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PayGet Review – Is PayGet a scam?

By Kyle / April 1, 2016

PayGet review

  • Name: PayGet
  • Website: pay-get.com
  • Rating:1/10 (Little info on this company, several red flags on their site, unrealistic claimed profits)

PayGet (pay-get.com) is an investment website that claims you can profit automatically. They claim you can get awesome returns but this doesn’t seem realistic. So I decided to write a PayGet review and the number one question I’ll be anwering is “is PayGet a scam?” Because it sure looks like it.

Although it looks like a scam I still had to do some more research to find out more about his opportunity.

But first let me go over how much money they claim you can make.

How much money (they say) you can make

First off, they tell you the process is 100% automated. That means you don’t have to do a thing except for to invest your money initially.

The amount you can earn is standard for everyone. You will start to earn money after the first hour. And, they promise you will earn 50% of your investment in profit after 30 days. PayGet is a scam

So in the example above you invested $200. And 50% of 200 is 100. So you get back your initial investment + 50% of that initial investment which is $200 + $100 = $300.

The return is incredible. 50% profit in just 30 days! Can this possibly be real? Well just keep reading.

How The Heck Does PayGet Make You Money?

Well, this is what they tell you they do.

PayGet is a place that makes money in the sector of the exchange of electronic currencies.

They have developed a software that automates the process of electronic currency exchange. Each time someone exchanges currency using their software, they receive a small fee.

PayGet doesn’t go into much detail. All they tell you is exactly that. You can read this on their “about” page, which is written in very poor English.

So they get their money directly from private investors. It all sounds good, but there are some things that I need to point out.

Here are a couple red flags

Wrong Name (LOL)

If you go to their “news” page, which you can go to at the top menu, you will see this postpay jet scam

As you see they are mentioning PayJet. What??? What the heck is PayJet? I thought this place was called PayGet??

Then later in the same post they go back to saying PayGet. It makes no sense, as PayJet is mentioned nowhere else on the website.

Also, you will see that they repeated the first sentence of the article in the second paragraph.

This just seems very poorly put together.

Lie about how long they have been in business

If you go to the “about” page you will see that they claim they have been developing this electronic currency exchange software for eight years. And they say that their company is one of the leading offices for exchanges.pay-get scam

But why can’t I find any information on their company?

I did a whois lookup of pay-get.com and this is what I found. The website was just registered on February 26th of 2016. And I’m writing this article on April 1st of 2016. But they are saying they have been around for a while and are at the top of their field.PayGet whois

I guess it is possible that they have been doing business offline for a while and just recently made a website. But I really doubt it.

I just can’t find much of any information out about this company.

Take A Moment To Really Think About What PayGet Is Saying

Ok. So they are telling you that you can invest your money and get a 50% profit within a month. And you can invest up to $1,000. So you have the potential to make $500 in one month by doing absolutely nothing. Their profit is automatic and requires no effort.

Then they give you a short, and very confusing, story on how exactly they earn money, which is off of private investors in the electronic currency sector.

Their way of making money makes absolutely no sense, but lets say for a second that it does. Lets just pretend that they really do make money this way.

But if its really this easy, why would they be opening this business to the general public?

I mean, if I were them I would be investing thousands and thousands of dollars and getting much more than a full-time income, just by doing absolutely nothing.

If the market becomes too saturated, the profitability goes down. This happens with just about everything. So why would they open this to anybody? This would only mean that they are losing out on a ton of money making potential.

The only explanation I can come to is that this place is a scam and that they are not what they say they are.

So is PayGet a SCAM??

Yes indeed, I do believe they are.

Another thing that I should point out has to do with the 50% return they promise you in 30 days.

This is a fixed return. But the exchange market for electronic currencies is constantly varying. So how could they promise a fixed return if the exchange rates are not fixed? Its something else that doesn’t make any sense that you should think about.

You have been warned. I would NOT trust this site and sure as heck would not invest in it.

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