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PaidWithCash.net Scam – Don’t Fall For It!

By Kyle / September 8, 2016

paidwithcash-net-scamWhat is paidwithcash.net? I’ll tell you what it is. Its nothing more than a scam! Period, no ifs ands or buts about it.

I know Mack, the guy in the video, makes it all sound really awesome and great, but he knows what he is doing is wrong. He is very well aware that its a scam and that 99% of people will not make EVEN CLOSE to the amount of money that he claims. He has been doing this for a while and he knows damn well that most people will fail and lose a bunch of money.

But anyway, let me get to the point and do a review of what this PaidWithCash.net scam really is.

What Is This Scam About?

If you click the “start your $1 trial” link you will be redirected to a page that is for you to sign up for a product called ASPIRE. The page will look like this…aspire scam

Aspire is the product that Mack (guy in the video) is trying to sell you and it is a big old scam.

Just to give you a little background on Aspire. It is the product of an online marketing company called Digital Altitude, and this company is owned by Michael Force.

Michael force was one of the top producers at Empower Network, which was a massive MLM scam that imploded on itself after 3 years in business. It had over 200,000 members and 97% of those members ended up losing money. But I’m not going to get any more into this. You can Google Empower Network if you want to read more about it.

Anyway, so the man behind the product doesn’t seem very trustworthy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Aspire is a scam. To determine whether or not its a scam, I’ll be diving into the product itself and what it offers.

What Is Aspire?

Aspire is an internet marketing program that provides you with training and tools to help you make money online. Its main goal is to get you to go out there and resell Aspire to other gullible individuals looking to make fast cash. It is a MLM (multi-level marketing) operation just like the Empower Network. You could call it a pyramid scheme.

Whenever you click the link below the video on paidwithcash.net, the page you are directed to is for the Aspire Walker trial. “Walker” is one of the membership levels at Aspire, but there are 2 other levels as well and they compare like this…

    • ASPIRE Walker – $37/month
      • 40% commission
      • 1 tier pyramid
      • Members area
      • Startup training videos
    • ASPIRE Hiker – $67/month
      • 50% commission
      • 2 tier pyramid
      • Members area
      • Startup training videos
      • Weekly training & more
    • ASPIRE Climber – $127/month
      • 60% Commission
      • 3 tier pyramid
      • Members area
      • Startup training videos
      • Weekly training
      • And a lot more

Obviously the Aspire Climber level is the best. It offers 60% commissions when you get other people to buy Aspire from you and it has a 3 tier pyramid payout system. But who the hell wants to spend $127 per month on something that they don’t know will work (and it won’t work, I’ll go over why later).

How You Make Money With Aspire

Like I said above, the sole purpose of this product is to get its members to go out and sell it to other people. You can do this by trying to sell people the different membership levels that I listed above, or you can sell them some other really high priced products that I will briefly touch upon.

These products are also called memberships too. I know, there are 2 separate categories of memberships at Aspire and its confusing. This is where the really outrageous pricing comes in.

Note: you have to buy these products yourself to be able to resell them to others.

  • The Base Membership – $595 one time payment
    • Has 12 training modules in 3 sections
      • prepare
      • launch
      • grow
    • Mostly has to do with getting customers and setting up sales funnels
  • The Rise Membership – $1,997 one time payment
    • Training with 19 modules in 5 sections
      • commit
      • customers
      • create
      • words
      • partners
    • Basically teaches you how to sucker people into buying from you
  • The Ascend Membership – $9,997 one time payment
    • Gives you a 3 day retreat in Las Vegas for you and a partner
    • Also gives you some more training on things like scaling your traffic and building a team of sellers beneath you
  • The Peak Membership – $16,997
    • Here you get a bunch of high level stuff like…
      •  Creating more efficiency in your business, adding more value to the products, and autopilot retirement
  • The Apex Membership – $27,997
    • And this is it, the top of the top. You can get to the top of this pyramid scheme, all you need is an extra $27,997 laying around to spend.
    • Here you get a 7 day retreat in Las Vegas for 2 people along with training
    • But thats not the main thing you get. The main thing you get is the ability to be at the top and look down at all the gullible people that have been screwed over and are desperately trying to make money on a system that only works for those at the top.

Can You Really Make Money Like They Tell You?

Can you? Yes, But Will you? NOPE.

The problem with pyramid schemes like this is that only the top 1-3% make good money. You have to be way up on the top of that pyramid to do good. And unless you have an extra $27,997 laying around to spend, you aren’t going to make it.

Statistically speaking, most people will end up losing money in a scheme like this.

Do I thing Mack really makes the money he says he does?

Thats a good question. I do think its possible because he has a ton of videos online that are getting 3+ million views and lots of shares. He seems to be good at what he does, which is scamming people, and I don’t doubt he makes a lot of money doing so.

Some Lies They Tell You

They tell you that you will be set up with your very own personal online business coach. But really all this is is someone that works for Aspire that is trying to drain every penny they can out of you talking about how much more you can make if you buy this, or if you buy that.

And the sales staff that closes sales for you that they talk about is also misleading. All they are talking about here is how YOU don’t actually make the sale. You just refer someone to sign up for Aspire and then Aspire closes the sale. Its not how they make it sound as if you have team working beneath you and helping you.

Final Thoughts on This Aspire Scam

Its a scam, thats all there is to it. VERY FEW PEOPLE WILL MAKE MONEY WITH THIS SYSTEM. The average person will absolutely not end up making money.

Mack is a man of very low morals. For him to be as high up as he and to be doing this for a while, he knows damn well that it won’t work out for the majority of people. This guy is a liar and should not be trusted.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from all of this.

If you are looking for a way to legitimately make good money online then take a peek at what I do and see if its something you would be interested in.

I make a living working online for myself and I sure as heck am not participating in an scam schemes like Aspire. I have written a post on what I do to make money online, how it all works, and how others can do the same. You can click the link below to read about it.

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Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you…

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