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My Millionaire Mentor by Ryan Mathews Scam – Don’t Trust This Guy

By Kyle / October 20, 2016

My Millionaire Mentor ReviewPlease don’t fall for this Ryan Mathews scam. My Millionaire Mentor is a load of crap and it will absolutely NOT work out like they say. This guy Ryan is a scammer and he is making it rich by ripping off unsuspecting individuals that are desperate to make money online.

In this review I’m going to prove to you its a scam and you will be glad that you didn’t sign up and waste your money (well I hope you haven’t signed up yet). First I’ll show you how they lie right to your face and then I’ll go over the scam that lies beneath this very deceptive program.

My Millionaire Mentor by Ryan Mathews Review

  • is my millionaire mentor a scamWebsite: mymillionairementor.co, yourpersonalmentor.co, and many more
  • Founder: Ryan Mathews
  • Price: $49 + upsells like crazy
  • Rating: 2.5/10 (Program has some value but you will NOT make money like they claim)

Before I get into this review you should know that there are multiple websites that are promoting this My Millionaire Mentor System. They all have the same sales video, just with minor changes. Usually the testimonials are different, other than that they are identical and they all promote the same scam system.

The first thing that I want to say is that the $500 he promises you for watching the video is bogus. No one has ever received that money for watching the video and no on ever will. Its just a scam tactic used to get you to stick around and increase the chances of you buying into this scam.

Next I want to bring to your attention one of the many lies that they show to you that I can prove is fake. And that is that they use FAKE TESTIMONIALS.

Lies…The Testimonials Are Fake!

Remember, like I said, the testimonials change depending on which site you are on that promotes this scam. There are a bunch of different sites promoting it such as yourpersonalmentor.co and mymillionairementor.co…These fake testimonials that I will go over are from the site yourpersonalmentor.co but they are all fake on all of the other sites as well.

Right when the sales video starts playing for My Millionaire Mentor there are several testimonials shown. The people in these are bragging about all the money they have made with this awesome system and telling you how great it is.

$500 Profit Guaranteed scamThe problem here is that these are fake. The people in these testimonials are paid actors.

How do I know? Well just take a look at this. It wasn’t too hard to prove it. Remember this guy from the one testimonial??

Ya this guy is a paid actor that you can find on Fiverr.com. Anyone can pay him to record a fake testimonial for their product.

Below you can see his profile on Fiverr…



I know his hair is a little different and everything but this is the same guy. You can even see that he filmed the testimonial for My Millionaire Mentor in the same room as the one video on his profile on Fiverr. It has the same two doors and everything.

As soon as I saw this testimonial on the sales video of My Millionaire Mentor I knew that it was fake because I have seen this guy before in other scams.


And thats not the end of it. They are all fake testimonials. Here is another screenshot of a testimonial from the sales video…500-profit-guaranteed-google-chrome-2016-10-20-08-39-37

AAAANNNNDDD here is his profile from Fiverr.com. I actually remember this guy too because he was recently in another scam that I reviewed, a binary trading robot scam called Scalper Bot 1000.my millionaire mentor fake actor

And the lies don’t end with just these fake testimonials. They keep going.

Lies…They Say Its Not Open To The Pubic, But It Is..

In the sales video the spokesperson tries to act like its some limited time offer that is by invitation only. He talks about how its not open to the public but it obviously is. You don’t have to be referred to this program like he says.

You can simply google it and sign up, although I would strongly advise against that because it won’t work out good for you.

Lies…Limited Availability

my millionaire mentor scamOne common scam tactic is when people tell you that you have to hurry up and sign up because there is limited availability. This is almost always fake, although not 100% of the time.

But anyway, with this scam it is fake. How do I know? Because I can go back at anytime to the sales page and there are always spots left. Sometimes it even says that the number of openings increased, which doesn’t make any sense at all.

But anyway, let me get to the point of this review and go over what this scam is really about…

What This Guy Is Trying To Sell You

My Millionaire Mentor MOBEAnyway, let me get to the point and talk about the actual scam behind this sales video. Its a product called MOBE, or My Online Business Education (formerly My Online Business Empire). And if you click to sign up you will be redirected to a checkout page in which I took a screenshot of on the right…

And of course, like I’ve been saying, this is nothing more than a scam.

MOBE Is A Massive SCAM!

I’m really not going to get into this scam too much because there are tons of reviews online that you can read for more details. But I’ll give you the gist of it all.

MOBE is a an MLM (multi-level marketing) scam. And I know that they say right to your face that its not a MLM and you don’t have to go out and recruit people. But the truth of the matter is that the guy in the video is a liar and will tell you anything you want to hear.

