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Lotto Crusher System Scam – I Would Read This If I Were You!

By Kyle / January 4, 2017

lotto crusher system scamIf you are thinking about buying into this Lotto Crusher System scam you might want to think again. The guy behind the scam goes by the name of Everette Thompson and is a scam artist. This system will absolutely NOT make you money like this guy claims.

Apparently there are a couple of different sales videos that Everette has made in order to promote this scam, but they are all pretty much the same. They start out with a sob story with Everette claiming he was held at gunpoint at the local QuickMart because the owner thought he was cheating due to him winning the lottery so much.

He then went on to talk about how he came up with some “secret” mathematical formula to picking winning lottery numbers, which is all a bunch of BS and I’ll go over why in a little.

How He Claims To Have Came Up With This “Secret Formula”

Mr Everette claims to have called a bunch of people that have won the lottery multiple times to see what they are doing that seems to be working. He found out that 27 different multi-winners all had some formula that they swear works. Everette, being the statistician that he is found the common elements in all of their different formulas and modified them using additional probability theory into a single master formula.

After failing on his first 126 formula attempts, he finally perfected the formula.

I hope you were able to pick up on the BS that was spewing from this guy’s mouth. Its impossible for this system to work and I’ll go over why shortly.

How To Use The Lotto Crusher System

He really tries to drill into your brain the simplicity of this system. He claims that the most you will have to do is add and divide a few numbers and that its so easy an 8 year old can do it.

How it supposedly works is like this…

  1. You track the winning numbers of the most recent 7 draws for any lottery game
  2. You plug these numbers into the formula
  3. The formula gives you the numbers with the highest percentage of winning potential and you go out and play those numbers

Pretty simple right?

It sounds way too good to be true and thats because it is.

This System CANNOT Work

First off, it can’t work because this guy has no idea about anything to do with mathematics nor statistics. I say this because if you noticed he confused the the two professions, calling himself a statistician at some points and a mathematician at other times. Of course he could be both in reality, but it doesn’t really matter, this can’t work.

Lotteries are random and this guy is a moron. It doesn’t make any sense to analyze the past winning numbers because they have nothing to do with the numbers that will be picked next. This is the truth of the matter.

And as for the group in which he referenced of MIT students that won $8 million several years ago from a loophole they found. I researched this and found out that it is true, however, it had to do with how the money was divided up into small portions if there was no winner. It didn’t have to do with the actual lottery numbers themselves. So this story does not support his “secret formula” at all.

Don’t Trust This Guy

I think its pretty obvious that this guy is not acting genuine in his video. The whole story about being held at gunpoint and all sounds very unreal. And the testimonials from the people who supposedly tried this system are about the worst acting videos I’ve seen.

And don’t fall for the whole 60 day Money-back Guarantee. I have seen these lies a million times.

If you still think that this system is legit and are thinking about investing in it take a look at the bottom of the sales page. You will see this…

The entire sales video is about all the lottery winnings you will make with this “secret system”, yet in this disclosure it clearly states that they make no claims as to any lottery winnings.

What a joke. This is how scammers can get away with this stuff legally. They can feed you all the lies they want as long as they tell you that they are lying somewhere on the page.

Final Thoughts

So is the Lotto Crusher System a scam? I sure hope that you can see it is now. The truth of the matter is that there are always going to be scams like this where people claim they have found some secret formula to win the lottery. This isn’t true and is never going to be true. I have reviewed other lottery scams before, such as Lottery Magic, and they are all the same.

I hope you read this little review before you spent any money on this scam because the chances of you ever seeing that money again are slim to none.

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