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Project Breakthrough, Scam or legit? – Can you say UPSELL?

By Kyle / March 23, 2016
  • is-project-breakthrough-a-scamName: Project Breakthrough
  • Owners: Jason McClain and Vick Strizheus
  • Website: projectbreakthrough.com
  • Price: Can be Free, but there are upsells
  • Rating: 6.5/10 (Really good information and training from what I have experienced, but the upsell is too costly and I did not get to test out the whole program)

Project Breakthroughs training isn’t that bad. Its actually good quality. But as you can see I am calling Project Breakthrough a scam. Why? Because they have an outrages upsell that will cripple you if you are not ready for it. But anyway, I’ll get to that later.

Before I get into this program I want to bring something to your attention. Not that this proves Project Breakthrough is a scam or not, but I think its worth mentioning.

The owner doesn’t exactly have a good record

And I’m talking about the one owner, Vic Strizheus.vic

Or should I say Vitaliy Strizheus. Yes that is his original name before he got it changed. And why is he going by a different name now?

Well because he ran into some trouble with the law for scam type operations similar to that of Project Breakthrough. Just watch this short video about him

Once again, this doesn’t mean that Project Breakthrough is a scam. So lets begin looking at the program.

Project Breakthrough Overview

This course is designed to help people make money online in only 14 days, with 14 days of training.

The course is comprised with step by step training videos that will teach you

  • how the money making process works
  • how to make commissions
  • how to scale up your business

The video training videos are easy to follow and they do provide you with some legitimate information.

Who Project Breakthrough is for

Its for anyone who is looking to make a lot of money in a short period of time. And I’m guessing that is pretty much everyone in the world.

They claim that this product is great for beginners, but lets face it, 14 days is not nearly enough time to learn what you need to and become familiar and good at it.

I think that you need to be semi-advanced in online marketing for this to do you any good.

Whats the training like?

As I mentioned above, there are 14 days of training. This is what the training will be about for each of the 14 days:

  1. The Introduction and How To Build A Successful Online Business
  2. Understanding What Online Marketing Is
  3. The Quickest Way to Make Money Online
  4. Creating Your Custom Campaign Blueprint
  5. Secrets To Building An Effective Landing page
  6. Creating Your Custom Sales Funnel
  7. Creating A Custom Video
  8. Connecting Everything Together
  9. “Pre-Flight” Checklist
  10. Generating Traffic Through Low Hanging Fruit
  11. Activating Your Passive Income Stream
  12. How To Become A Facebook Champion
  13. How To Leverage OPP and OPL
  14. Big Reveal and Conclusion

Project Breakthrough is partnered with High Traffic Academy,project-breakthrough where you can learn a bunch of techniques and ways to generate traffic.

All of the training offered seems to be well put together and easy to follow. I think that video training is by far the best and easiest to learn from and thats what you get here. There is a lot of good information to take away from this training, or at least from what I know.

But there is something I haven’t told you yet… I didn’t make it through all of the training!

Why not? Well because of the upsell that I just didn’t think was worth it.

Beware of the upsells

When you sign up for free you will be thinking to yourself “can this get any better?” because you are thinking you are about to start generating a big passive income for free in only 14 days. But then it hits you.

BAM!!! a shot to the face. A $297 dollar upsell that you pretty much need to buy to have any chance of being successful with this program. Buying this upgrade will unlock advanced training videos that are absolutely necessary and they really push this on you and try to get you to buy it.

And this upsell is not just a one time payment. Nope. Its a $297 monthly payment! That is seriously insane and I was not willing to go for it.

But the upsells don’t end there. Oh no

There are 10 other trainings that cost you $177 each. These include The Marketing Roundtable, Core Traffic Training, PPC Mastery, Retargeting with Adroll, Email Marketing 101, SEO Traffic 101, Content Marketing 101, Video Marketing 101, Funnel Mastery, and RLSA with Google Adwords.

If you add all these up thats another $1770. Luckily these upsells are just a one time payment thought.

Pros VS Cons


  • It is “free” (it can be done for free you just won’t have access to everything)
  • It will give you a quick boost to making money online (only 14 days)
  • The training videos are easy to follow and provide good information


  • The free training is not adequate
  • They mislead you with inflated income statements (definitely not what you should expect)
  • Must pay a hefty price to access advanced training videos

Final Thoughts on Project Breakthrough

It seems like a great program. From the training I have been able to access and went through it really does. However, I just cannot get past the upsell. $297/month are you kidding me?? For this unreasonable high price I wouldn’t recommend this program.

Its just too expensive and thats it. And they somewhat deceive you into thinking that its all going to be free.

If you want affordable online marketing training, and I’m talking FREE, then take a look at my #1 recommendation below.

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