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Michael S Brown Affiliate Marketing – Scam or Legit?

By Kyle / February 23, 2016

nichebltzhomeMichael S Brown offers a step by step affiliate marketing program called Niche Blitzkrieg. Its definitely legit and I know because I’ve tried it. In this review I’ll be going over the basics of it and whether or not I would suggest that you try it out. Just because its legit DOESN’T mean its worth trying.

Let me start out by going over probably the most important thing, the training

Whats the training like?

The training is whats going to get you to succeed. To be complete it should teach you all you need to know to get a good start at affiliate marketing. At Niche Blitzkrieg you will be provided with 5 core training lessons (along with an intro and bonus material) which include nichebltz

These 5 lessons cover all of the basics things that you should do to become a successful affiliate marketer. And I want to emphasize “basic things”.

The lessons are broken down into separate steps, with each lesson containing anywhere from 2 to 6 steps.

This course is very much for beginners and lacks advanced material. Let me break down lesson 1 for you so you can see what to expect.

Whats included in lesson 1?

The very first lesson is Market Research, and this is when you choose your niche. Here you are shown the basics on how to find a profitable niche. There are 2 steps in this lesson which include nichebltzlesson1

  • keyword research to find high traffic/ low competition keywords
  • SERP (search engine results page) analysis to see how strong your competition is

If you are new to the whole affiliate marketing thing let me explain it more simply. In step 1 you are shown how to find search terms that are popular and that don’t have many other websites focused on them, meaning there isn’t much competition.

Then in step 2 you are shown how to analyze the search results when you search your term (aka keyword). This way you can see how powerful your competition is and if its worth even bothering using that particular search term.

And thats it! Thats all you are provided with to choose your niche, which is going to be what your online business is entirely based around. The problem here is that there is a lack of material and training.

Lack of Material – Can Leave You Confused

I have been affiliate marketing for a while and I can tell you for sure that you need more information than this to choose a good niche. Especially when your niche is very narrow and targeted on one particular keyword.

There are many other variables that come into play other than keyword research and SERP analysis in this circumstance. Probably the most important one would be “trends”.

When you are focusing your entire website around a keyword like they teach you in this course, you potential solely relies on the popularity of that keyword. For all you know that keyword might be decreasing in popularity very fast. It happens all the time. That is why identifying trends is EXTREMELY important. Identifying trends can help find easy money making niches as well as help you avoid niches that are dying. Google Trends is great for this by the way.

But this is just one of the first examples I came across on Niche Blitzkrieg that really lacked crucial information and I think its important to know this. All of the lessons are very short and basic considering the amount of information that needs to be known for each topic.

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Is the community at Niche Blitzkrieg any good?

Honestly, not really. Its just such a small community and there is barely many people online at any one time withing the community. For example, right now there are a whopping 6 people online in the community forum.nichebltzforum

The forum has an overall dull and unappealing appearance. Its just not something that you would really want to hang out on and share ideas, tips, etc.

And this forum is supposed to be the #1 support resource at Niche Blitzkrieg. nichebltzforumDon’t get me wrong, there is good and helpful information here, but its just not enough in my opinion.

How much does it cost?

The cost isn’t bad compared to other programs of its kind. To start out you get a 7 day trial membership that costs $4.95. If you choose to not cancel your trial membership you are automatically charged for the full price, which is $77.

But then you will find that there is an up-sell and for the Premium Membership it will cost you $104. But still, the price isn’t bad for this program.

Is Niche Blitzkrieg worth joining?

There is definitely a lot of helpful and true information in this program, but I wouldn’t recommend it. There are better choices out there for training in affiliate marketing.

I suggest Wealthy Affiliate for anyone ranging from beginner to advanced in affiliate marketing. There is more training (a ton more), a better/bigger/ and more helpful community, and you can join for free. Its better all around and is as good as it gets.

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