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GiftHulk review - is gifthulk a scam

  • Name: GiftHulk
  • Website:
  • Price to Signup: Free
  • Rating: 7/10 (One of the better reward sites out there. Lots of ways to earn. Just like all sites of this kind, the pay isn’t that great.)

Gifthulk is a rewards site that pays you for a variety of little things. But before you sign up of course you need to know Is GiftHulk a scam or not? In this GiftHulk review I’ll be telling you what you need to know before you make your decision.

And for those of you who want me to get straight to the, its not a scam. Sure you will find some bad reviews online that lead you to believe its a scam, but you will find those with any site like this. is a great way to earn a little side cash with very little effort.

What Is GiftHulk? Short Summary

GiftHulk is just like many other sites that you might be familiar with. They perform market research for big companies all over the world and like to get people’s opinions.

How do they get your opinions? Simple.. THEY PAY YOU. The most common method is paying you for completing surveys which they provide, but GiftHulk offers more than just that.

What You Do At GiftHulk

The goal is to complete tasks, offers, etc and earn Hulk Coins. These coins can then be exchanged for real cash via Paypal once you get enough, but I’ll get into that later.

GiftHulk offers you a variety of ways to earn Hulk Coins, including…

  • Surveys
    • By completing simple surveys you can earn Hulk Coins. You can expect to earn anywhere from 250 – 2,500 Hulk Coins from completing a 10 – 30 minute survey. And obviously the longer surveys usually pay more, but this varies depending on the survey. One great thing about GiftHulk is that THEY PAY YOU EVEN IF YOU DON’T QUALIFY! This is a huge bonus that many sites won’t do.
  • Offers
    • Usually this includes signing up for a trial, downloading a program, or something of this nature. The offers vary a lot and you will see some very different ones. The pay also varies pretty greatly with the offers. But just to give you an a number, you can probably expect anywhere from 100 – 1,500 Hulk Coins from completing an offer.
  • Tasks
    • You can make some Hulk Coins just by completing very short tasks such as visiting websites or doing other simple things online. You won’t make much here though, usually only up to 50 Hulk Coins.
  • Searchbar
    • Just like SwagBucks, GiftHulk has a searchbar that you can use on their site to browse the web, just like you do on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. And you can make up to 4 Hulk Coins per search. But unfortunately, they won’t pay you for every search.
  • Apps
    • GiftHulk provides a bunch of apps that you can download on your phone and earn Hulk Coins for doing so. You can expect to earn up to 500 Hulk Coins per download.
  • Watching Videos
    • There is a thing called GiftHulk TV in which you can watch short little 1 – 5 minute videos and get paid 10 Hulk Coins per video.
  • Shop Online
    • You can earn Hulk Coins by shopping online at a number of listed sites. For every dollar you spend shopping you can earn up to 20 Hulk Coins.
  • Viewing Websites
    • You can earn 25 Hulk Coins for every 10 websites you visit (which are provided to you). The catch is, you have to stay on each site for 45 seconds, so its really not that great.

How Much Is A Hulk Coin Worth?

Every Hulk Coin is worth $0.001. And yes that one is in the thousands place. This means that you need to earn 1,000 Hulk Coins to make $1.

Pretty disappointing right? I know, but that’s the way all rewards sites like this are.

However, sometimes you Hulk Coins can actually be worth more than $0.001! And you will see what I mean in when I go over the rewards you can redeem your coins for.

Rewards At GiftHulk

The best reward GiftHulk offers is Paypal in my opinion, because this way you can spend your money however you please.

However, redeeming your points for gift cards can get you better deals. You can find all sorts of gift cards for different stores. $5 gift cards cost 5,000 Hulk Coins, $10 ones cost 10,000, $25 ones cost 25,000 and so on.

But when you get up to the $50 and $100 gift cards that is where you might see some good deals. Occasionally you can find a $50 gift card for just 49,000 Hulk Coins. That saves you 1,000 coins. Its not much but it is something. And that’s what I’m talking about when I say that sometimes your coins are actually worth more than $0.001.

Referring People To Earn Hulk Coins

The referral system that GiftHulk has in place allows you to earn up to 600 Hulk Coins just for referring someone. You will get 1ooHK instantly upon them joining and then another 500HK after that person earns 1,000HK on their own.

If you have big following on social media then you could earn some decent money by referring others, but you would really have to have a lot of people following you.

GiftHulk makes it easy to promote their site and get referrals. They provide nice banners, invite emails, and more.

Other Ways To Earn

Sweepstakes At GiftHulk

GiftHulk always has sweepstakes you can enter yourself in. Normally they will cost you about 25HC per entry. If you win, its a really good deal. You could win a $5, $10, $25, etc gift card. And for just 25HC thats a damn good deal.

The only problem is you probably won’t win. Its near impossible it seems to win the sweepstakes entries. You can enter more than once to give yourself better odds of winning, but so many people enter in them you shouldn’t count on winning.

Fountain of Youth

At GiftHulk they have what they call the fountain of youth. Its where you enter codes to get free Hulk Coins.

How do you get these codes? If you follow GiftHulk on Facebook or Twitter you will be able to see codes they post. Generally these codes can fetch you anywhere from 20 – 50 Hulk Coins, which isn’t much. But its not really any work on your part.

Guess The Card

Guess the card is a game that GiftHulk has where you can earn HC. Everyday there will be a secret card that you can guess what it is. You are to try to guess the suit and the value. If you guess them both right you get 50HC. If you just guess the suit right you get only 4HC, and if you only guess the value right you get 10HC.

Different Membership Levels At GiftHulk

There are 5 different membership levels at GiftHulk. You can move up the ranks by earning more coins, and as you move up, you will be rewarded.

The different levels include…

  • Bronze
    • This is where every new member starts out at. There are no benefits. One distinction with this level is that you only have 5 guesses each day with the Guess The Card game.
  • Silver
    • After you earn 1000HC you will be promoted to the silver membership level. Now you have 10 guesses per day in the Guess The Card Game.
  • Gold
    • Earn 10,000HC and you will be a gold member. Alternatively you can refer 10 people to join GiftHulk and achieve this ranking. Now you will have 20 guesses per day in the card game AND a 2.5% discount on the cost of rewards!
  • Platinum
    • Get to the platinum level by either earning 25,000HC or inviting 25 people to join. This time you will get 3 benefits: 40 guesses per day in the card game, a 5% discount on the price of rewards, AND… faster reward delivery.
  • Diamond
    • This is the highest level and you can achieve it by either earning 50,000HC or inviting 50 people to join. And here you get 4 benefits: 60 guesses per day in the card game, a 10% discount on the price of rewards, fast reward delivery, AND… a $10 gift card of your choosing as soon as you reach this level.

So Is GiftHulk a Scam?

Heck No! Its one of the better reward sites when it comes to the amount of rewards they offer, the ways you can earn money, and the different fun little games they have.

But as far as the pay, its nothing special. I would only spend time on GiftHulk if I was bored or something like that. Its nothing that’s going to make you rich or give you the ability to quit your day-job. Its just a nice and easy way to earn some extra pocket change.

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Thanks for reading and be sure to leave your comments, questions, and reviews below!
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