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Points2Shop Free Points Hacks, Do They Work? From My Experience…

By Kyle / September 3, 2016

Points2Shop Free Points HackIf you are looking to make some free money with a Points2Shop free points hack then read this. I have tried different point generators so I have some advice from experience. Don’t go out there and just try any hack you find!

Points2Shop Free Points

For some reason, Points2Shop seems to have more hack softwares than any other GPT (get paid to) website there is. I don’t know the reason for this, I just know that there seems to be about 100 different hacks out there.

Shortly after signing up for Points2Shop I came across something on Google that about a hack that said I could earn unlimited points by basically doing absolutely nothing. Of course I wanted free points, I mean who wouldn’t? But I didn’t go for this first offer.

I started Googling Points2Shop hacks and found a number of free points generators. They all seem to be pretty much the same. They require you to first download the software. Then you are to enter your Points2Shop account info so that it can generate the points to your account. Some allow you to only generated a certain limit of points per day, and others allow you to generate unlimited points.

Pretty awesome right?… So I gave several of them a try.

Do These Free Point Generators Work?

So far I have tried 3 different Points2Shop point generators and guess what? None of them work!

The only thing they seem to be good for is putting a virus or trojan on your computer. I pretty much knew this would happen before I tried them, but I still wanted to give them a try to see if they really work.

Why They Don’t Work (From What I Know)

Points2Shop provides market research for other big-time companies. Other companies pay them big money to get people’s opinions so that they can better sell products and things like that. Points2Shop then goes out and gets people’s opinions by having them fill out surveys, complete offers, etc. The companies then pay Points2Shop and then Points2Shop pays you and I for completing the surveys, etc. So its not until after the fact that you get paid.

My Advice To You

Stay the hell away from these free points generators. Like I said I have tried out 3 and they all failed to work. If you want a virus/trojan in your computer then go ahead and try them out.

But also, like I said, I have tried ONLY 3 of them. There are a lot more out there, but I am very hesitant to give any more of them a go.

Do ANY of them work? I wouldn’t know because I haven’t tried all of them. Its just natural to believe that there is a good chance that none of them work since I have tried out 3 of them and all three have failed consecutively.

If you know of any Points2Shop generator that ACTUALLY WORKS, let me know by leaving a comment below! I still want free points!

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