Product Report Card, Scam or Legit?

prcProduct Report Card is a bit different than other paid survey/market research sites. In this Product Report Card review I’ll be going over what exactly this website brings to the table and whether its a worthless scam or not. And of course, how much money you can make!

Is it a credible site?

This is without a doubt one of the best sites of this kind that I have come across. Sure there are some complaints, but you will find those with any company. At PRC there is a lot of trust. They pay their members when they are supposed to and they ACTUALLY pay out. Its not a site where they try to disqualify members from receiving payment every chance they get.

PRC does what I would call quality market research. It seems to be focused more on “real” opinions rather than people just rushing through surveys to make a few bucks.

There sign up process is pretty long and helps to filter out the people who don’t really care about giving honest reviews and opinions. They will ask you for more than just an email and name. You will have to enter your income, address, phone #, and more. Its annoying but it adds to the legitimacy of the site and what its all about. Oh ya, the sign up is free too.

How can you earn money at Product Report Card?

:You can earn some cash mainly by completing surveys and product reviews. But you also earn a good bonus just for completing your some basic profile things.

Money from completing profile

The first thing you are supposed to do after signing up is to complete your profile. You will be going over your kitchen, food, auto, leisure, etc situations so that PRC can provide you with offers that better fit your lifestyle.

You will make $8.25 after completing this and this is probably the easiest and fastest money you will make the entire time you are on this site.

Making money with surveys

The amount you can earn from surveys available on this site isn’t anythings special. The normal amount you can expect to receive is less than a dollar per survey. But there are ones that pay a lot more.

One bonus this site is that they pay you for surveys that you don’t qualify for. On most survey sites you will spend time answering questions only to find out you do not qualify, and you will be left with nothing. On Product Report Card you get 10 cents just for trying. Its not much, but its better than nothing.

A negative aspect of the surveys is that there are not much available. This don’t expect more than a couple per day.

Product Reviews

I like this part of PRC. You can review products that you already own. You fist have to register the product by uploading pictures and providing information, such as ID numbers, then you are good to go.

Although this is a nice way to earn, you won’t be earning very much. You are once again looking at less than 1 dollar per review.

Cashing out

If you ever make it to $25 in your account you can cash out. Cashing out with PRC is not a problem and you don’t have to worry about them not paying you. It may take a bit longer than you would like ( sometimes 2 weeks), but you will get it. Cash outs are able to be received in Amazon Rewards, Paypal, or a check.

Notice how I said “if you ever make it to $25”. Thats because its not exactly quick to get there. The lack of surveys in general, surveys that you will qualify for, and overall low payouts really take a long time to add up.

Here is a better way to earn REAL money online

Thats why they give you such a nice bonus (of $8.25) just for the initial profile setup. So that you think its worth it and give it a try. But later you find out its harder than it seemed.

Another downside to the surveys

Besides there being very little opportunity and little payouts, there are some that are just TOO much. What I mean is that they ask too much of you. I like surveys that you just answer questions and nothing else. Some of the surveys here will require you to download an app or software so that companies can monitor your activity. I don’t know about you but I don’t want just anyone seeing everything I do.

Pros vs Cons of Product Report Card


  • Absolutely free
  • You get a nice bonus upon profile completion ($8.25)
  • Get paid even for surveys that you don’t qualify for, which is rare compared to other sites


  • Very low earnings
  • Difficult to reach $25 cash out threshold
  • surveys that breach your privacy
  • spam from giving your email address, although not nearly as bad as some other survey sites I’ve came across

Is Product Report Card worth your time?

Well its definitely a legitimate and credible website but I wouldn’t bother with it. You will literally be earning pocket change. Its just not worth your or my time.

This is a common theme for all normal paid survey sites out there, Very little pay. If you want to earn a regular income that could potentially turn into a full time money maker, then I suggest you check out my Number One Recommendation Here.


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