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Massive Internet Profits is a Scam – Here Is Why

By Kyle / March 22, 2017
Massive Internet Profits review

There are about a million online scams out there and Massive Internet Profits is one of them. This scam was put together for one reason and one reason only, to make the people behind it all a lot of money, not to help make you money like they claim.

Massive Internet Profits is full of blatant lies and some very misleading information. I have not purchased the program because it is obviously a scam, and I don’t have to because I know exactly what this program and I have proof of it that I will show you in this review.

Massive Internet Profits Review

  • Website: massiveinternetprofits.com
  • Price: $97 + upsells
  • Rating: I’ll go over this at the end

When you land on Massive Internet Profits’ homepage the first thing that you see is that there is only a limited number of spots open. They tell you that there are only 50 spots open for people that are guaranteed to make $500 with this easy and fun system.

However, there is no truth to this. This is just a form of false scarcity to get people to buy into it faster and without thinking about it so much. If you wanted to, you could come back in a week or two and it would still tell you the same thing.

Massive Internet Profits review

Below this area where you are supposed to check the availability of this opportunity you will see that they claim this program has been featured in all sorts of news outlets. This is an attempt to gain credibility in the eyes of you, the visitor. Massive Internet Profits scam

But once again this is a complete lie. You can search for Massive Internet Profits on CNN, Forbes, USA TODAY, and any other news outlet and you won’t find anything related to this program.

Then, after you take the step to check the availability and you enter your name, email, and phone number, you will see this screen appear…

This is just false scarcity again. First you thought there were only 50 spots left, but now you just found out its even more limited than you thought! Oh NO, you better sign up quick!

That is what they want you to think like. But as I mentioned above, this is a lie and you could come back at any time and there would be spots open.

The Underlying Truth of Massive Internet Profits

This website is nothing more than a funnel that is set up to get you to buy into another program called MOBE, or My Own Business Education.

How do I know this? Well I had my suspicions about this, but I found out for certain when I clicked on the disclaimer that is located at the bottom of the sales page. You can see a screenshot I took of it below…

 Why Would They Do This?

The reason these scammers set up this Massive Internet Profits program just to lure people into buying into MOBE is simple… they want money.

MOBE is an MLM structured online marketing program that not only teaches people how to go out and promote MOBE to others, but it also has a very lucrative commission structure that gives people incentive to do so.

There are plenty of other programs just like Massive Internet Profits that are designed to do the same exact thing.. funnel people into the MOBE system. Just to name a few that I have reviewed, there is The Money Academy, Online Profits Breakthrough, and more.

What Is MOBE

MOBE is an online business training platform. They offer several different memberships and provide training, tools, and a bunch of other things for people to create successful online businesses, such as done-for-you sales funnels and lead pages.

The thing about all of this is that the done-for-you sales funnels and everything are designed to promote MOBE to other people. Although it is possible to create an online business in any area you want, MOBE makes it the most easy to just go out and promote their brand.

And then as I mentioned above the commission structure at MOBE is very lucrative and attracts many people into just promoting the brand. It is an MLM style structure. MLM for those of you who don’t know stands for multi-level marketing.

MLM structures are lucrative because you can make commissions off of the people who signed up beneath you with a pyramid style structure. You make money off of the people you recruit into MOBE, and off of the people they recruit in, and so on.

MOBE Isn’t As Bad As It Seems

MOBE isn’t a scam in itself. I mean, they do put a lot of emphasis on getting members to go out and promote it to others, but I still don’t consider them a scam. They do provide good training and tools with the memberships they offer.

The problem here is that people, like those behind this Massive Internet Profits scam are making MOBE look very scammy. They are promoting it in a way that is very unethical and full of lies.

The Truth About MOBE

The truth is that MOBE isn’t any lifesaver. Just like anything, if you want to be successful online with MOBE you are going to have to work your butt off.

Those $1,250 – $5,500 commissions that Massive Internet Profits promises you do not come easy. And there is a good chance you will never see them come in because most people end up quitting and giving up on the whole online business thing once they find out how difficult it actually is to promote MOBE to other people.

Final Thoughts & Rating


Massive Internet Profits is definitely a scam. I gave it a 1/10 just for the effort that these scammers put into creating it. But all in all, its nothing but a scam. They are pretty much trying to trick people into buying into MOBE without ever actually saying it.

Its nothing more than a ploy for them to make money.

Are There Any Legitimate Opportunities To Make Money Online?

Yes there are. I actively promote a program called Wealthy Affiliate that is 100% legitimate. Wealthy Affiliate is also an online business training platform that provides tools, training, and support to start an online business. The difference is that Wealthy Affiliate helps you create an online business in your own right and doesn’t pretty much force you to go out and promote their brand.

Wealthy affiliate is also a lot less expensive than MOBE and more beginner friendly. If you want to learn more about them you can read my review here.

What do you think about Massive Internet Profits? Leave your comments, questions, and concerns below…

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