sign up so that you forget to use rational thought and jump on the horrible opportunity that this really is.

I was on the sales page for over an hour while doing some research and writing this and the time changes at least 5 times. It went from 7 VIP spots available, down to 3, and then back up to 5, and it kept going.

I can understand if it would go down, but what really caught my eye was that it increased the number of spots open.

Its more than likely a fake counter just to sucker you into buying.

How They Steal Your Money

You might be thinking how can this be a scam if its free to join and use the software? How can they possibly scam you?

Its simple. In order for you to start making trades you have to fund your account. The minimum deposit is $250 and you will be lucky to see that back.

Conclusion.. Quantum Code is a SCAM!

Look, this place CANNOT be trusted. I just showed you proof that the guy in the video is a complete fake. He lies about being featured in Forbes magazine and he has also been the sales person for another known scam called Terran Capitals.

How can you possible invest in someone like that?

My advice to you is stay the hell away from Quantum Code and don’t you dare invest with this software. You will be scammed.

Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this review? Leave them below please!

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