When you buy the 21 step product that the guy in the video talks about for $49, you then get the “rights” to sell that same product to other people. And within the 21 steps the main focus is going to be on exactly that, building your own online business that is focused on selling this same product to other people.

So the main thing they are teaching you is to recruit others to buy this product from you. When you go out and sell the MOBE product you are essentially recruiting others that are going to be taught to go out and do the same thing you did, sell to other people.

And as your recruits make money, you will receive percentages of the money that they make. So if you have a lot of recruits underneath you, you can make money by doing nothing.

The reason this type of scheme is called Multi-level marketing is because of the different levels that are created by recruiting others. To give you a visual, this is what the system looks like (its almost identical to a pyramid scheme).

Its Basically A Pyramid Scheme

MLM programs are identical in structure to pyramid schemes, but they differ on one very important thing. And that is the actual value of the product they provide.

Legitimate MLM programs are more focused on the actual product that is being sold, while pyramid schemes are focused on recruiting others and don’t really care about the crap product they are trying to get people to buy. A straight up pyramid scheme will not even sell products, it will be solely focused on recruiting others.

MOBE does kind of offer a product, but the products main focus is on reselling the product to others and recruiting them to resell it. So… you could say its still an MLM opportunity, but its very damn close to being considered a pyramid scheme.

You can read more about the difference of MLM’s & Pyramid Schemes here.

MOBE Is A Scam In Other Ways


If you buy into this 21 step system for $49 you are only able to resell that same product. But there are plenty of other more expensive products that MOBE has to offer, costing thousands of dollars.

Just to give you an idea of what all there is in MOBE, some of the products include:

  • The Vault – $99 per month
  • MOBE Elite Earners – $97 per month
  • Email Marketing Empire – $194
  • The OPT Formula – $194
  • Funded Proposal – $194
  • Affiliate Bonus Domination – $291

All of the MOBE products listed above will earn you 90% commissions when you sell them. And that is ONLY SOME of them.

Then, getting to the more pricey products, these ones will earn you 50% commissions:

  • 10,000 Leads In 100 Days – $1,997
  • Online Income Revolution – $997
  • The 90 Day Challenge – $997

And more!

Can You Make As Much Money As They Say?

First of all, let me make this perfectly clear.. What the guy in the video told you is a LIE. There is no way in hell you are going to make anything close to how much they tell you. I mean there are testimonials claiming that they are making over $10,000 a month!! Are you joking?

Sure you can make money, there is no doubt about it. But its NOT EASY! The only way you are going to be able to get people to buy into these overpriced products is if you sell them on the idea of being able to make a lot of money by recruiting others. So you are pretty much going to have to sell them on the pyramid scheme part of it, rather than the actual products.

Only the very top of this pyramid are going to make good money. Yet they lie to you and tell you all about how easy it is to make money with this system.

Its not a business that I would say is legitimate, because I don’t see it being that way. I see it as selling crap products with the main goal of getting others to sell it underneath you. The only reason this business is legal and still in operation is because they do have products to sell, although like I said its a bunch of crap.

There Are TONS Of Complaints

If you don’t trust my opinion and don’t want to listen to it then at least do some more research. I mean there are plenty of complaints about MOBE. Listen to what people who have tried this program and lost tons of money have to say about it.

If you go to Ripoff Report you can find a handful of negative reviews on MOBE and Matt. I took a screenshot below so you can see some of them…MOBE scam

Final Thoughts… My Millionaire Mentor by Ryan Mathews is a Scam!

Ok so let me do a quick recap on everything thats going on here.

To start, there are many different websites that promote this My Millionaire Mentor program. Whether you came across it on yourpersonalmentor.co, or mymillionairementor.co, or any other site, it doesn’t matter. They are all the same scam and the sales videos are all the same with the exception of some testimonials that they changed.

They all refer you to a scam that has been in business for years called MOBE. This is a VERY SHADY MLM scheme and the only reason that its legal and hasn’t been closed down by the government is because they do sell products. But the products they sell aren’t very good and their main stream of money by far comes from recruiting others into this scheme.

You absolutely will not make money like they say you will with MOBE. $10,000 a day is the biggest pile of BS I’ve ever heard. I know you don’t know me but I have been affiliate marketing for a while now (which is basically what the MOBE program teaches you) and its nothing like they say it is. Don’t believe me? Just look up all the complaints about MOBE all over the internet. There are people losing thousands of dollars to this scam.

And My Millionaire Mentor isn’t the only place promoting MOBE, so beware! Some other places I have reviewed that promote it are Automated Daily Income, My Online Business Machine, Cash With Matt, and probably some others that I can’t think of right now.

Anyway.. Just stay away from My Millionaire Mentor and MOBE.

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