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Profitable FX System Review – Don’t Fall For This Scam

By Kyle / October 17, 2016

I know it may be tempting to give the Profitable FX System a try, but please don’t. Its not what they claim it to be and you will be extremely disappointed if you invest your hard earned money in it.

Is Profitable FX System a scam? Yes sir it is, and thats why I’m writing this review. The more people I can keep from signing up the better. So you are welcome in advance for this review and helping you save some money you otherwise may have lost.

Anyway, let me get into this review and show you the scam it is.

Profitable FX System ReviewProfitable FX System Review

  • Product: Profitable FX System (Automated Forex Scalping Software)
  • Website: profitablefxsystem.com
  • Creator: John Whitten (fake name)
  • Price: $45 (on sale) + an upsell of $85 for a supplementary product
  • Rating: 1/10 (Will NOT Work As They Claim!)

First off, let me go over a little bit about what they claim this software is all about.

What Exactly Is Profitable FX System (so they claim)

What they claim it to be is an automated software that analyzes the forex markets every move and identifies good trades to make. It has an algorithm that took months of intense research to develop that uses a powerful proprietary combination of indicators to make these calls.

Apparently it exploits some “loophole” that traders are using to rake in big bucks. It is said to be so good that John Whitten (the guy who created it) says it wins almost every trade it makes and ENSURES a 2:1 reward ratio.

Basically its a software that makes you money while you sit there and do nothing. Its automated.


How Does It Work? It Doesn’t Make Sense

They claim that the Profitable FX System is a forex scalping tool, and the best one there is. But this doesn’t really make sense to me.

For those who aren’t familiar with “scalping”. It is the technique when you buy or sell currencies for very short periods of time and only make small profits. Its called scalping because you “scalp” a small amount of money off of each trade you win. No trades will make you much money, but the point is that you make so many that it adds up and does turn into a lot of money.

My problem with this is that they claim this tool ensures that you make a 2:1 reward ratio off of EVERY trade you make. Thats a darn good ratio and definitely one that is much too high for the technique they claim to be using, which is scalping. Scalping brings you small profits on each trade, you won’t see ratios that high. So its just absurd that they make these to contradicting claims.

And another obvious lie that they tell you on the website is this. There is no way you can know for certain what the price change is going to be. You can guess, but its tricky. Its not uncommon at all for a price to rise that you were confident would fall, and vice verca. Talk to any (legitimage) forex trader and they will tell you the same.

Profitable FX System Scam

There are so many variables that go into the fluctuations in the market price and no one on this earth is good enough to predict them like they claim this software does. And I’m talking about real-live humans. Its even more ridiculous that they claim this automated software is able to do this.

I’ve heard this claim a million times with scams like this.

John Whitten Is Fake!

John Whitten scamYep, thats right, the alleged creator of this system is fake.

There is nothing I can find of any veteran forex trader named John Whitten. Thats bad enough because anyone coming out with such a ridiculously amazing product like this should have some history.

But this guy doesn’t. And to make things worse the picture is fake and I have proof of this.

After screenshotting the image and uploading it to Google for an image search I was able to find other results online for this same exact image. And guess what? Its not John Whitten.


Apparently this picture is actually of a guy named Eric Hooper who according to Linkedin is a licensed real estate salesperson.

I don’t know why these scammers used this image. Could this be the image of one of the people responsible for this scam? I don’t know.

It could be that or it could just be some random picture they picked because it looks good and professional.

Who knows. But the point here is that it is fake and that the people behind this scam obviously are liars and can’t be trusted.

But Its Only $45 & Has a 60 Day MoneyBack Guarantee

Mr John Whitten claims that this software is worth $840, which is a heck of a lot. But then why the heck is he selling it for $45?? Oh right… because he is very serious about “giving it forward” and helping out others.

He went from $840 down to $740, down to $640, then to $540, $440, $340 and then on and on and on until finally he reached the price of $45.

I have heard this “just wanting to help others” crap so much with scams its ridiculous. This guy doesn’t want to help others. Thats why he is keeping his real identity hidden and is lying right to your face because what he is saying doesn’t make sense.

And as far as the 60 day moneyback guarantee goes, don’t count on that. This is the online world folks. Its like the wild wild west. There are too many outlaws and not enough sheriffs to keep up with them.

That moneyback guarantee means nothing as far as I’m concerned.

You Can’t Contact Them!

One last thing that I’d like to bring to your attention is that the “contact us” button at the very bottom of the page doesn’t work. If you click on it nothing will happen.Profitable FX System is a scam

This would be a definite problem for me if I were to consider buying this. Customer support is a must when buying anything, and not having this makes me trust them even less.



Final Thoughts – Profitable FX System is a SCAM!

Ok, so Profitable FX System is a forex scalping software that ensures a 2:1 reward ratio, which doesn’t make sense, the creator of this software, John Whitten, is a fake, the extreme price discounts have scam written all over them, and you are unable to contact the people behind this software before buying it.

Doesn’t that seem like a scam to you?? It should for sure. If something sounds too good to be true it often is.

The bottom line here is that this software will not work as they claim. They lie right to your face and feed you what anyone wants to hear… that you can make tons of money without doing any real work. But thats just not the truth of it.

I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any comments or questions please leave them below in the comment section…
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