Can You Really Make Money with Online Copy and Paste Jobs?

By Kyle / December 28, 2018
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Everyone is looking for a way to make money online, and why not look for the easiest way possible… Simple copying and pasting? But can you actually make money doing this? Is it really possible to make money with online copy and paste jobs?

Or are amazingly simple jobs like this just a myth… Just some fantasy and not a reality?

While doing some searching around on Google looking into this subject, I wasn't able to find out that much information from other informative websites like my own. There were some articles out there saying that there are legit copy & paste jobs out there, but just about no information on where you can actually find these jobs.

In this short post I'm going to go over how you can actually find legitimate jobs like this and get paid for the incredibly simple task of copying and pasting. HOWEVER, there is a big downside to these jobs as I will go over later in this post... so don't get too excited.

This is what happens when you search for these jobs...

Lets first take a look at what happens when you look for these jobs on Google.

As you can see below, I searched for them and up came a couple job listings.

That's great right? Well… Unfortunately both of the job listings you can see below turned out to be scams. There was almost no information available about the companies hiring and things just weren't adding up 🙁

copy and paste jobs Google Search

But the search continued…

One result that I found in Google was for the freelance marketplace called Upwork, which is basically just a big marketplace where anyone can go on and pay people to complete short tasks, gigs, and even long-term work in a variety of different fields, and vice versa... where freelancers can complete these jobs for money.

Unfortunately, although there were "39 jobs found" when I searched for "copy/paste" jobs, none of the ones that came up were actually what I was looking for. They were all jobs that were basically saying that you are not allowed to copy & paste when completing the jobs.

Upwork Copy and Paste Jobs

But I kept on looking and tried out another freelance marketplace called, and this time actually found a legitimate copy and paste job… Copy & Paste Jobs

This job was for transcription editing, but the actual work you would need to be performing would rely on copying and pasting. And on this platform I also came across another job that required workers to go to individual product pages on an e-commerce site and copy & paste each and every SKU number for over 2000 products.

A mix of scams and legit jobs

One point that I want to make it very clear is that if you do search for these types of jobs, you're bound to come across many scams. In fact, most of the opportunities that I did come across were complete scams.

There was one website that required you to pay for a membership before you could become a worker and make money with these jobs. As a rule of thumb… Never move forward with something that requires you to pay a fee in order to complete a job.

Other "copy & paste jobs" that I have come across in the past, which really aren't jobs... Are better described as systems that you can buy into to make money online and then copy & paste ads on social media, places like Craigslist, etc. to try to get others to join in… But they are often promoted as copy and paste jobs.

"Copy & paste" jobs are a hit or miss

Based on what I have found, jobs like this are a hit or miss. There is no place that I could actually find a stable and long-term copy & paste job, or at least not a job like this that requires you to do this for the majority of your work (*If you know of any... let us know in the comment section below this post!).

From what I have seen, your best bet for finding such jobs seems to be freelance marketplaces, where there are always clients looking for workers to complete strange tasks, some of which might be incredibly easy like this.

Another option you have is Amazon Mechanical Turk. This place is what I would consider  a "micro task" job board. It is similar to freelance marketplaces like Upwork and, but the jobs listed here are usually very short and pay out very little.

Some examples I could give you of jobs in this area that you might find on Amazon Mechanical Turk include things like finding information online and copying and pasting it somewhere in order to complete the task. It is more of a research job however, and these are usually called "data collection" jobs or something along these lines.

Another example is where you would have to go out and find the best URL to link to a phrase, but again this is more of a short research task, yet it does involve copying and pasting a URL.

Why these jobs aren't worth it...

I know everyone wants it easy, and of course the easiest way to make money online is the most desirable, but in my opinion these copy & paste jobs are not worth it, at least not most of them anyhow.

The fact of the matter is that when there is a job that is incredibly simple such as this, you are going to get paid a little to nothing for completing it. That is just the reality of the matter here.

The one "micro task" job board that I was talking about above called Amazon Mechanical Turk... You are literally going to paid a few cents for completing the jobs I mentioned.

Not only are these types of jobs unstable work based on what I find, but the time you put into them is going to pretty much be a waste. But of course I guess this depends on your situation.

However, I understand that one of the upsides to jobs like this is that you don't really need any qualifications… Because of how simple they are.

Other options:

Since you are looking to make money online, and easy money, there are not all that many options out there, but there are options.

One other option you have is paid surveys. You can join survey sites, like Swagbucks for example, for free and get paid to complete simple surveys. However, the pay is also very low for these sorts of opportunities and you probably already know about these anyhow.

Another option, a better option, is that of "usability testing". This is when you get paid to test out websites and apps and they actually usually pay decent money considering the time you put in. If interested in something like this you can take a look at this list of usability testing jobs.

And lastly, while not "easy", something else I would recommend looking into since you want to make money online is this program which I have used to build my own online business and make over $6000 a month consistently.

Leave your comments and questions below 🙂

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