Can You Really Make Money With Englishunt or is It a Scam?

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If you are looking to make money teaching English online then Englishunt is one of the options you have… But is it a very good option? That is the real question. Or is it possible that this place is nothing more than a waste of time scam that you should be avoiding?

Well… I'll cut straight to the chase here and let you know that this place is in no way, shape, or form a scam. They do offer a legitimate remote work opportunity, which is often sought after due to the geographical freedom and flexible schedule that come along with the job.

But before you dive in and apply, you first should know as much as you can about what you're getting yourself involved with, which there are some downsides to that will be covered in this review.

What exactly is English Hunt?

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Englishunt, sometimes called English Hunt or EnglishuntUSA, was founded in Seoul South Korea back in 2000. What they do is provide content creation for education as well as online education itself. The content creation part of their business is where they create educational material for clients and institutions. The online education part is where they facilitate the teaching of English to children and adults through online video classes as well as over the phone.

In a nutshell this place basically provides an online platform for people to connect with teachers and learn English easily in a fun and flexible environment. 

They started out in South Korea but have since expanded to China and Japan.

Teaching opportunity

The main work opportunity here is to teach English online, although some teachers may even get the chance to help create educational content as well.

Before diving into this any further, let's first discuss the requirements for the job so that you can see if you are even able to apply…


The good thing about this place is that they don't have as strict of requirements as many of the other online ESL teaching platforms out there. In fact, you don't need a degree in order to get hired. The minimum requirement is that you have 48 college credit hours, which is not even close to having a bachelors degree. Alternatively you can get an ESL certificate and be qualified.

That said, the requirements vary depending on the teaching position, which as I mentioned can either be via phone or a live video.

You must also be at least 18 years old and to be a US citizen (you can still live anywhere though) and have a US bank account.

As far as the technical requirements go, you are going to need a computer, headset, up-to-date operating system, antivirus software, and so on.

What it's like to be a teacher for Englishunt

The short classes you will be teaching usually don't exceed 20 minutes and are conducted in a fun conversational-based style, which is how these ESL programs are often taught in makes things a lot more enjoyable. Additionally, you don't have to do any material preparation, the lessons are laid out for you, although of course you should familiarize yourself with material you are going to be teaching and props are always recommended.

Live Video Classes

live Video Classes are conducted through the virtual classroom. Class sizes range from one-on-one to classes of up to 15. The larger classes are public classes where you will be on a TV screen at the front of a classroom and there will be a teacher physically there with the students at your aid.

With these types of classes you could be teaching anyone from elementary school age to adult list teachers.

Live Phone Classes

The Live Phone Classes are not in as high of demand, but they are still an opportunity that you could potentially get.

These classes are conducted all one-on-one and attract the adult demographic. The website states that employers will sometimes hire Englishunt to teach their employees through these live phone class sessions. You could be teaching business people, other teachers, etc.

Upsides to the Job

Some upsides to the job include that it is enjoyable, fun, provides a flexible schedule, and the peak hours are early in the morning or later in the evening which could allow you to work around a normal job.

Is the pay good?

The pay is decent but not all that great. Based on what I know from looking into other ESL teaching opportunities out there, this place pays a bit on the lower end of the spectrum, but not too bad. I guess this is expected though, since their requirements to be a teacher aren't quite as strict.

On the website I found information stating that you get paid two dollars for every 10 minutes, and an average of $10 per hour, which doesn't add up… But either way it isn't that much. However, I've also read reviews out there saying that there is no set pay rate and that it depends on the individual teacher. One review stated that you can make up to $14.50 per hour, which isn't too shabby.

Applying for the job

This company isn't always hiring. To find out if they are currently you would have to go to 

If you do apply you will need to submit…

  • Photo ID
  • Resume
  • Transcripts and/or teaching certificates
  • Cover letter (optional but I'd recommend it)

Pros v Cons


  • Can be fun
  • Flexible schedule
  • Pay isn't horrible
  • Lessons prepared for you
  • Work remotely


  • Not guaranteed work
  • Income can be unreliable

* There was one review I read on Glassdoor that mentions you can get raises, but another that says you can't. There isn't really any info on this for me to give a solid answer to which is correct.

Worth your time working here or not?

So the big question… Is working at Englishunt as an online teacher worth your time or not? The answer is ultimately up to you and depends on what type of work opportunity you are looking for. While working as a teacher here is not great if you are looking for a steady and reliable source of income, it is a nice opportunity for those that are looking for supplemental income and would enjoy a flexible schedule. And of course it can be an enjoyable and fun job.

That said, there are lots of other online ESL teaching opportunities out there. So if this place is not hiring currently, or maybe the pay is too low for your liking, you are not limited to just this place.

Make Money Online Teaching English with Englishunt
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