Love to Know Writing Jobs – Worth Your Time or Not?

By Kyle / December 14, 2018
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If you have some writing experience and are looking a flexible job that will pay you for it, then Love to Know writing jobs may be worth looking into.

Maybe you are looking for a better writing job or maybe you are just looking to add another stream of income on the side, whatever the case, it doesn't really matter. If you have experience as a writer, expertise in just about anything you can think of, then you have a chance of possibly getting paid to write for this site.

But before I get into all that, let me first go over briefly what exactly this place is…

What Is Love to Know? is simply website that provides helpful information to people searching online, and as you can see from the screenshot below, there are a variety of different categories of information on this site…

LoveToKnow website

Their slogan is "advice you can trust", so obviously they are looking for not just any writer out there… But writers that know what the heck they are talking about.

The higher writers with knowledge in all types of fields... As far as I see there isn't much that is off-limits. It seems that if you can provide them with quality articles that help drive then traffic to their site, pretty much all of which comes from search engines, they are willing to take a look at you and possibly bring you on the team.

Your Job as a Writer

The best way for you to get a feel for what will be required of you as a writer is to simply go to their website and click around on different articles to see what other writers are doing.

You will find a variety of different types of writings… Typical articles, product reviews, interviews, etc. They are all well-written and flow nicely, but will require too much of you. What I mean by this is that a lot of the articles are hardly over 500 words, so does not like you have to go out there and write 3000+ word articles just to keep up.

When it comes to what you will be writing about, there are tons of different topics, over 100 in total. So if you are a writer and have some sort of expertise, there is bound to be something you can write about… Which is why I mentioned that it doesn't really seem like anything is off-limits.

 Some of the more attractive aspects of this job include that it is flexible because they don't really care when you work… as long as you get the work done, and of course that is online work which means you can work from anywhere with a good Internet connection.

How Much You Make

There seems to be some different information out there as far as how much money you will make, but based on what they say it is from $25-$60 per article, depending on a variety of factors.

$25-$60 per article isn't all that bad, but it definitely isn't anything great either. I agree with some of the other people that are complaining about the pay, saying that they think writers should be paid more due to the expertise that they offer.

That said, it's definitely better than freelance writing places like CrowdContent and PeoplePerHour.

When it comes to actually getting paid, you will get paid via PayPal on a monthly basis.


If all sounds well and you are interested in applying, you first must make sure that you meet these requirements…

  • One year professional writing experience minimum
  • Computer with broadband internet

Other then these two requirements you also have to have good writing skills, some experience with website interfaces, good communication skills, the ability to work independently, and so on.

There really aren't many requirements restricting people from applying, but don't let this for you and get you thinking that getting approved as a writer will be easy. It isn't.

The Application Process

After entering some personal information you will be prompted to provide links to two samples of your work. Then you will choose from the long list of topics that you would like to be a writer in, which they call channels. And you will need to submit a resume, so have that ready and on hand (of course not literally on hand).

The rest of the process there isn't much information on. Based on what I could find out, it seems that after submitting the initial application along with your resume, you will have to wait for an email from them letting you know if you have been accepted. After that, there will be a series of phone interviews. 

They are very picky when it comes to actually bringing writers to the team. As I mentioned above, don't let it for you that they don't have many requirements. This seems to be a pretty competitive job to apply for and they are looking for the best that they can possibly get.

What Other Writers Say About It

When looking into an opportunity like this I always like to read reviews from people who have actually been writers and have experience. Glassdoor is always a good place to find reviews such as this.

After skimming through and seeing what other people were saying, there seems to be mixed feelings. A lot of people have been writing for this place for years and really enjoy it, while others have negative opinions of it.

Overall I would say that general opinion isn't too bad, but there are some planes worth mentioning…


The two top complaints that I came across include: micromanagement and low pay.

When you work for this place as a writer, you're going to have to deal with micromanagement from the editors. Depending on people's writing styles, some get longer better with the editors than others.

After writing an article that you may think is incredible, you may get feedback from an editor because it is in up to their liking and you will be asked to change things. Maybe it isn't funny enough or whatever the case, I definitely understand how this can be annoying.

And then of course there are the people complaining about the, what they call, low pay. There are obviously going to be varying opinions on this and some people seem more than happy with the pay they get, but some strongly believe that they should be getting paid more for their work due to the expertise that they offer.

Worth Writing For or Not?

Whether or not this place is the right choice for you is ultimately up to you to decide. While there are some complaints, they are just opinions and not everyone agrees with them. Some people don't see eye to eye with the editors and some people think they should be getting paid more.

All in all, this is definitely still a good company and a solid place to write for if you are looking to make money on a flexible schedule. It definitely isn't a scam that is going to be a complete waste of your time, which I think is important that I mention due to all the scams out there.

An Alternative:

Since you are looking to get paid to write you may be interested in doing what I do, which is write for myself on my own websites and make money from ad revenue among other ways. The perks to doing this is that you have complete control over what you write, when you work and just about everything. You are your own boss... and it can be well worth it financially.

If interested I would recommend this program for getting started.

Questions or comments? Just leave them below and I'll get back to you soon 🙂 I you have experience writing for Love to Know I would love to hear from you, as I'm sure other readers would as well.

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