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Nitro Wealth PLR Review – Is It Worth It?

By Kyle / May 19, 2016
  • nitro wealth plr reviewName: Nitro Wealth PLR Membership
  • Creator: Aurelius Tjin
  • Price: $10/month
  • Rating: 5/10 (Decent product with a good price; But could be better)

Nitro Wealth is a membership PLR site and it seems pretty good from the first look, but is it really? In this Nitro Wealth PLR review I’ll be going over what this membership includes and I’ll give you my own opinion on the product.

But first, for those of you who don’t know what PLR is. PLR stands for Private Label Rights. And when you buy a PLR you are buying the rights to a product. Once bought, the product is yours. You own it. You can sell it, rename it, do anything with it.

I personally am not a fan of PLR products, but some people do find them to be very beneficial.

What Exactly Is Nitro Wealth?

Nitro Wealth is a membership site that gives out PLR products to its members. They create a new product each month in which you can have.

As and online marketer, having a new product each month is definitely something that could help you out. You could attract a good following if you are always coming out with products and this would get people to stick around.

But of course the products you are selling would have to be “good”. If you are coming out with a bunch of poorly done crap products then people won’t follow you. And this is the problem with a lot of the PLR selling sites out there.

But is Nitro Wealth any different? How good are they? I’ll get to this shortly. First let me go over what all the membership includes.

What You Get With Nitro Wealth Membership

It has 4 modules

Module 1 – Private Label eBook

Here you are supplied with a brand new ebook that is on a popular topic. They consist of about 30-40 pages and are written in American English. The content of these books is original.

With your new ebook you will also get a landing/ squeeze page and a sales page for you to sell it. These pages are professional looking and set up in a way that is proven to sell. But if you would like to change up the pages, you can do so. They come in HTML files and you can customize them as you like.

To top it off, you get access to a bunch of good images to use to sell it. These include high quality product images as well as banners.

Module 2 – Monthly Minisite Template Pack

Here you will get new templates monthly. You can turn these templates into your own product. They are nicely designed and appear very professional.

Here is what you can expect:NitroWealth PLR

Module 3 – Monthly Content Pack

Each month you will get 10 articles that are at least 400 words in length. All of the articles you will get each month are based around a particular topic.

Here is an example of what you can expect here, with the topic being “conquering fears”NitroWealth PLR content

You can use these articles for whatever your heart desires. Maybe you want to send them to subscribers or maybe you want to use them as blog posts, etc.

Video Course – Bonus

There is also a video course included with the membership. They call it a bonus.

Its actually a pretty important part of the membership I would say. There are 12 video tutorials total and they go over how to customize your PLR’s.

I say this is very important because you SHOULD make your PLR products your own. Don’t just use what people give you. Customize them and make them unique.

So thats what Nitro Wealth includes. Now I’ll give you my opinion.

What I Hate About It

I think the main problem is that the PLR’s you get each month might have nothing to do with what you do. They are on a certain topic, which you might not be involved in.

What I mean is this. Lets say you have a niche site about “stock market investment”. But the PLR ebook you get that month is about conquering your fears and living a better life, like the ebook shownnitro wealth review

And another thing I don’t like, which goes for PLR products in general, not just the ones here at Nitro Wealth.

I just don’t like the fact of all this duplicate content floating around with everyone claiming it to be theirs. Sure they have the rights to it and legally it is theirs, but in a way its not actually theirs. They didn’t create it and they might not know a thing about it.

PLR products often come off as very spammy. It seems like most people use them as bonuses that they attach to a product. This is because they are often not that great, and as a bonus people won’t really look into them to find out. they will just see a bonus and think its a great deal.

That said, the PLR’s Nitro Wealth provides aren’t that bad.

What I Like About Nitro Wealth

What I like about it is that the products they give you aren’t that bad.

They aren’t anything really special, but they are decent and definitely better than a lot of PLR products I have come across.

And I really like how they provide some training on customizing your PLR’s. Because a lot of people will buy PLR’s and just start selling it right away. This is a terrible way to go about it and won’t work well. Yet you still see lazy people doing it.

Is Nitro Wealth Worth It?

Well, right now the membership is available for $10 a month. If you think thats worth it then go for it. I think its an OK deal.

You can actually buy this product on UnstoppablePLR.com for $1 for the first month ($10/month after that), but it won’t include the bonus video training.

Either way I won’t be buying it just because of the simple fact that I am not into PLR’s.

With this membership you can expect decent products, nothing amazing, but not any crap either.

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