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Are Mindfield Online Surveys Worth Your Time? My Review

Mindfield Online claims to be a great opportunity for college students, moms, and seniors to make a little extra money online. But is it really that great when compared to other similar opportunities? Or are Mindfield Online surveys going to be a waste of your time?

I look into and review paid survey sites all the time because I’m always up for testing/trying out new ways to make some extra money online for the fun of it. In this short review I’ll be going over some things you should know about this site as well as how I think it compares to some of the competition.

MindField OnlineMindfield Online Review

  • Website: mindfieldonline.com
  • Type: Paid survey site
  • Cost: Free to join
  • Rewards: Check, Paypal cash, gift cards
  • Legit?: Yes


Mindfield Online Internet Panels is run by McMillion Research and has been around since 2004. They are a market research panel that works with companies to help improve products and services.

Their method of conducting research is via paid online surveys. They offer people like you and I surveys; we take them and earn money; they sell the survey results to companies.

How Mindfield Online Works

1) Join

Joining this survey panel is free to do and only takes about 30 seconds. You will need to enter your name, email, and make a password. After that you will receive a confirmation link in your inbox so that you can confirm your account.

2) Fill Out Questionnaire

After joining the first thing you should do is fill out the member questionnaires. These are basically short surveys that ask about personal information such as gender, income, education level, etc. This is so that they can make a profile for you.

Although these are optional I highly recommend that you fill them out because they will help Mindfield Online match you up with relevant surveys.

3) Take Surveys

You will receive email notifications when there are surveys available that you might qualify for. You will be able to see what the survey is about, how long it takes, and how much it pays. And if you like what you see you can click the link in the email to complete the survey.

4) Cash Out

Once you reach $5 in your account you can cash out. That is the minimum balance that you can have.

How You Get Paid

As I just said, you are going to need $5 in your account before you are eligible to cash out. Once you have that amount or higher you can request to get paid via check. The check will be sent in the mail to you. It can take up to a week for processing time and then it depends on where you will for how long shipment will take.

You can also cash out through PayPal or choose to get gift cards (Amazon.com, Walmart, etc)

My #1 Complaint

The biggest problem with this site is getting disqualified from surveys. I have tried, tested, and reviewed many online survey sites and this is always something that is somewhat of a problem but with Mindfield Online they take it to a whole other level.

The reason you get disqualified from surveys is because when you first start taking one of the surveys they offer you, you are only “pre-qualified”, meaning that they think you are qualified based on your profile but they aren’t sure. Once you start the survey you might be 5 minutes into it and then all of a sudden you get kicked out because you aren’t what they are looking for based on the answers you gave so far.

The amount of people that are complaining about this is absurd. There is no doubt that Mindfield Online could improve in this area a lot and they need to get this sorted out.

How Much Can You Make?

The surveys pay out right around what I would consider to be the “industry standard”. You can expect to make anywhere from $0.50 – $3.00 for a 10 – 20 minute survey. That is nothing special but nothing too bad either when it comes to online survey sites like this one.

One of the good things about Mindfield Online is the abundance of survey opportunities. As a member you can expect to get 10 surveys or so a day. That is a fairly high number and at many other sites you won’t get even a quarter of that.

The problem however, is that you are likely to not qualify for many of the surveys. Its not uncommon to get 10 surveys in a day and not qualify for any of them. Because of this problem it will take a while to bring in the extra money.

How This Site Compares To Others

If you have read many of my reviews then you may know that SwagBucks is the survey site I recommend most. So this is what I’m going to compare Mindfield Online to here.


The pay per survey is not much different between SwagBucks and Mindfield Online. They both pay out right around the industry standard.


SwagBucks has a lot more opportunity for earning money. They offer money for taking surveys, playing games, shopping, watching videos, surfing the web, referring friends, and other ways whereas Mindfield Online only offers money for surveys, online focus groups, product testing, and referring friends.


With both sites taking online surveys is the main way to make money. Both offer surveys in a range of different categories and offer them to all demographics. There isn’t too much of a difference here.

Payment Methods

SwagBucks offers a lot more way to get paid which I like. They offer Paypal payments, a lot of different gift cards, virtual MasterCards, and others. The only thing that Mindfield Online has on them is that they offer check by mail which is nice.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

Mindfield Online is a legit site and a decent one, but its just not the best in my opinion. SwagBucks still ranks as my number 1 paid survey site. The main thing that really drops Mindfield Online’s rating in my book is all of the problems that members have with disqualification. They need to find a better way to match people with potential surveys so that they don’t get disqualified so much and waste their time.

SwagBucks also has a lot more opportunity and ways to earn money which is also a pretty big deal. They are just the better choice as far as I see it.

But honestly, I don’t really recommend any paid survey site all that much. They are an easy way to earn a little extra change but that’s it…. just extra change. There are better ways to make money with your spare time.

I actually make a living working for myself online and I sure as heck am not going around taking paid surveys. I have written a post on what I do to make money online, how it all works, and how others can do the same. You can click the link below to read about it if you are interested.

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Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you ?

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