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Ozze Cash Review – Scam Without A Doubt!

By Kyle / May 30, 2016
  • Ozze Cash Review - Its a scamName: Ozze Cash
  • Website: ozze-cash.com
  • Rating: 0/10 (Scam; Likely a Ponzi Scheme)

Ozze-Cash.com is just another HYIP (high yield investment program) scam. And in this Ozze Cash review I’ll be going over why it is.

So without further ado, let me get into this review.

To start things off, lets take a look at what exactly Ozze Cash claims.

Ozze Cash Overview

Like I mentioned above, Ozze Cash is a HYIP. And all this means is that they claim you can get very high returns on your investments through them. And when I say high, I’m not kidding.

They promise insanely high yields: 150% after just 10 minutes, 200% after 30 minutes,… and 500% after 2 days! Are you kidding me?ozze cash hyip

So how the hell do they invest your money that they are able to get crazy high returns like this? I mean, they must have found an absolute market goldmine to be able to have investment returns like this.

How They Invest Your Money

Scam Alert!   Red Flag 

Whats the problem? They don’t say a thing about how they invest your money.

All they tell you is that they are made up of a team of financial experts with years of experience in the high yield investment field.

This is a major problem. If I am going to be investing a bunch of money, I need to know how they are investing it. Any legitimate investment firm would have much more information on this matter. And this alone should give you a big warning and raise your suspicion about his place.

But They Are A Registered Company, So They Have To Be Legit, Right?

Yes they are a registered company in the UK. Their RN is 10065161. 

The name they are registered under is Wealth City. This is kind of strange because they make no mention about Wealthy City until you are about half way down the “about” page and all of a sudden they talk about joining Wealth City.

But anyway. Yes they are registered. And if you look on beta.companieshouse.gov.uk you can see thisWealth City scamThe problem here is that this registration DOESN’T PROVE A THING. All it proves is that this place is a registered company. It doesn’t prove that its not a scam.

For some reason it seems to be very easy to register a company in the UK. This isn’t the first HYIP scam I have come across that is registered.

Why Ozze Cash Has To Be A Scam

It comes down to what is actually possible. And making insanely high yields at a fixed rate like this place claims they do, is absolutely impossible.

In any high yield investment market there is going to be EXTREMELY high risk. And this risk means that the market is very unpredictable. And this means there is no way in hell you are going to be making fixed returns on your investments.

The market just doesn’t work like this. Ozze Cash is too good to be true. There is no investor, no matter how much experience they have, that could promise returns like this place does.

I Caught Them In A Lie

Here is one obvious lie that I found that cannot be argued.

On their homepage they have a section titled “Why Choose Us”. And in this section they list some reasons to try to make their company sound more legitimate so that you trust them more and will invest in them.Ozze-cash.com Limited scam

As you can see they say they have had their domain for 3 years. This is because they want to make it seem like they have been around for a while. Because the longer a place has been in business, the more we are likely to trust them.

But finding that this isn’t true was as simple as a whois search. As you can see below this domain was just registered on February 11th, 2016. Its is currently May 30th, 2016 which makes them about 3 and a half MONTHS old, NOT YEARS.Ozze-cash.com Whois Lookup

Final Thoughts On Ozze Cash – Scam Without A Doubt

The bottom line is that this place promises IMPOSSIBLE returns.

The only way they could make you returns that high is if they are a Ponzi scheme or something of that nature. And I am guessing that they are. Although you can make money in a Ponzi, I do not suggest it. Statistically, most people that enter Ponzi’s end up losing money.

I wouldn’t trust this place at all. I have reviewed many HYIP’s like this one (PokeMoney, Oil-Cash, 24 Hour Trade Scam, PayGet, Open Deposit,Greed Rush, GigaRich, and lots more). Some of them you might be able to make some money with, others you won’t. There is really no way of knowing.

Their business model is illegitimate and they can’t be trusted.

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