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Oil Cash Review – Its A SCAM! Don’t Buy Into It

By Kyle / May 23, 2016
  • oil cash reviewName: Oil Cash
  • Website: oil-cash.com
  • Rating: 0/10 (Obvious scam; More than likely a Ponzi scheme)

Oil-Cash is just another HYIP (high yield investment program) scam. They are absolutely a scam and in this Oil Cash review I’ll be going over why they are.

Before I get into why they are a scam, lets take a look at their absolutely ridiculous claims.

What Oil Cash Claims

Of course their profit claims are insane. In just 20 minutes they claim you can make a 150% return on your investment. So deposit $100 and 20 minutes later you will have $150.

And as if that isn’t bad enough take a look at the 1 day plan below. 300% return on investment after just 1 day? Are you kidding me?

oil cash scam

And not only are their promised returns ridiculously high, there is another problem…

They Are Fixed, Which Is Impossible

It doesn’t really matter what they are investing in (if they even are investing your money). No matter if its the crude oil market, the energy market, or any other market, you cannot expect fixed returns.

The market fluctuates without warning and its unpredictable. No one, no matter how good the investor, can make promises on the returns you will get.

Its simply impossible, and this alone should be enough to get you to stay far far away from this investment site.

They Lie About Their Age

This is a scam classic. A new scam comes out and they say that their company has been around for years to try to gain credibility.

As for Oil Cash, they claim to have been around for 6 years, which you can read about on the “About” page.

But this simply is not true.

If you look up their Registered Company Number (09811173), which DOES NOT PROVE LEGITIMACY by the way, you will find that they are less than a year old.

Oil FM scam

And if you do a Whois search of the oil-cash.com domain you will find that this is even newerWhois Info for oil-cash.com

Its also less than a year old.

Check This Out

Also if you look back on the page where I looked up the Company Registration Number (looked it up on companydb.uk), you will also see some very suspicious information.Oil FM review

There are 995 companies registered with that address. That smells like a scam to me. Sounds like the same people are making a bunch of scams out of the same location.

What Is Oil Cash Really?

They are more than likely a Ponzi type scheme. This is common with HYIP’s.

In a Ponzi, new investors come in and invest their money. Their money, instead of actually being invested, goes to other members who had already invested.

That is why they push you so much to refer others to these types of sites. Because bringing new investors to their sites is the only way they make money. They don’t actually profit from making real investments in the markets.

Final Thoughts On Oil Cash

Oil Cash promises IMPOSSIBLE returns, they lie to you, and there is just nothing legitimate about them.

There are plenty of HYIP scams out there that are just like this one. Just to name a few that I have already reviewed, there are (PayGet, Open Deposit, Greed Rush, GigaRich, and lots more)

Sure people can make some money from Ponzi schemes like this, but statistically speaking, most people are going to lose money. Thats just the way it works.

My suggestion, stay the hell away from this place.

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