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My Amazon.com Affiliate Program Review – Is it worth it?

By Kyle / February 25, 2016
  • amazonassociateshomeProgram – Amazon Associates
  • Website – affiliate-program.amazon.com
  • Price – 100% Free
  • Rank – 8.5/10 (Relatively low commissions, but there are other benefits)

Before I get started I want to warn you of FAKE “Amazon employees” that will try to get you to sign up for a fee. These people do NOT work for Amazon. They are scam artists trying to rip you off, using Amazon’s name to suck people in.

Anyways, let me get into this review. I’ll be going over the acceptance process, how much money in commissions you can earn (varies), and what else makes Amazon Associates a great affiliate program.

Amazon’s affiliate program is absolutely free to sign up for. But your account won’t actually be active yet. After the first item is bought through one of your affiliate links, Amazon will check your website and determine whether or not they think it represents Amazon in good light.

They WILL reject your account if your website does not include good information. And I know this because when I first applied for Amazon Associates my account was rejected. This is because my first website didn’t really supply readers with good and unique information. I can’t remember the exact reason they said I had been rejected but it was something along the lines of not providing additional information other than what is already in the product’s descriptions on Amazon.

But that was years ago and I’ve learned my lesson. Its really not difficult to get accepted. Just make sure you include some real and unique information on the products you are promoting.

What can you promote on Amazon and make commissions from?

Millions of different products in just about every niche you can think of! Amazon’s affiliate program is by far the largest affiliate program in the world (for one company). Amazon has over 200 million products in the US alone.

Note: You only earn commission off of products that are either sold and fulfilled by Amazon, or at least fulfilled by Amazon. If you were to promote a product that is both sold and fulfilled by a third party you would not receive any commissions. So be aware of that. Luckily pretty much all of the best products on Amazon are at least fulfilled by them.

Amazon has the largest selection of products to promote but this doesn’t necessarily mean its the best affiliate program out there. What we all want to know is, “how much money can you make?”

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How much commission do you earn with Amazon?

This is one of the downsides to the Amazon affiliate program. The commissions are not that great. You will start out earning only 4% commissions, but this increases as you sell more products. But the most you can earn is 8.50% commissions for general products. Take a look at this table below (source – Amazon.com)amazonaffiliateprogramcommission

Note: These commissions reset each month. So each month you will start out back at 4% and have to work your way up.

The table above accounts for a lot of the products on Amazon, but there are other products that have a fixed commission rate. So no matter how many you sell you are always earning the same commission. Here is the table that shows thisamazonaffiliateprogramcommission2

As you can see some of the fixed commissions are EXTREMELY low. For television products you only can earn 2%.

Its important to find out how much commission you are able to earn promoting whatever type of products before you sign up for this programs. Because if you had a website promoting TV products you would be MUCH better off with a different affiliate program. Just search around the web. Google “your product + affiliate program” and hopefully you can find much better.

But as for the electronics products, you would think that 4% is low also, but its actually not that bad in some cases. 4% is actually higher than what you would get a from Apple’s, Toshiba’s, and many others affiliate programs. And the electronic category contains some very high priced items in which 4% commission is decent.

Take this for example:

Lets say you are a gamer and you promote various games and game consoles. Well look at the price of this X-Box 1 you could promote. Suddenly 4% commission doesn’t look that bad. xbox1

And there are tons of other high priced electronics that are in serious demand with the potential to make a lot of money promoting.

Amazon products convert Higher than most

Amazon.com is a highly trusted site. In fact, it is the #1 e-commerce site in the world. This trust is very important. If your affiliate link points to some small little website that people have never heard of, they are going to be much more reluctant to actually buy whatever product it is they clicked on. But everyone knows and trusts Amazon for the most part.

Amazon.com is also a master of marketing. Its layout is specifically designed to be easy to navigate, helpful, and of course sell products. Amazon has top notch professional web designers that know what they are doing.

With a brief description, high quality images, and customer reviews, the way these products are displayed makes you more likely to buy.

So is Amazon’s affiliate program worth trying?

I would say absolutely. There are situations where it would be better, and pay better, to join different affiliate programs, but Amazon is definitely a safe bet. Their affiliate program is highly respected and they show their affiliates respect as well.

I encountered a problem with my account a while back and had no trouble getting help from them and sorting out the issue.

If you have a strange niche that isn’t very popular, check Amazon first to see if they have any related products. Chances are they do. Just go to Amazon.com and scroll down to the very bottom (footer menu), where you will see “Become an Affiliate” under the “Make Money With Us” section.

Find out how you can get started learning how to become an expert affiliate marketer right now!

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