My ZoomBucks Review – Is ZoomBucks a Scam?

ZoomBucks is a GPT (get paid to) website in which you can earn cash for completing surveys, watching videos, completing offers, etc. But is Zoombucks Legit, or just another scam? In this ZoomBucks review I’ll be going over the details of how you can make money, how much you can make, and more that you need to know.

But before I get into the details of this review, I’ll tell you that NO its not a scam. This is for the people who don’t feel like reading this review until the end to find out my opinion.

Zoombucks has been around since 2010. I know this doesn’t prove legitimacy but it definitely helps. They also have a good reputation among members. Sure you will find negative reviews, but you will find those with any company.

But anyway, lets get to the ZoomBucks review.

is zoombucks a scamZoomBucks Review

  • Website:
  • Price to Join: Free
  • Rating:7/10 (Decent GPT site. A lot of ways to earn money. Just, like all sites of this kind, it doesn’t pay much)

Of course if you are interested in ZoomBucks you are probably most interested in the making money part of it all. So I’ll cut right to the chase and get to the different ways you can make money on ZoomBucks.

Different Ways to Make Money on ZoomBucks

Just like any GPT website, ZoomBucks provides a variety of ways in which you can earn zoombucks (ZB), which can then later be redeemed for real money. I’ll go over how much each ZoomBuck is worth after this section. I’ll briefly go over each below…

  • Surveys
    • Nothing special here. You can get paid to complete short surveys, which are very simple and don’t require any specific knowledge.
    • The pay isn’t anything great. It seems to mostly be right around what the industry standard is for sites like this. You can expect anywhere from 50 – 200 ZoomBucks from completing a 10 – 30 minute survey.
    • The amount you get paid depends on the length of the survey, the longer surveys paying more than shorter ones, and it also depends on the survey itself.
  • Offers
    • ZoomBucks has 2 different types of offers you can complete for money, free offers and paid offers.
    • The free offers are simple and usually require you to sign up for something. An example would be to sign up for a free GPT site like this one. The free offers are always pretty easy to complete, but the downside is that they don’t pay much. At most you will make $1 – $2.
    • The paid offers are ones that you have to “pay” for. And I say “pay” because most of them don’t require you to pay up-front. These offers commonly require you to sign up for a free trail where you will have to enter your credit card information (if you don’t cancel you WILL GET CHARGED). An example of a paid offer would be signing up for a free trail at a credit score site. The good thing about the paid offers is that they pay you more and you could make up to $4 – $5.
  • Videos
    • Yep, you can get paid to sit around and watch videos, but don’t get too excited because they don’t pay much. ZoomBucks will provide a handful of videos daily that you are able to watch. You can expect them to be less than 5 minutes long and you can expect 1 – 3 ZoomBucks as a reward.
  • Tasks
    • The tasks that ZoomBucks offers are provided by a third party called CrowdFlower, which is a reputable company that provides tasks for many other GPT sites, for example GiftHulk. The tasks are probably the most simple things you can complete for money on the entire site, but they also pay the least. You can expect just a few ZoomBucks at most.
  • Radio
    • Earning money by listening to the radio is something that you don’t normally see on these types of sites. Its a can be a fun, simple, and great way to earn some money. This way of earning is provided by a 3rd party company named Radio Loyalty.
    • They provide radio stations that you can listen to and every 30 minutes you get paid 3 ZoomBuck. Unfortunately you can’t just leave your computer and let the radio play while you do other things. They give you a code that you have to enter every 30 minutes to make sure you are there and listening.
  • Social Sharing
    • This is another way to earn that is unique to ZoomBucks. Basically you can get paid to post ads for ZoomBucks on Facebook and Twitter. And you get paid JUST for posting the ads, not for getting people to click on them.
    • They don’t pay much, but its still another cool way to earn.
  • Games
    • It seems that just about every GPT website now-a-days pays you to play games. At ZoomBucks you can play a bunch of different games and get paid. You can get paid just for playing, but that won’t be much and it will take a while. What you need to do to earn a good amount while playing games is to get high scores or win competitions.

Referral Program at ZoomBucks

Referring others to join is always one of the best ways to earn good at GPT website like this. At ZoomBucks you will get 10% of all referrals’ lifetime earnings.

The only problem is that its only a good way to earn if you have a big social media following or something like that where you can easily refer lots of people online.

They provide banners to look professional and make it a little easier to recruit others, but its still not as easy as it may sound.

ZoomBuck Promo Codes

If you follow ZoomBucks on Twitter or Facebook you will be able to cash in on promo codes that they post every so often. There is no set time or day when they post, you just have to follow them and find out for yourself. These codes only last a limited amount of time so when they do post them you have to jump on the opportunity.

The amount you can earn varies.

How Much is a ZoomBuck Worth!?

Each ZoomBuck is worth 1 cent. So you will need 100 of them to make just $1. Pretty disappointing right? I know, but that’s the way it is with all GPT websites.

How To Get Paid

The two most popular ways to get paid is to redeem your ZoomBucks for either Paypal cash or gift cards.

ZoomBucks RewardsThe good thing about ZoomBucks is that you can cash out for Paypal cash with as little as $5, which will cost you 500 ZoomBucks.

If you want a gift card there are many choices. They have all the big stores like Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc. You can get gift cards for as low as $3. This means all you need is 300 ZoomBucks.


Final Thoughts – Is ZoomBucks a Scam?

ZoomBucks is definitely not a scam, but its still not something that I would get that excited about. Its a decent and extremely simple opportunity to make some extra money online, but its just some pocket change.

I only recommend ZoomBucks, and all GPT sites for that matter, to people that are just looking for a simple way to make a little extra spending money every couple months. You can’t really expect to make any more than $5 per hour of your time on this site. And that’s really pushing it too.

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Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you…

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