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Paydays at Home Review – Scam Alert!

By Kyle / March 14, 2016


  • Name: Paydays at Home
  • Website: securecashathome.com
  • Rating: 0/10 (scam without a doubt! You will NOT make money with this program)

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Paydays at Home is a SCAM without a doubt and I’m going to prove it to you. This particular scam has changed a bit over the years but it is still the same old scam by the same old people.

Paydays at Home keeps switching domains!

It is very common that scams change their domains up once too many people catch on to what is really going on.

Paydays at Home has been switching domains regularly.

Originally Paydays at Home’s domains was paydaysathome.com which is no longer in use.

Then it switched to to securehomeprofits.com, which is still up, but no longer in use. What I mean is that if you go to this site you will see the content and everything, but the scammers no longer use it. There is no place to sign up. Here is a screenshot of securehomeprofits.com. And as you can see the title is “Paydays at Home”secure-home-profits-scam

Now these scammers are currently using the domain of securecashathome.com for this Paydays at Home scam. If you go to this site you will see that it is still in use. They have button to “check for availability” and they have even have decorated the page with some news sites logos to make it look like the news has actually been talking about them, which is not true.

Here is a screenshot of this currently used domainsecure-cash-at-home-scam

And these are just the domains that I am aware of. Chances are there are more domains out there that they have used or are still using.

And check this out

Whenever you enter your information and click “check for availability” this is what happens: A new page pops up and the title of this page is Online Home Cashonline-home-cash-scam

As you can see I am still on the domain securecashathome.com, but this is what comes up when you do that.

So this scam must be linked to Online Home Cash, which used to be a scam a while ago at the domain onlinehomecash.com, which is not longer around.

Besides the tons of domain switches that Paydays at Home has been doing, which is an obvious red flag, there are other red flags about this scam that I’m going to go over.

Other Red Flags

You can’t get the refund they claim

On their site they claim that you can get a 30 day money back guarantee. secure-cash-at-home-refund

But theres a problem with this… You can’t get the refund. There is no way to get it. There is nothing on the website that says how you can get it. It just says that you “can” get it but leaves out the “how”. And there is nowhere on the website where you can even contact this place.

So don’t expect to get your money back. I don’t think thats going to happen.

When you sign up you sign up for more than you think

When you are on the homepage there is the spot to enter your name, phone number, and email address. And you might think that this is for the Paydays at Home program alone. But its not.

Check this out. If you look right below the form you will see this fine printsecure-cash-at-home-refund

See that! If you submit this form you just consented to receiving phone calls from EDU Direct about education opportunities.

This EDU Direct has nothing to do with the program that you are thinking you are signing up for. So this is definitely some suspicious activity.

One good thing about Paydays at Home

Well I guess you could say this is a good thing. But the one thing that I would say isn’t too bad about this scam is that it isn’t over the top.

They don’t make ridiculous claims about being able to make thousands of dollars a day.

Usually with scams like this you will see all sorts of crazy things about making $5,000 a day. With pictures of yachts, mansions, private planes, etc.

So in this respect I would like to say this scam is rather conservative and I guess you could say thats a good thing.

But anyway, its still a scam!

My Final Thoughts on Paydays at Home

Well theres no doubt its a scam. And I would say that the scammers behind this one are on the lazy side. They use the same old information and go around buying new domains once too many people catch on to the scam.

I’m not even going to get into how Paydays at Home is supposed to work (CPA, link posting scam) because its too obvious of a scam to even consider joining and trying out.

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