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Is Profit With Pete a Scam – You Need To Read This!

By Kyle / March 31, 2017

If you are doing some research on this Profit with Pete program, chances are you were probably referred to it by an email or another website. Now you are wondering if its legit, or if Profit with Pete is a scam that has been set up for nothing more than to get your money.

In this review I’ll be going over everything you need to know about the program. And if you were thinking about buying into it you might want to think again.

So take 5 minutes and read over this review before you do anything else. You will be glad you did.

Profit With Pete ReviewProfit With Pete review

  • Name: Profit With Pete
  • Website: profitwithpete.com
  • Founder: “Pete Bradshaw”
  • Price:
  • Do I Recommend It? I’ll go over this at the end

Ok, to start off this review I want to go over a few of the claims that Pete makes to the people that sign up.

He really tries his best to suck everyone possible into this program. Pretty much everything he tells you is a fairytale that doesn’t exist.

He tells you that there is nothing to buy and that you won’t pay him a single cent. And of course you will be able to make $1000’s per day without doing anything…Petes team will be doing all the hard work.

Petey even claims that he will give you $1500 out of his own pocket just for watching the video to the end. But then he goes on to say that you will be getting your own partner website that normally costs $1,500, which he will be covering for you.

So you aren’t actually getting $1,500 cash. And actually you aren’t getting $1,500 in any way, shape or form, because the website you will be getting isn’t worth anything even relatively close to $1,500.

Pete then goes on to tell you that if you don’t make $5,000 in the next 30 days with this site that he will personally give you $500. And this time its cash.

So lets recap here…. You are guaranteed to make money. You don’t pay Petey boy a cent. Pete and his team do all the work. And you keep all the earnings.. WOW.

Its no wonder you are did some research and came across my review because this sure does sound like a scam.

How Do You Make Money?

Well he never gives you real clear answer, which is typical of a scam. He does say that it has nothing to do with binary options, trading forex, or trading of any kind. And then he mentions that the site he will be giving you is a “commission site” and he also mentions that the site promote companies through ads on the sites.

Every time one of his partners make money he makes 10% of that.

What he is saying is that this is an affiliate marketing website. Affiliate marketing is when you promote a product online and get paid commissions for everyone that you refer to buy that product. You never have to touch the product, deal with customer service, etc… your only job is to promote.

Affiliate marketing is actually how I make a living online and I think its awesome. But anyway.. that is besides the point.

The point is that you are going to be promoting some product with Pete and his team, but he doesn’t tell you anything about it.

In order to find out what this is all about, you first have to purchase the hosting for the website he is giving you.

But anyway, I do have a good idea of what it is.. and I’ll get to that soon.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pete tells you that you won’t pay him a dime. And although this is true, it is very misleading.

He makes you think that this is free, but it isn’t. In order to get your free commission website, you are going to have to pay a fortune for website hosting.

The first step is to get your domain name and set up your hosting account. Pete has partnered with ServrCloud so that is where he refers you to buy both of these.

At the minimum its going to cost you $97 for a year plan.ServrCloud scam

He tries to trick you into registering your domain and hosting for the longest period possible which is 3 years.

He tells you that Google will reward you for registering your site for longer which is the biggest load of BS I’ve ever heard.

Google doesn’t give a damn how long you register your site. They reward your site for how long it is active, how much unique content it has, how much visitor interaction it has, etc. But they don’t look at the registration and have no access to even see this.

You could pay the hosting registration fee yearly for the next 10 years and Google wouldn’t know it. They DO NOT have access to this information. If your site is active, then your site is active, that is all Google sees.

The Truth Behind This Program

This is nothing more than a hosting scam. Pete tells you that he and you will be rewarded mutually when you make sales on your commission website. But the real reason for this program is so that he can make a commission off of you buying hosting from this ServrCloud place.

And by the way, ServrCloud is not a legitimate hosting company. If you do some research on them you will see that they all of a sudden popped up just recently and there is no information on them.

The entire company was likely created by the same group of scammers that are running these promotion websites.

I would absolutely not trust buying hosting from this place and would strongly advise against it. Not only is it way overpriced, but it is just too risky.

Final Thoughts & What I Suggest

Ok, so obviously I don’t recommend this program. It has scam written all over it. And believe me when I say there are plenty of similar scams out there. In fact, I just reviewed one called 700 Profit Club.

My suggestion if you are interested in doing affiliate marketing is to look into Wealthy Affiliate. I have been a member there since 2015 and am please with what they offer. Their membership is all-inclusive so that you don’t need to go out and get anything else to create your own online business. They have tools, training, support, and other resources for you to use.

What is really nice about Wealthy Affiliate is that they offer a free starter membership that you can keep for life. It allows you to “test drive” the system without any strings attached. If you are interested in Wealthy Affiliate you can click the link below to read a review I wrote of them.

==> Read My Wealthy Affiliate Review Here

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