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Pure200.Biz Review- Scam Without A Doubt

By Kyle / May 17, 2016
  • Pure200 ReviewName: Pure 200
  • Website: pure200.biz
  • Rating: 0/10 (Impossible returns; Obvious scam; More than likely a Ponzi)

Pure200.biz is one of many internet investment scams out there. I have reviewed numerous HYIP scams like this and they all promise 2 things in particular: fast money, and at a fixed rate.

In this Pure200 review I’ll be going over why this place is nothing more than a scam. But it is possible to make money with it, although I don’t recommend it at all.

To get started, lets take a look at the ridiculous profit percentages that Pure200 promises you will make if you invest.

Insane Earnings

Just as the name would suggest (Pure200), the number 200 must have something to do with this site. And sure enough it does. They claim you will make a 200% profit off of your investment after just 1 hour!!!

pure200.biz is a scam

Is this real life? Are you kidding me?

So if I invest $500, one hour later I will have $1,000? And if I invest $5,000, one hour later I will have $10,000??

Ya Right!

In order to make that kind of money they must have found an investment goldmine. So lets take a look at how they invest your money.

How They Invest

They claim to invest in Foreign Currency Exchange.pure200 scam

This is a 100% legitimate way to invest money, but I still have a problem with their claim.

And that problem is that it CANNOT work out, and you can NOT earn money like they claim from investing this way.

It CANNOT Work Out

There sure is a lot of money to be made in this market. But there is no way you can promise a fixed return like Pure200 does.

The market is ALWAYS changing. There are a thousand and one different factors that influence the prices and exchange rates of currencies all around the world. And it is IMPOSSIBLE to predict these with certainty.

Because of this unpredictability it is impossible to promise fixed returns. Thats all there is to it. It cannot work.

So this raises the question “how does Pure200 invest your money?”

What Pure200 Really Does With Your Money

I have reviewed numerous websites that are basically the same exact thing as this one (PayGet, Open Deposit, Greed Rush, GigaRich, and lots more). They all promise insanely high returns and at a fixed rate. But they are all scams.

More than likely Pure200 is a Ponzi scheme. And this means they don’t invest your money anything like they say they do.

In a Ponzi, there is basically a big money exchange with nothing of value offered. The newcoming investors will deposit their money, but instead of it being invested it is distributed to the investors that came before them. Its a type of pyramid scheme that is common with investment sites like this.

And sure, money can be made and is made with schemes like this, but its not worth it.

Pure200 Is A Scam, Stay Away From It

I could go on easily with 5 more reasons why this place is a scam, but its already too obvious that I don’t think I have to. They promise impossible things and thats all there is to it.

You need to stay far away from this place. I know I said above that people can and will make money. But statistically speaking most people will LOSE money in a Ponzi like this one.

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