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Post4Profits Review – Post4Profits.com is a SCAM!! Stay Away From It

By Kyle / September 13, 2016

post4profits-scamBeware of this Post4Profits scam. Its an absolute scam and you should read this review of Post4Profits so that you don’t get scammed along with many others.

Before I get into the actual Post4Profits review, I first want to bring your attention to the guy who created this scam. His name is Josh Joiner and he is a known scammer.

Should Josh Joiner Be Trusted?

Josh Joiner has been around for a while in the in the internet marketing world. You could call him successful because he has definitely made plenty of money. But guess who else makes a lot of money in this industry…Scammers!

He has created one product, 250 Payday, which isn’t actually all that bad in my opinion. The product itself isn’t bad, its just that the way he promotes it really suckers people into something that they won’t succeed in. And thats my main problem with Josh Joiner. If you go to his facebook account you will see a ton of posts for a bunch of crap programs.

He is always promoting a bunch of BS products that claim they can make you rich, but the fact of the matter is they won’t, they will just make him rich from gullible people buying them.

If you go to Ripoff Report here you can see a good list of people complaining about getting scammed by him.

But anyway. let me get on to the review of this all.

Post4Profits.com Review

If you go to the website you will see this optin form.post-4-profits-scam

If you fill that out and click “download the report” it then says that you have to check your email to confirm your subscription. I did this and received the email.

And without any surprise the email was of course for a scam product, just as I suspected.

This is the email I received..post4profits-review

As you can see it says click the link to receive email from Digital Altitude. And what is Digital Altitude you ask??? Its one of the biggest scams out right now!!

Digital Altitude is a SCAM!

I’ve already done a couple of reviews on scams that promote the heck out of Digital Altitude so I was all too familiar with this scam program before I received this email.

To give you some background on Digital Altitude, it was created by a guy named Michael Force. He was one of the top producers at Empower Network, which was a massive pyramid scheme that imploded several years after beginning. Around 97% of its members lost money.

Digital Altitude is a “make money online” type program that has some seriously high priced products, the most expensive being $27,997. Yes you read that correct, its nearly 30 thousand dollars.

And pretty much when you buy that product, which is called the Apex Membership by the way, you buy a spot near the top of this pyramid scheme scam.

Its a Pyramid Scheme

Digital Altitude’s products are too teach you how to make money online in the realm of internet marketing. That sounds all good in dandy. But you will find that the overwhelming goal of these products is to try to get you to go out there and sell these same Digital Altitude products to other people.

So to recap.. Digital Altitude sells products that teach you to resell the products and recruiting others into this pyramid scheme.

This is why I classify Digital Altitude as a pyramid scheme instead of a legitimate MLM (multi-level marketing) opportunity. Because it crosses the line and puts the most focus on recruiting and getting others to recruit instead of selling the actual product for what its worth.pyramid scheme

There are payout tiers in place so that you get commissions from your recruits, and their recruits, and so on. You know how the whole pyramid thing works. You can make money from the work your recruits do.

Can You Make Money In a Pyramid Scheme Like This?

Sure! Ya you can. but statistically speaking the large majority of people will lose money.

These high level internet marketing guys like Josh Joiner know damn well that most people will not make any money with programs like this. They know that these programs aren’t for the average person. Yet they promote the heck out of them saying that anyone can make money with this and things like that.

Final Thoughts On This Post4Profits Scam

Ok, to recap… Post4Profits.com is a site that was created by Josh Joiner. And Josh Joiner is know for his trickery in getting gullible people to sign up for opportunities that he knows won’t work out for them. The opportunity that he tries to get you to sign up for on Post4Profits.com is actually Digital Altitude, which isn’t his own product, but it is a scam.

Digital Altitude is a pyramid scheme that will only work out for the top guys of the pyramid, which isn’t you.

So all in all, everything is a scam.

If you are smart you will stay away from Josh Joiner, the products he promotes, and definitely Digital Altitude.

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