PLR Bandit Review – Is It Worth Buying?

By Kyle / April 26, 2016
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  • Rating: 6/10 (Pretty good content and it is updated continuously; I’m not a supporter of PLR marketing though)

In this PLR Bandit review I’ll be going over a few things you should consider before you purchase. There are a lot of PLR sellers out there and most of them supply you with a bunch of crap that isn’t worth it. So you need to make sure you know what you are getting.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what exactly PLR is, here is a brief overview because its important to know to understand PLR Bandit.

What the heck is PLR?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights.

When you hear PLR in the internet marketing world people are talking about buying the Private Label Rights to a certain product. Once you buy the PLR to a product, that product is YOURS. You can sell it, rename it, do whatever you desire with it.

Selling product PLR’s is common in the “make money online” niche. It would say its more used in this niche than any other.

Anyway, now that you understand that we can get into things about PLR Bandit.

What Is PLR Bandit

So as you can imagine, PLR Bandit is in the business of selling PLR’s. The PLR Bandit team is made up of internet marketers and copywriters.

They write ebooks and sell the PLR’s to them.

If you join PLR Bandit you get access to their ebooks and you can sell them from your own site or do whatever.

Who PLR Bandit Is For

PLR Bandit is for internet marketers. All of the PLR ebooks that they provide you with are in the internet marketing niche.

What PLR Bandit Gives You

The ebook PLR’s are the main thing you will be getting of course. But they also include some other little bonuses if you were to pay for PLR Bandit. I’ll go over each.

  • ebooks – all original ebooks, not spun material
    • You can see an example of some of the ones available below

plr bandit contents

  • Graphics – Here you get buttons, arrows, premium headers, and a bunch of other images that will help you make your posts look more appealing and professional.
  • MP3 Audios – There is training audio available that you can listen to.
  • Content – There is content available that is pretty good. (all written by American authors)
  • Video Courses – You can watch video tutorials on list building, video marketing, audience engagement,…
  • Software – They give you some WordPress plugins

What I Like About PLR Bandit

If any of you are familiar with the PLR industry then you probably tend to stay far far away from places like PLR Bandit.


Because many PLR’s are a bunch of spun content crap. A lot of them don’t really have any valuable content. They are just written to make some money and thats it.

But I will say that PLR Bandit offers better ebook PLR’s than much of what I have come across online. The authors at that write for PLR Bandit are Americans that speak English as their first language. And this is reflected in their writing.

Theres not much worse than buying an ebook that was written in English by someone who can’t speak English. Luckily you don’t have to worry about that.

And besides the English, the writing is just good. Its easily readable, which is a necessity.

When it comes to the appearance, the overall look is professional. And something as simple as the appearance of the ebook you are selling is something that can have huge effects. Appearance might not matter in all cases, but it sure does when you are trying to sell something.

Another nice thing about PLR Bandit is that it is continuously updated. There is new content coming out on the site.

This is a nice way to keep subscribers happy. You can provide them with a little free bonus each month or something of that nature.

Do “I” Think PLR Bandit Is Worth Paying For?

Everything sounds pretty good so far, right? I mean the price isn’t too high, and they are decent quality ebooks.

But, no I don’t think they are worth paying for. I don’t support or suggest PLR stuff at all. Sure you can make money off of this type of stuff, but I just don’t like it.

PLR selling just creates a market saturated with the same old products with the same old information. Most people will rename the PLR products and edit them a bit (which you Should), but they still are overwhelmingly the same exact information.

I just think the whole thing is pretty ridiculous. But the decision is ultimately up to you.

If you are going to purchase PLR material, then PLR Bandit is on the better side of what I’ve seen.

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