Can You Really Make Money With the Lucky Day App?

By Kyle / December 18, 2018
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Can you really make money with the Lucky Day app? Is this free lotto app really the incredible opportunity that it seems like it could possibly be? Is there any chance you are actually going to win money with this? Or is this all just a scam that is going to be a waste of your time?

They claim to have thousands of daily winners and if you go to the website they show a bunch of people holding up money that they have supposedly went from the different lottery games… Yet there are a lot of people out there calling this app a scam.

So is a scam or is this the legitimate money making opportunity that it is portrayed as on the website? 

Well... Let's find out. In this review I'll be going over what exactly this app is, I'll be showing you the different games you can play to try to win money, I'll go over complaints and more.

* Be sure to read the complaint section of this review. 

What Is the Lucky Day App?

Lucky Day App

The Lucky Day App is a free lottery game app, similar to Lucktastic, that you can download on iOS and android devices.

Basically how it works is like this: when you use the app you are forced to view advertisements while you are playing these different lottery games, which I will go over soon. So the company behind this app is making their revenue from all of the advertisers paying to display their ads… And then they are enticing people to use the app and play the games by of course giving them the chance to win some money.

You are able to earn tokens by playing the games that you can later redeem for different sorts of prizes, such as gift cards, and you can also win cash prizes… The jackpot being $100,000. But definitely don't count on anything even close to that. In fact, I don't think anyone has ever went the full jackpot.

But anyways… Let's take a look inside the app so that you can see the different games available…

A Look Inside..

Scratchers with the most popular game within the app. There are different types of scratcher games, ones where you can win money and other ones where you can win tokens.

The goal of the game is to match three like symbols to win the prize. And the highest price I have ever seen was $10,000, but I'm not sure if anyone has won that much from one of these things…

Lucky Day App scratcher

Another kind of game that you can play within the app are raffles… Which is when you buy tickets and then hope that the copy of your ticket is drawn so that you can possibly win money.

And then there is the actual Lotto… In which you pick some numbers and wait for the daily drawing. The more numbers you are able to match from the drawing, the more money you will win. Drawings are held every day at 7 PM PT.

And as I said, you can potentially when up to $100,000 although I don't think anyone has ever won even close this much and I sure as heck wouldn't count on it.

lucky day app lotto

But before you can play any of these games you will need to credits. Credits are what you use to enter into the different games and there are a variety of different ways that you can get them. You will get free daily credits and you can also earn credits by doing things such as referring friends to use the app and applying bonus codes.

Getting Paid

There are a variety of different ways that you can get paid. The most desirable way of course would be to win a large cash prize, but this isn't very likely. However, you will be able to redeem tokens for different rewards such as gift cards (Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc) and small rewards (that are pretty much worthless) like this…

Lucky Day App rewards

You can also cash out your earnings via PayPal. But you will need at least $10 in your account in order to do this.


One thing that I will say is that this app has improved recently and I am glad to see this.

I had actually downloaded the app a while back but got so frustrated with it that I ended up uninstalling it. There used to be tons and tons of complaints from people claiming that they weren't getting their money when cashing out and all sorts of stuff. It was seeming more and more like a scam, but things do seem to have improved.

As I'm writing this, they have a very good rating on Google Play of over 4.5 out of 5 stars... But of course you can always trust Google play ratings and reviews because they can be easily manipulated.

Lucky Day Google Play Rating

That said, I've read through a lot of the more recent reviews and many do seem to be legitimate reviews from real users.

That said, there are still definitely some noteworthy complaints that you should be aware of before using this app. These include…

  • Very hard to win anything even close to being significant
    • This should be expected... after all... it is a free app so they can't just be throwing money out to everyone all the time.
  • Ridiculously low paying
    • I understand that they can't be paying too much, but they probably could be paying out more than they do.
    • One user review I read over talked about making $8.50 in a month... but to do this they had to watch over 600 ads!! wtf
  • Getting Stuck before cashing out
    • The most significant complaint is probably that many people seem to get stuck right before the cash out minimum, which is $10. They will be able to get their balance to around eight dollars or nine dollars, but after that it seems that they just can't make any more money.
    • Do I believe that this is really going on? Well… I definitely don't doubt that it is possible because I have seen it happen on many other similar types of apps, such as paid survey apps and get-paid-to apps.

Scam or Not?

While I'm not going to go ahead and call this a scam, I will say that I am suspicious of some of the activity going on and would like to get to the bottom of it.

First off… I would like to know how much money this app is actually making, because I have the feeling that they are making a ton of money from all the advertisements and returning very little of it back to their users.

Second, I don't like what I'm seeing as far as all of the complaints putting out from people complaining about not being able to cash out… Getting stuck right before the minimum cash out amount. 

As I said above, this app was acting very scammy a while back and was getting tons of bad reviews, but they have since been able to turn that around a bit. However, their is still definitely room for improvement and I do not trust the app 100%.

Is It Worth Your Time?

The bottom line is this… You will NOT make much of anything from this app and it is only a good way to make a little bit of extra pocket change in your spare time.

Do you think that playing scratchers and other games like this is fun? Well… Then this might be an app worth downloading for you, but it is definitely not a way to make money that you can rely on… By no means.

If you are looking to make money on your phone or other type of mobile device, testing out mobile apps and getting paid to do so is a better opportunity in my opinion. If interested, you can take a look at this list of different sites that will pay you to do this.

And then of course if you are looking to make good money online and work for yourself, then look no further than this program, which I used to make over $6000 a month.

I hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful. Please leave any comments or questions you have about Lucky Day below… Including any complaints that I should be warning my readers about 🙂

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