Niche Moolah Review – Is It Any Good?

  • niche moolah reviewName: Niche Moolah
  • Owner: Matther Neer
  • Price: Regular Price – $97, Discount Price – $9.95 (so they say)
  • Rating: 3.5/10 (Training isn’t the best; Don’t care much for the overall style of affiliate marketing taught)

Is Niche Moolah any good? Or is it a piece of crap product? In this Niche Moolah review I’ll be going over whether or not I think its worth giving a try.

Before I get into that, what is Niche Moolah?

Niche Moolah Overview

Niche Moolah is a program that was made to help people make some money in the affiliate marketing world.

It teaches about how to create small little niche review sites that can be profitable. The method it teaches is a little different from what many people are probably used to.

The Training It Provides

Its training is broken down into 3 steps

Step 1 – Read The Niche Moolah PDF Guide

Here there is a 51 page long PDF guide that you can download. Reading this guide is the first step to getting started.

As you can imagine, this guide covers a lot of information (51 pages!). So there is no way I’m going to go over everything here. I’ll just list whats included in the Table of Contents below. And this tells you what to expect.

PDF Includes:

  • Why Review Sites?
  • Where to Get Backlinks?
  • Understanding Keywords and the Process of Choosing them
  • Understanding How People Search
  • Some Golden Niche Pickets
  • Planning Your Attack
  • Key Elements to Choosing Buyer Keywords
  • Fun Facebook Marketing Technique
  • The Two Types of Review Sites
  • How to Choose the Best Domain for You
  • Building a Keyword Traffic Triangle
  • Backlink Magic
  • How to Author Brilliant Content Without Creating Anything
  • Primetime Competitive Reverse Engineering

Step 2 – Setting Up Your Niche Site

This is pretty simple in my opinion, even if you don’t have any technical skills. But if you don’t want to be bothered with the headache that creating your own site can be sometimes, outsourcing is explained.

Outsourcing is when you get other people to do the work for you. You will have to pay them of course.

Step 3 – Powerful Keyword Tool

Here you learn about Keyword Tool software. Using a keyword tool is extremely important. Its pretty much impossible to rank in the search engines without doing keyword research using a keyword tool, unless you would get lucky somehow.

There are a lot of different keyword tools out there that work great, but here Mathew goes over what he does and uses.

And thats it for the core training of the Niche Moolah course. 3 short steps and you are done. Unless of course you want to buy some of the upsells and get started with them.

Yep, There are Upsells 🙁

No one likes upsells, but it seems like just about every place has got them. I have not purchased any of the upsells so I can’t give you that much information about them. I can just tell you what they are described as.

Golden Cherry Picker – $34.95 

  • Get a “niche pack” every month that includes keywords, available domains, and articles.

Unlimited Campaigns – $47

  • Get more campaigns and you get to watch a webinar of Matthew setting them up

Profit Button – $97

  • Research tool that helps you find the “hottest” products on Amazon in any niche

License Rights – $495

  • Buy the ability to resell their product as your own product

Why I Don’t Particularly Like Niche Moolah

Besides the upsells I just don’t care for the overall goal of this course.

This course is more geared at setting up tiny little niche review sites that make little money. This means you have to create a lot of them.

So maybe you make $5 per day on these sites. And maybe you have 30 sites. Thats $150 per day, which is decent.

There is no doubt you can make money this way, but its just not my cup of tea. I like creating sites that you can continually make content for and continually work on. I’d rather have a larger site with a good following and lots of traffic than a lot of little micro-sites floating around.

Also, I just don’t think the training is that great. I mean, just thinking about reading a 51 page PDF gives me a headache. And reading doesn’t seem to stick in my brain as easily as videos.

I’m a huge fan of video tutorial training and if Niche Moolah implemented this method of training instead of the PDF, it would really increase the value of this course in my opinion.

Is Niche Moolah a Good Place To Learn Affiliate Marketing?

Its OK, just OK. Nothing special or that valuable provided here. And as I said above, I don’t really care for the overall goal of this course.

My suggestion if you are looking to start affiliate marketing is to Join Wealthy Affiliate. You can sign up and get a free membership (free for life, not a free trial) and get a good amount of training with that free membership.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches a more sustainable affiliate marketing technique. They show you how to create websites, like I mentioned above, that last and you can continually work on and grow.

Just to show you how Wealthy Affiliate and Niche Moolah compare, here is a little comparison table.

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