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Online Cash Source Scam – Yep, its a scam

By Kyle / March 3, 2016
  • online-cash-sourceOnline Cash Source
  • Website: onlinecashsource.com
  • Price: Trial, then $29.95/month
  • Rating: 1/10 (SCAM! Provides very little value, if any. I’m being generous giving it a 1)

In my review here I’m going to be going over this Online Cash Source Scam. This place makes it sound like making money is as easy as pie. You can get paid from companies like Amazon, overstock, etc. and its as simple as using Facebook!!! Ya right. I knew I had to look into this program after I saw testimonials of people claiming they’re making over $1,000 a day with this program.

Its definitely a scam, read this whole review and you will see for yourself.

Short summary of Online Cash Source

This is basically a program that is designed to make affiliate marketing easy. There are many automated processes here and everything is simplified for you.

The program helps you in make your own website, sets you up with products to promote on that website, and tracking traffic,sales, & other statistics. It also is integrated with different affiliate programs (like Amazon’s affiliate program) to make it easier to sign up and everything.

Making everything easier is what mostly everyone wants, but its not always a good idea.

Easy isn’t always better

Just about everything that this program does for you is a bunch of crap.

You can’t just throw together a website and expect people to come. The websites this program helps you with are very low quality. They probably make the same type of site for everyone who signs up just with different names and different products to promote.

Also, the way that this program helps you promote products will never create a long-term lasting income. Their promotion techniques are focused around making as much money as possible. This comes off as scammy and doesn’t provide any real value to the traffic that comes to your site. This way of promoting is a turnoff to visitors and also to search engines. Sites like these will likely never rank good in search engines and thus never get much search traffic, which is the best source of traffic.

The only good thing this program does is help you monitor your website. It provides you with statistics so you know how your site is doing and how you can improve. But who cares about this feature? Your site obviously isn’t going to be doing good because its terrible to begin with. And besides, you can get free tools (google webmaster tools, google analytics) for free that do a better job.

This program doesn’t give you much of anything of value.

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And it gets worse. Take a look at this major RED FLAG that pretty much determines its a scam right off the bat.

Theres Duplicate Sites! Scam Alert

Take a look at this. There is another site that is EXACTLY the same as onlinecashsource.com

Here is onlinecashsource.comonline-cash-source

And here is its duplicate site, onlinewebcash.com, As you can see they are virtually the same. Theres a couple new images added to this one but not much of a difference. Even the testimonials are the exact same.online-web-cash

You can check these sites out for yourself. Both of them are still active. Here are the links:

I also came across a few things on the disclaimer at the bottom that are typical of scams.

Red Flags in the Disclaimer

The first thing is that it states the testimonials presented are with picture and name avatars. They say the aren’t real people and I’m willing to bet they aren’t real testimonials either. online-cash-source-disclaimer

Then another thing I found is that the dates don’t match up. I did a whois search of onlinecashsource.com and found that the registration date of this domain was in 2014. Yet the disclaimer clearly says Copyright 2010-2016, which would make you think its been around since 2010. You can see this at the bottom of the picture above.

This is another thing that is common for a scam, lying about how long you have been around. Because when people see a company that has been around a long time this makes them think they must be legitimate to be able to survive for so long.

There are ways that it could possibly be accurate and it actually has been copyrighted since 2010, but registered in 2014. However, this is more than likely not true.

Here is the whois report I searched onlineonlinecashsource

This is a SCAM for sure

There are way too many red flags for me to even think about trying this program. You might be able to earn some money with what it provides but nothing like they say.

I wouldn’t trust a thing about this program and sure wouldn’t give them my payment information.

Don’t trust the testimonials, don’t trust the “secure” payment, don’t anything. Besides, earning money online is NOT as easy as they make it seem and it never will be, unless its scamming people.

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