My Inbox Pro Review – A Possible Scam?

By Kyle / June 12, 2017

If you are looking to buy into My Inbox Pro then you should read this first. It is a decent email marketing program but its not necessarily my choice. There are definitely some things that I like about this place but also some things I dislike. And in this My Inbox Pro review I’ll be going over it all, the goods and bads.

I am in no way affiliated with My Inbox Pro so you can expect a fair and non-biased review here.

my inbox proMy Inbox Pro Review

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  • Price: $27/mo to $199/mo
  • Recommended?: No, more on this

I have been in the online marketing space for quite some time now and have seen and tested a fair number of product and programs. Email marketing is a must in my opinion. It doesn’t matter what type of online business you are running. If you aren’t email marketing, building a list and running email campaigns, you are definitely selling yourself short.

So My Inbox Pro really go my attention because of the need for such products.


My Inbox Pro (MIP) is an email marketing program. What they do is make it easy to collect email addresses on your website and send out automated emails to your list.

This is email marketing. You get emails from people who are interested in what you offer and then you market to them over and over via email, following up on the initial lead.

MIP provides all you really need when it comes to an email marketing program, but they still aren’t my favorite choice and I’ll go over why in this review.

What You Can Do With MIP

Collect Subscribers

You can easily collect email addresses through a web form. This means you can create a little form that says “hey sign up for my newsletter & get awesome weekly cooking recipes” or whatever you want, and people can sign up right on your site.

That’s all good and dandy but the barbaric part of this is that you have to upload these emails MANUALLY to MIP. Are you kidding me?? This is ridiculous and was a bit turnoff. Why would you want to do this when email marketing programs like aWeber will upload your list automatically?

Email Automation

Here you can easily create an email campaign and set it up to send out emails to your list automatically. This is a must have in my opinion. You can set up a campaign one time and have it send out emails forever to your list and new subscribers.


You can choose pre-made email templates to make your emails look more professional. This is a nice feature and can save you some valuable time.

You can also upload your own templates.

Tracking & Statistics

This is another must have when it comes to email marketing programs and MIP has it. They provide stats on your email delivery rate, open rate, and more. This will let you know how your email campaigns are going so that you can improve on them.

The Cost

MIP has 6 different packages that you can purchase. They all include the same features, the difference being how many subscribers you can have. They all are subscription type services, meaning you will pay on a monthly basis.

  • Package I – $27/mo
    • 500 subscribers max
  • Package II – $36/mo
    • 1,000 subscribers max
  • Package III – $57/mo
    • 2,500 subscribers max
  • Package IV – $79/mo
    • 5,000 subscribers max
  • Package V – $113/mo
    • 10,000 subscribers max
  • Package VI – $199/mo
    • 25,000 subscribers max

How It Stacks Up Against The Competition

Ok, so MIP is very new, and because of this they need to really bring it to win me over. They need to prove themselves as worthy and prove that they are better and that I should switch to them. Unfortunately they did not.

I am an AWeber customer and have been some time. AWeber has been around for ages, has a great reputation, and the bottom line is that they are just better all around than MIP. And…. they cost less!

All of the features that MIP provides that I went over above, such as the email capturing, the email automation, etc..  can all be done with AWeber too. And it can all be done at a lower price.

One of the major turn-offs that for me with MIP is how you have to manually upload your email list. That is just unnecessary and with AWeber that is done for you. You don’t have to worry about it.

MIP Price vs AWeber Price

I took a screenshot of AWeber’s prices below as you can see. Their cheapest plan is for 500 subscribers a month and costs $19/mo. Compare that to MIP’s which costs $27/mo for up to 500 subscribers.

Every single different payment and subscriber count plan that AWeber has beats MIP by a long shot when it comes to prices.

Final Thoughts

I don’t see who in their right mind would recommend MIP over AWeber. It provides less for your money, it is newer and doesn’t have the reputation and credibility that AWeber has, and another thing that I didn’t mention is that there isn’t great support with MIP. AWeber has amazing support and you can get help instantly on any problem which is a must.

It just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to buy into My Inbox Pro. Its just not worth the price.

If you are running an online business then email marketing is a must. There is no doubt about it. If you do it right then it is well worth the price paid. My recommendation obviously is to sign up with AWeber. Forget about MIP. Forget they even exist.

I have been working full-time online marketing since 2015 and much of this is thanks to AWeber and their email marketing service. There is no doubt that email marketing helped grow my business and helps me continue to grow.

So final words here… email marketing is a must…. get AWeber not MIP.

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