Can You Really Make Money with Survey Spotter?

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Survey Spotter claims that you can make up to £300 per month taking surveys that they provide you with, but is this really true? Can you really trust them? Is it really possible to make money with Survey Spotter like this or is this just going to turn out to be another scam?

Well… If you read other reviews online you will find some that claim the site is nothing but good, but I have had an entirely different experience with it that I want to share with you here today.

In this review I will be going over my absolutely horrible experience that I went through after signing up for this site, which has now led me to conclude that it is a complete waste of time.

Survey Spotter Review

Survey Spotter

When you land on the website ( things seem pretty incredible, and a bit too good to be true right off the bat. They tell you that you can earn £300 per month in your spare time, which if you are familiar with paid survey sites, then you probably know seems like a heck of a lot.

But anyways… They talk about how on their website they bring together all the best surveys in the UK into one spot, so that easily find the best paying surveys and make as much money as possible.

My guess at first was that this is one of those sites, kind of like Survey Compare, that simply matches you up with a list of paid survey sites and that is all… But my experience turned out to be a bit different than I was expecting.

After entering my name and email on the homepage, I was then directed to step one which you can see here…

Step 1

The first step was to simply sign up for a bunch of different paid survey sites, some of which it recommended for me are listed here…

  • Maximiles
  • Inbox Pounds
  • 20 Cogs
  • Vindale Research
  • Global Test Market
  • OpinionHive
  • Oh My DOSH
  • And a several more

One thing that you might notice from the list is that some of these websites that this place was recommending to me are not so much survey sites. For example, 20 Cogs and Oh My DOSH are more focused on getting people to sign up for free trials and complete other types of offers… They definitely aren't the "best" paid survey sites out there although you can find some surveys available on them as well.

But anyways… Although their recommendations I see weren't very good, I proceeded to the next step…

Last step

So this step was simply to go to my email and confirm the confirmation links to join these different paid survey sites.

I decided to try to join just at the Oh My DOSH and 20 Cogs sites to see how would work, and this is where things got strange.

Ok... What The Heck Is Going On Here?

When I first went to my email to find the confirmation links to join these different sites I wasn't able to find them… Then I looked in my spam folder and of course they were there.

When I clicked on the link that was in the one email sent from Survey Spotter to join Oh My DOSH I was presented with this page…

Global Offers Now

As you can see the page has a title of Global Offers Now, which I don't know anything about and it sure as heck isn't Oh My DOSH. In fact, Global Offers Now wasn't even a recommendation on the list they provided me with… And beyond all of that, as you can see "this offer is currently not available and will be back soon.".

So anyways… I then clicked on the link provided in the other email to join 20 Cogs and unfortunately the experience was similar… Very disappointing…

404 error

I ended up getting a 404 error when clicking on the link, which means that the link is no good and that the "file or directory not found".

What I also found rather strange is that the URL it was sending me to was some place, which definitely isn't the URL for signing up at Oh My DOSH.


So at this point I'm not knowing what the heck is going on… But I still decided to give it another chance.

What I did was went back to the list of recommendations made by Survey Spotter and decided to select another from the list, that being MySurvey.

And this time actually worked. I got an email and was able to click the link and actually get directed to the appropriate website to sign up…


What Is Really Going On Here?

What this site is trying to do is make money by referring people to paid survey sites and other similar types of sites, they just aren't doing a very good job at it.

All of the sites that they refer you to have referral programs in place where you can actually make money by getting others to join. These programs are what this Survey Spotter website is participating in.

They obviously are just doing an absolutely horrible job at it because, based on my experience, a lot of the links they send out in their emails are broken or send you to the wrong darn offer.

A Complete Waste of Time?

In my opinion, yes this site is a complete waste of time. And I'm not even making such a harsh statement just because of my bad experience… Even if this site was actually doing a good job referring people to paid survey sites, and their links actually worked, I still would consider it a complete waste of time for the most part.


Well… Because they really are providing much value at all, if any. All they are doing is recommending survey sites that they say are the "best", but are really just your typical paid survey sites out there. Anyone can go straight to the sites in join without going through the Survey Spotter middleman. Going through them is just an unnecessary step.

Can You Really Make £300/mo?

I suggest avoiding this website completely. Not only is a poorly managed based on what I have seen, but it also provides little to no value and is incredibly misleading with the statements it makes.

Are you really going to be able to make £300 per month if you sign up for all of the recommendations and start taking all the surveys? Probably not… Even if you do sign up for everything.

The reason being because, and  everyone who has ever taking paid surveys before knows this, that many of the surveys they try to take they will be disqualified from. And of course from the fact that many surveys pay out less than one dollar or £1, which isn't even close to the £3 average that they say you will make.

The reason they are telling you that you will make this much is because they simply want to make more money by referring more people to these different sites.

My Suggestion

If you really want to take paid surveys and make money, then you first must realize that these types of sites pay out very little for your time. Sure, it is nice that you can take paid surveys in your spare time whenever you want, but at most you are only going to earn pocket change.

That said, if you do want to I would recommend signing up directly at the survey sites you want to join… My top recommendations would be sites like Swagbucks and PaidViewPoint. This way you don't waste time dealing with the middleman and you don't give out your email to another place that is just going to spam your inbox.

Also, if you are looking to make money online but one an opportunity that has more potential for earning, I would suggest taking a look at this program.

I hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful. Please leave any questions or comments below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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