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Mommy Jobs Online, Scam or Legit? – Honest Review

Mommy Jobs Online claims to provide legitimate pre-screened work from home job opportunities for mothers that are looking to spend time at home and make money in the meantime. But can you trust the service that this place provides? Or will Mommy Jobs Online scam you in one way or another?

I came across this site recently and knew I had to look into it a bit more. I’m no mom, but I do work from home and have looked into many similar opportunities like this, many of which have turned out to be scams. In this review I’ll be going over all you need to know about this place before you decide to get started with it or not.

Mommy Jobs OnlineMommy Jobs Online Review

Mommy Jobs Online (MJOL) is a membership job finder site that specifically caters to mothers that are looking to work from home. Of course you don’t actually have to be a mother to use this site, but this is their target audience.

Basically what this site does is finds jobs available and brings them to your attention. Some of the jobs are offered by Mommy Jobs Online themselves and many are from other companies, which makes MJOL just the middleman in many cases. Employers that are looking for people to work for them remotely can also use MJOL to find matches.

As someone looking for a job, you will be able to find a wide variety of offers at this site ranging from things like Data Entry, to Clerical work, to Customer Service, Transcription and more.

Job Requirements

There are no universal requirements that need to be met for every job. It just depends on the specific job that you are looking at. Some jobs will require that you have can type at a certain rate, or that you pass a background check, or have a certain operating system on your computer, and so on.

It just depends. Below I’ll go over some of the types of jobs offered and give some more detail on this.

Types of Jobs Offered


There are different transcription jobs offered through this platform… Medical, law enforcement, etc. Transcription jobs are all about typing and these positions will require that you type at a certain level, generally over 80 words per minute.

What you will be doing is converting audio into written form. So this might mean you listen to a seminar recordings, criminal investigation recordings, you name it.

Some of these jobs will require experience but not all.

Data Entry

MJOL offers a data entry position where you can work for this company. What you will be doing is copying and pasting names, email addresses and other information into spreadsheets.

They pay $15 for 5,000 entries. I have never worked a data entry position before but this seems like and extremely low and painful pay rate.

No experience needed here.

MLM Opportunities

In noticed that MJOL is advertisng the business opportunity that Shasmi Beauty offers. This place is a multi-level marketing company. Anyone can join as an independent consultant and make money selling their beauty products as well as by recruiting in other members. You can make good money with mlm’s like this but it is extremely difficult. Mary Kay is a well known mlm that is similar to this.

There is no experience needed here.

Email Processor

MJOL also offers what they call an email processor position. Basically what you will be doing here is sending out mass emails trying to recruit people to join. In order to do this you will need to pay for an autoresponder service like Aweber or Getresponse so that you can send out mass amounts of emails at one time.

You will only get paid when someone signs up doing this job. They start you out at $10 commissions per sale and bump you up to $20 per sale after 60 days.

No experience is needed here.

Customer Service

There are a variety of different types of customer service jobs such as reservation booking, travel consultant, receptionist positions, sales, and others. These seem to be your best bet when it comes to the jobs offered here. Some of them pay decent (up to$30/hr) and they seem to be a bit more stable than many of the other positions.

Some of these jobs will require a bachelor’s degree.

How Much Can You Make?

Again, this will really vary with the position. Some positions will pay an hourly rate, some will pay based on the amount of work you do, and some will pay based on your performance results.

With the jobs that pay on an hourly rate I would say you can expect to earn $10 – $15 per hour generally, although some of the customer service positions will pay as high as $30/hr.


Most of the complaints I came across are about low pay and extremely boring and repetitive tasks.

The people complaining about the low pay seem to be those that are doing the positions, like Email Processing, where you get paid based on your performance results. With this position you only get paid commissions when someone signs up for MJOL through one of your emails. This may sound like it is easy but I have been online marketing for years and can tell you from experience that it is not.

And of course the data entry workers are going to complain about it being boring and repetitive. All you are doing is copying and pasting with these jobs.

Some Personal Complaints of Mine

First off, they could be more clear and transparent with the difficulty of some of the jobs offered. There are people getting into things thinking that they will be able to make good money when they will not.

Second, MJOL just doesn’t provide all that good of a service. There are many more legitimate online jobs that they could be listing. They just aren’t very good for finding online work as far as I see it.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

Overall I don’t think Mommy Jobs Online is very good. There are better work from home job sites out there that you could be using. On top of that MJOL also charges a membership fee of $85 per “job bank”. So if you buy the $85 membership for the Customer Service job bank you will only get access to available customer service jobs. If you want access to all jobs you will need to pay $210 and I just don’t see it as being worth it.

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