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MTTB 21 Step Program Scam – What You Should Know Before Buying Into It

By Kyle / January 7, 2017
mttb 21 step program scam

mttb 21 step program scamWhen I talk about the MTTB 21 Step Program scam I am probably not talking about it in the way that you think. While I do find some aspects very “scam-like”, there are things that are good too. In this short post I want to warn those who are looking to buy into this that it probably isn’t what they are expecting.

Note: MTTB stands for My Top Tier Business and is part of the MOBE program. MOBE  has changed names several times over the years from My Online Business Empire, to My Online Business Education, and now I think it is currently My Own Business Educations.

Do You Really Know What You Are Getting Yourself Into?

Probably not.

This difficulty of being successful with this program is WAY undersold. Much of the people promoting this program  are just trying to earn a commission off of you. They tell you exactly what you want to hear…. that you can be making all sorts of money from home and have the ability to live a life of luxury.

The fact of the matter is that most people trying to make money online fail to ever make notable earnings. And when you have inflated expectations of a program like this the percentage will be even higher due to the discouragement you will experience having found out its not as it was advertised.

I am not saying that the MTTB program itself is a flat out scam. Instead what I am saying here is that many of the people promoting it are pretty much scamming you because they aren’t giving you the whole picture. They sell you on a fairy-tale that more than likely isn’t going to work out.

Why So Much Self Promotion?

Much of the training and focus in the 21 step program is to promote the same program to other people in order to earn a commission.

While most affiliate programs are free to join and to be a part of, the MOBE affiliate program is different. With all of their products you must first purchase them before you can promote them to others. This is commonplace in the MLM world which makes me a little more suspicious of the big picture here.

Both the commission structure of MOBE as well as the training itself make promoting MOBE the better option for those who sign up. And this is why there are so many people going crazy promoting it instead of using the training to build an online business in their own right.

The 21 Steps & What They Focus On

Like I said, many of these steps are primarily focused on getting you to go out there and sell the MOBE products to other people.


  • Step 1: How To Make 6 Figures in Your First Year With Top Tier
    • Here they try to get you as pumped up as possible to go out there and sell MOBE. They talk about the huge commissions of up to $9,000 that you can earn from selling just one of their products. This is basically an intro that is designed to get you in the mood to begin the process.
  • Step 2: Discover the Missing Ingredient 99% Miss in Business Success
    • Its true, the large majority of people fail in the online world. This step tells you that its because the business models that most people use set them up for failure. At MOBE they teach you differently than a lot of places on how to get traffic and ultimately make that sale.
  • Step 3: How to Unlock Your Millionaire Mindset
    • This is kind of another step that is focused on getting you in the mood to go out there and kill it. They talk about the “millionaire mindset” and how you have to change your way of thinking if you want to be successful. There are a lot of “make money programs” that talk like this and although I think that mindset plays a huge part in success, I don’t particularly care for people claiming that their way is the only way of thinking.
  • Step 4: Why 85% of Franchises Succeed While Most Other Businesses Fail
    • Here they tell you about why its better to be in a franchise rather than going into business for yourself. This is true because all you have to do is basically manage a business that is already known and trusted. This step is pretty much buttering you up for step 5.
  • Step 5: What is Even More Lucrative Than a Franchise Model
    • Now they are going to tell you about how MOBE is even more lucrative than a franchise. You don’t have to worry about MOBE itself at all. They are already managed and have everything under control. All you have to do is try to drive traffic to them.  I still don’t like how they don’t try to help you figure out what you could build for yourself.
  • Step 6: How to License a Proven & Profitable Online Business
    • And here it comes.. They tell you about how you can sell products for a proven successful business, which of course is MOBE. They claim that the success rate of people promoting MOBE is very high, but there is no good proof of this.
  • Step 7: How to Get the Expert Support You Need to Succeed
    • At this step they go over how you will get your personal coach that is going to help you achieve success. But I have heard that this personal coach is more like a salesman trying to upsell you on more MOBE products. There is also a private FB group that is gone over, but I wouldn’t get too excited about it. There are around 9,000 members and its not exactly the tight knit group you would think of.

And you get the point. What I am trying to show here is that these 21 steps are overwhelmingly focused on promoting MOBE to other people rather than creating your own successful online business.

The other steps 8-21 include…

  • Step 8: How to Get Paid Quickly and Easily with MOBE
  • Step 9: How to Get $3,000 Commissions With No Extra Work
  • Step 10: How to Get $5,000 Commissions With No Extra Work
  • Step 11: How to Get a New Mercedes Benz Paid for Every Month
  • Step 12: How the Phone Sales Team Makes You Money
  • Step 13: How the MOBE Team Builds Your Business Everyday
  • Step 14: How to Make 5x More Money Without Any Additional Work
  • Step 15: How Goals are the GPS to Your Success
  • Step 16: How to Create Success Faster with Helping Hands
  • Step 17:How to Finance Your New Business Venture
  • Step 18: How to Get Steady Streams of Traffic Visitors 24/7
  • Step 19: How to Get Access to Even More Opportunities
  • Step 20:Discover Your Why and Manifest Your Success For Life
  • Step 21: Discover a Special One-Time Offer, You Don’t Want to Miss

Is The Training Any Good?

I would say that the training is pretty good from what I can tell. Although I have not personally purchased this product I have seen many promotions for MOBE products and some are extremely professional and are able to bring a lot of people in to buy MOBE for themselves.

Its not like I am criticizing the online marketing methods taught here. There is training in traffic generation, sales funnels, and everything. I am just criticizing the focus of the training. The entire course, again, is focused on MOBE promotion.

Just Know Its Not Going To Be Easy

You can’t trust every MOBE promotion that you see out there. There are going to be a lot of people telling you how easy it is, how easy you can make all sorts of money online, how you can quite your day job and start making a full-time income in weeks… but its just not that easy.

Most people fail in the online world and its no different if you are going to try to promote MOBE. Everyone that earns thousands per week has probably been with them for years. It is very difficult for newcomers to get involved with and become successful, but I’m not saying its impossible.

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