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PokeMoney Review – pokemoney.biz Is A SCAM!

By Kyle / May 16, 2016
  • PokeMoney.biz ReviewName: PokeMoney
  • Website: pokemoney.biz
  • Rating: 0/10 (Impossible returns promised; More than likely a Ponzi)

PokeMoney is such a lie. They make big promises with your returns on investment, but don’t trust them. In this PokeMoney review I’ll be going over a few things to show you that this place is nothing more than a scam.

Lets first take a look at these outrageous profits they claim you will make.

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The Profits They Claim Are Impossible

They promise a fixed return percentage for all investments. All of the returns are insanely high and that should at the very least raise some suspicion.

I mean, just look at these return rates. Look at the one on the very right, 1,000% return in just 5 days!!!!?? Are you joking?

That means if you deposit $10,000 you will end up making another $100,000 of of that investment in just 5 days.

pokemoney.biz scam

In order to see if this is really a scam you have to check into how this place is investing your money.

So lets take a look.

How Does PokeMoney Invest Your Money?

SCAM ALERT!!!!!      They don’t tell you.

No where on their website does it give you any good information about how they actually invest your money. The best information I can find is on their “about” page.

On this page you can find this info…pokemoney.biz hyip

And if you read that you can see that they don’t say much. They just try to fluff it up with all the “effort” they are putting into investing your money,

The Truth Is That Their Promised Returns Are Impossible

It doesn’t really matter what markets they would “claim” they invest in, because it would be a lie.

Its impossible to make returns on investments like they promise you, unless its a scam.

In the real word markets, you can’t promise a fixed rate return at high numbers like that! The market is unpredictable. Sure you can make huge returns but they are rare.

In the real market, an investment that can produce returns as high as 1000% in just 5 days would be EXTREMELY risky, and you sure as hell wouldn’t be able to promise investors fixed rates.

These profit percentage rates are just ridiculous.

They Try To Prove Their Legitimacy

On the “about” page they say that they are a registered company (RN 10139934). And on the “support” page they tell you to got to wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk to verify this.

And if you do check you will find that their company is registered.. Thats good right? Well ya its good, but its definitely doesn’t prove the legitimacy of the business. It just means its registered. This doesn’t mean it can be trusted.WebCHeck PokeMoney

And I have a problem with the date listed above. As you can say it says the “Date of Incorporation” is April 2016.

If you do a WhoIs lookup of the pokemoney.biz domain you will find this.PokeMoney.biz WHOIS

As you can see the domain was just registered in April of 2016 as well.

But my problem is that they say their company has been around since 2004.

They Lie About How Long They Have Been In Business

On the “about” page you will see a section titled “Why Choose Us?” and you will find this under that section..pokemoney is a scam

So why would they lie about their age?

This is a common “trust tactic” among many scams that I have come across. They lie about their age to try to gain your trust. Because the longer a business has been around and the more history they have, the more likely we are to trust them.

What Is PokeMoney Doing With Your Money?

PokeMoney acts like they are legitimate, but they can be. In the real world things like this aren’t real.

PokeMoney is more than likely a Ponzi type scheme.

There is no real value in this site. They don’t invest your money to make money. Instead they just take newcomers’ investment money and distribute it to members that have already invested.

That is why they try to get you to refer people so much with sites like this. Because thats the only way they make money. Its just a big money exchange for nothing of value.

Be Cautions With Sites Like This

I have reviewed plenty of HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) sites and they are all the same. They all promise extremely high returns and the returns are fixed.

Just to name a few, I have reviewed PayGet, GreenRush, Open Deposit, 24 Hour Trade, Join Trade, and the list goes on.

It seems like there are new HYIP scams coming out every day online. Pretty much all of them are based in the UK or Russia.

Just be weary of these fairytale profit claims.

PokeMoney Is A Big Old Scam

They lie to you to try to gain your trust.

But the main problem here is that their promised returns on investment are simply impossible. They cannot work out in the real world market.

There is no doubt that you can make money in a Ponzi like this, and some people will. But statistically speaking, most people will lose money in a system like this. So it would be in your best interest to stay away from it.

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