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Millionaire Makers Journey Review – Is this a scam?

By Kyle / April 11, 2016

millionaire makers journey reviewThis place claims there is some secret in which you can make a simple $1,000 per month, but is it true? In this Millionaire Makers Journey review I’ll be going over what you need to know before you make a decision on what to do next.

First off, What Is Millionaire Makers Journey?

This website is nothing more than a site that promotes 2 other sites, Traffic Monsoon and Power Lead System.

There is a video on the page right after you enter your email info that will tell you about both of these programs and try to get you to sign up.

In order to answer the question that you all want to know “is Millionaire Makers Journey a scam?” We need to look at both of the sites it is promoting.

So first lets take a look at Traffic Monsoon

Is Traffic Monsoon Legitimate?

I’m going to make a bold statement here and say that Traffic Monsoon is not legitimate, which some might disagree with.

I’ve spent a lot of time reviewing this company again and again and still cannot figure out how they do business as they say they do.

Traffic Monsoon claims to be a traffic exchange/ PTC website. They make their money from people advertising as well as people buying their “adpacks”.

But I cannot figure out why people would ever advertise on Traffic Monsoon. The only traffic you would get from advertising there is a bunch of disinterested people that are only clicking on your ad to make money. It makes no sense and would give you the lowest conversion rate possible.

This site is more than likely a Ponzi type scheme that makes money from adpacks, and not advertising. They heavily push you to recruit more people and get them to buy adpacks as well (thats what millionairemakersjourney.com is doing). And you earn commission from these referrals that are ranked beneath you.

The whole money making process of Traffic Monsoon is very suspicious and I have an article you can read for more information called “Is Traffic Monsoon a Ponzi Scheme“.

What About Power Lead System?

I would say that Power Lead System is more legitimate than Traffic Monsoon but not by much. At Power Lead System you can sign up for a free trial, but then you will have to pay monthly after that.

What they provide you with is marketing tools for your online business. I would say there is more value in these marketing tools (which they just give you access to, they didn’t create them) than there is in the crap advertising at Traffic Monsoon.

But once again, at Power Lead System they really push you hard on recruiting more people. This is how you make your money.

The marketing tools that they provided you with are now yours and you can sell them. So so sell them to people, and those people sell them to people, and so on. All the while you are making money from the people beneath you.

So Is Millionaire Makers Journey a Scam?

I would say that it is. Both of the programs that it promotes provide very little value.

Both of there business models are based around getting other people to sign up at all costs.

And how do you get other people to sign up? The most used technique is by telling people that they can make money by getting people to sign up. Its all about getting people to sign up and nothing about the value that they provide, which is pretty much nothing anyhow.

So while both of these programs can make you money, I think its a dishonest way of earning money and I would not recommend this.

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