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Multiplexer by Richard Ewing Scam – Richard Ewing Doesn’t Even Exist!

By Kyle / October 24, 2016

If you have come across the binary trading robot called Multiplexer DO NOT invest in it. Its a scam and so is the man behind it, Richard Ewing. In this short review I did some research on this guy and my findings pretty much prove that Mr Richard Ewing is a scam artist.

So before investing in this scam you should at the very least read this for yourself.

Who Richard Ewing Claims To Be

Richard Ewing is the main guy in the Multiplexer video. He claims to have worked for CNN throughout most of his life and says he had a lot of knowledge in satellite communications and data transfer.

Shortly after quitting his job at CNN, he was contacted by a binary trading professional in London, named Ross McGlinchey. Ross asked him if he could build a software that could transfer data faster than Wallstreet. He wanted this so that he could get financial signals before Wallstreet and beat them to the good trades.

And of course Richard Ewing developed this amazing software that transfers data at near light speed. He calls it Multiplexer and claims there is nothing like it in the world.

But Why Is There No Information On Richard???

The only information you can find online about this guy comes from people reviewing the Multiplexer software. Alot of them are just trying to get you to buy into it. But there is no additional information on him. Everything I have been able to find is nothing more than what comes from the sales video.

Don’t you think a guy that develops a groundbreaking data transfer software would be featured all over the internet? He would be in technology magazines for his incredible innovation and he would be all through the financial magazines like Forbes, Bloomberg, etc.

Buy you can’t find ANYTHING on this guy. No Facebook page, no nothing.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Mr Richard is a scam or not, but it sure does add suspicion. But what I’ll show you next sure will make you even more suspicious…

Is Richard Ewing A Real Name? I Don’t Think So

MULTIPLEXER scamI have no solid proof of this, but the “Richard Ewing” from the sales video is more than likely a paid actor. There is another binary trading robot in which he was the spokesperson for. Well it was either him or a guy that looked just like him and sounded exactly the same.

The other binary trading scam this guy was trying to sell was called Profits Infinity. And you can see Mr Richard in this video from the screenshot I took below…profits-infinity-google-chrome-2016-10-24-06-01-31


I don’t know, what do you think? Is this the same man in both videos, or is this just Richard Ewings long lost identical twin brother??

Being featured as the spokesperson for 2 different binary trading robots definitely adds some more suspicion. But who knows, maybe he is able to develop some really good software.

But anyway… the smell of a scam still gets stronger.


The Guy Makes No Sense

Richard Ewing claims that he is giving this software away for free to a limited number of people because he wants to help out average Joes and because it is mutual beneficial.

But what makes no sense is how it is mutual beneficial to him. He says that you will receive 100% of your trade’s winnings and that he will receive 10% of the amount of money that you won.

But how the hell does this work out???

If you are receiving everything that you win how is he getting 10% of it? Where is this additional money coming from? It just makes absolutely no sense at all.

But You Told Me $20,000 a day???

One strange thing is that after you enter your name and email to sign up for this software, you are then directed to another page that looks like this…MULTIPLEXER Review

The strange part about it is that this screen says $4,300 every single day. What the heck is that?? Only $4,300? I was signing up to make $20,000 a day.

This is some serious BS.

Anyway, this is just one of the many things about his scam that just doesn’t make sense.

Scam Artist or Not Scam Artist?

Richard Ewing claims to have invented some extremely complicated and groundbreaking technology in the world or technology and finance, yet there is no information about him anywhere. He has also been the spokesperson for other binary trading robots. And some of the things he says are inconsistent and/or just plain don’t make any sense.

The fact of the matter is that Richard Ewing is most likely a fabricated person that is being portrayed just for the sake of scamming people.

And besides all of that do you really think you can trust this guy? I know he is letting you use the software for free, but he is directing you to his broker, Simon Ross, in which there is also no information about. And he wants you to deposit your money with him???!!!!

This guy is crazy… a crazy scam artist for sure.

By the way there are plenty of other binary options trading scams that you should look out for. Some other recent scams that I have reviewed include Gemini 2 Trading App, Instant Cash Club, Profitable FX System, SnapCash Binary, Quantum Cash Machine, and others.

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