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projectpayday.com is a Scam!

By Kyle / February 29, 2016
  • projectpaydayhomeProduct: Project Payday
  • Website: projectpayday.com
  • Rating: 1.5/10 (You can make money this way, but its NOTHING like they tell you)

Before you join Project Payday read this! Its not what they make it seem like it is. Projectpayday.com is a scam and in this review I’ll be going over why.

But you first need to forget pretty much everything you heard if you went to projectpayday.com Then we can begin.

First, How does Project Payday work?

Project Payday is a CPA (Cost Per Action) type business. Companies pay them to generate “leads” or actions that could potentially turn into a sale. This could be something as simple as getting someone to give their email address or even getting them to sign up for a trial of some product. Anything action that might lead to a sale.

There are a lot of companies out there that pay people to sign up for their product, Discovercard, Netflix, etc. This is true. They also pay people who refer people to sign up for their product. And Project Payday supplies you with a 65 page training guide that helps get you started making money in with CPA.

With Project Payday you can make money by signing up yourself or by getting others to sign up. For each person you refer lead you generate you get paid $1.50. Its not much but they make it sound pretty good.

They claim you will average around $4,000 a month doing this!!! (ya right)

They make it sound so easy on their site, but if you join you will soon find out it is NOTHING like expected.

Signing up for PPD

In order to sign up you have to complete some of their trial offers. I know they used to just make you complete 1 of them, but now they upped it to 2.projectpayday

What You REALLY have to do to make money at PPD

Sign up for trials

Signing up for trials and other things of this sort isn’t as great as it sounds. In fact, some of the offers that Project Payday offers you aren’t even free. You have to pay for some of the trials (usually not much though). Here are some of the offers currently available to me at PPD. This example isn’t too bad, but its not uncommon for a trial to cost $5 or more.projectpaydayoffers

Even free trials or ones that PAY YOU to sign up are not worth the effort. Can you imagine signing up for a bunch of trials all day. You know they ask for your credit card information right? Well they do! And get ready because you are going to be giving it out like crazy.

You better keep an elaborate calendar too. Because you will need to be writing down when all of the trial offers end. If you forget to cancel you WILL get charged.

Signing up for trial offers and getting paid may be “easy” but its going to give you a major headache. This is just not a good way to make sustainable income.

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Refer People

Project Payday says right on their site that they are “not about reffering people back to this website”. Yet they offer you money if you refer someone. Its contradicting.

Referring people is the only way I could ever see this opportunity being somewhat worth it. All you would have to do is refer people to projectpayday.com through a unique link that would be provided to you. And every time someone clicks on that link and signs up at the site, you will earn money for that.

But………. This opens up an entire world

Now you have to promote online. And you can’t just tweet a bunch of Project Payday links and expect to get anything out of it.

You are going to need a website. You are going to have to drive traffic to that website. And from there you are going to have to get that traffic to click on your link.

This is definitely possible to do, but its nothing like what Project Payday talks about.

If you want to learn how to promote online – build websites, drive traffic, monetize that traffic, etc. Here is what I recommend.

Conclusion on Project Payday

So is it a scam? Its not an outrights scam anyhow. There is opportunity to make money using this program but they make it sound WAY too easy. Its not going to be even close to easy making money with Project Payday.

So if you take into account the manipulative behavior that Project Payday is using to get people to sign up, then Yes you could say they are a scam. Personally I consider this program a scam because of this.

It is possible to make a lot of money with Project Payday, but you are going to need some serious marketing skills. Personally, I think if you are good at online marketing you could spend your time better elsewhere.

For a better money making opportunity online, one thats legitimate and makes sense, check out my number 1 recommendation HERE

One more thing about Project Payday

I wouldn’t trust the some of the testimonials you see online. Most of them that I came across look scripted. So just use your better judgement on this.

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