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Quantum Cash Machine Review – Scam For Sure, Check This Out

By Kyle / October 19, 2016

The Quantum Cash Machine is NOT what they say it is. You will NOT be making money with it, you will be losing money. In this review I’ll be exposing this Quantum Cash Machine scam for what it really is.

The QuantumCashMachine is one of many trading robot scams that are created to scam unsuspecting individuals who are newbies and don’t know any better. I have been scammed by a program just like this in the past, so don’t feel dumb or stupid for almost falling for it. You are reading this review, so at least you were smart enough to do some research before depositing a bunch of money.

Anyway.. let me get into the review…

QuantumCashMachine ScamQuantum Cash Machine Review

  • Website: quantumcashmachines.com
  • Founder: Chris Barnes
  • Price: Free to use, but you have to make initial deposit
  • Rating: 1/10 (Scam all the way. You will NOT make money)

I know that the Quantum Cash Machine sounds tempting. I mean, making $10,000 in one week by doing absolutely nothing!!?? Thats awesome. The downside here is that this simply isn’t true.

How It Quantum Cash Machine Scams You

Its FREE TO USE, so how the heck can this system be a scam?? If you don’t spend any money how can this possible be a scam??

Well what they don’t tell you in the sales video is that its going to cost you a minimum of $250 to get started. You have to make the initial deposit into your trading account to get started. And this is where they scam you.

Once you make that deposit you can kiss that money goodbye, you won’t be seeing it again nor will you be seeing additional money and you sure as hell won’t be seeing any $10,000 a week.

Why You Can’t Trust Quantum Cash Machine

I haven’t actually invested with this system so I can’t give you proof of them stealing money, but I can give you proof of some things that show how untrustworthy this place is. They lie right to your face in a couple of instances that I can prove to you, the first being the testimonials that they display.

Fake Testimonials

All of those testimonials that they show beneath the sales video are completely fake. All of the images they use are stock photos, meaning that anyone can buy them and use them for whatever they want online.

How do I know this?

Well, I did a reverse image search on Google to see if these images are used anywhere else online and take a look at what I found.

Here is one of the testimonials that is displayed on the sales page. This one is for “Jeff Brant”.

quantumcashmachine is a scam

And after screenshotting that image and uploading it to Google I found here this picture on the stock photo site, DepositPhotos. They purchased it to use on the site. couple-on-a-beach-jetty-at-maldives-stock-photo-haveseen-21611063-google-chrome-2016-10-19-04-59-51

And it doesn’t end there. Remember this guy from the testimonials, Roger Brent? He is fake too.quantumcashmchine-google-chrome-2016-10-19-05-03-15

You can find the picture of “Roger” all over the internet. It is being sold from ShutterStock as you can see below.google-search-google-chrome-2016-10-19-05-10-35

I don’t have any proof if the bank account photos in the testimonials are fake or not. But as far as I’m concerned they are. Because if these scammers are willing to lie about the pictures then you can’t trust them. And besides just these testimonial images, they lie about other stuff too.

Fake Security Claims

You might be thinking that their site is safe because of all the security seals that it has. Ya well too bad they are all fake as can be.quantumcashmchine-google-chrome-2016-10-19-05-13-56

How do I know?? Well its easy to find out.

Take for example the GeoTrust seal that they show. This seal should be clickable. And when you click it there should be a window that opens up that shows information about the site and that it is trusted by the GeoTrust team.

But when you click it nothing happens. Its just an image of the GeoTrust logo and doesn’t mean anything. Anyone can put an image like this on their website.

You also can do a simple test to prove that the site is NOT SSL secured, even though they say it is. All you have to do is type a https:// before the domain name instead of http://

The “s” means secure and if the site is secure the url should work fine. But when you do this with their site nothing comes up, meaning that it is not secured.

Just Think About What Chris Barnes Is Telling You

Its true that I want my readers to trust me, but I also want my readers to think for themselves. You can spot a lot of scams just from giving things a second thought.

I mean just think about what “Chris Barnes” is telling you about Quantum Cash Machine. He is saying that he is giving this system away for free, but only to 50 students. And he is doing this out of the kindness of his heart.

What a bunch of crap. There is no way someone that has just spent 2 years with a team of mathematicians, ex Wallstreet brokers, and computer engineers is going to be giving away a system that makes thousands of dollars a day on autopilot for absolutely free.

And besides all that he says, he doesn’t mention anything about himself. Chris Barnes is a nobody. There is no information about this guy anywhere online. If he really had developed this incredible software that generates tons of money on autopilot there would be TONS of people all over him trying to get to it. It would be plastered all over the news and this guy would be a rockstar.

Just think about everything that this guy is telling you.

Quantum Cash Machine is a Scam for Sure

No doubt about it. I have seen these automated robot trading scams a thousand times before. Some other very recent similar scams that I have reviewed include Gemini 2 Trading App, SnapCash Binary, Profitable FX System, Instant Cash Club, Scalper Bot 1000, Quantum Code, and there may be some others I’m not coming up with right now. But just beware of these, you might be seeing them around.

An automated system that is free to use that generates you thousands of dollars per day.. Thats awesome! Only one catch, you have to deposit your money of course.

Just by thinking about what they tell you alone should make you very suspicious that this is a scam. And then to top it off and really prove that its a scam they have a bunch of fake testimonials and fake security seals.

Just do yourself a favor and stay away from scams like this. You will likely come across more.

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