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Leaders League 360 Review – Is this place a scam?

By Kyle / March 28, 2016

generate an online income scam

  • Name: Leaders League 360
  • Website: generateanonlineincome.com
  • Rating: 1/10 (can you make money? sure. But its more than likely a scam and I do NOT suggest it)

Leaders League 360 is a load of crock. Things aren’t what they claim to be. In this Leaders League 360 review I’ll be going over what you can REALLY expect.

To begin, let me go over a few red flags that I saw right off the bat. Then I’ll get into how this program actually works and how you can make money (or at least how they say you can).

Red Flags

Insane earnings

Come on now, we all know that nothing great in value comes easy. So don’t let all their smooth talk get to your head and make you lose all sense.

I mean look at this, they claim you can make $3,000 a day with their system and they are giving it to you for freeleaders league 360 scam

Telling me my offer would expire if I didn’t hurry

This is a scam classic. They try to get you to hurry up and sign up by putting a time limit on things. This works because people don’t get a chance to think about what they are doing. And the less they think the more likely they are to sign up for a scam or something that doesn’t make sense. Leaders League 360 is a scam

As you can see above they said that I had only 11 minutes and 8 seconds to get this bonus offer.

I ended up letting the time expire and nothing happened. I still was able to sign up for the program.

Making fun of scams

The next red flag I noticed was that they were making fun of other scams. If you enter your email and make it to the video, the guy talks about how other people scam you, telling you “you can become a millionaire in months”, “its automated easy income” and other ridiculous things like that.

The guy is making fun of all these other get rich quick schemes only to try to validate the scam he is trying to pull over on you.

But anyways, let me get on to explaining how this crap system is going to make you a TON of money. (joke)

How Leaders League 360 Works

Well it was founded by a group of “successful online businessmen” as stated in the video, whos goal is to provide a real way to generate money online and help people avoid scams. Here is a picture of these guys from the videoLeaders League 360 teamAnyhow, thats the team. Now let me show you their “secret” method to generating income online. Its amazing (joke)

There are 7 steps that they tell you to do to begin earning easy money online

  1. Sign up for BeonPush
    1. Don’t trust it
  2. Sign up for Traffic Monsoon
    1. Don’t trust it
  3. Set up your Automatic Wealth Network (costs money)
    1. $7 for fundamentals training
    2. $47 for core training
    3. $97/month for underground training
    4. $497 for academy training
  4. Learn their “Fool Proof” strategy
  5. Use Power Lead System to set up your own Leaders League 360 system
  6. Set up a domain with Power Lead System
  7. Share code setup with Power Lead System

Out of these 7 steps, numbers 1, 2, and 3 are where you are going to be making your money. And how do you make money from BeonPush, Traffic Monsoon, and their Automatic Wealth Network?

Refer People, and more people, and more people

Is BeonPush legitimate?

I really don’t think so. BeonPush claims they are a Real-Time Bidding site in which you can invest money in them and their system automatically bids on advertising placements.

So basically they buy and sell advertising placements which are dependent on the amount of impressions. Its a legitimate way to make money but I’m not so sure I would believe that this is actually what they are doing.

How to make money with BeonPush

You have to buy “investment packs”. Basically you just invest money in the company. And they use a “sharing” system in which you will be given an amount of money from the companies winnings. The more you invest the more you make.

And besides investing your own money, the other way to make money is to refer people. Then you can make money off of the money that they invest and make.

And thats it. Referring others and investing money, thats how you make money on this site. This type of money making system has the potential to be legitimate but I really don’t think it its in this case.

There is just about no information on BeonPush about what they do. They say they are a real-time bidding site and they have some automatic program in place that does all the work for you. But thats it!! They don’t have any other information on how this whole thing works.

And why don’t they? Well probably because its a lie. No legitimate business has some magical automated bidding system that is fool proof. This is a fairytale.

What about Traffic Monsoon, is it legit?

I already wrote and article on Traffic Monsoon Here, so I’m not going to get into it too much, but its definitely a website that I don’t trust.

It also uses a money “sharing” type system. Except at Traffic Monsoon their business is in PTC ads and ad sharing.

At TM I can’t figure out where the value is that they are providing. Basically its the same thing as BeonPush, you buy a bunch of adpacks and recruit more members, earning commission off of them.

Can either of these methods of making money be trusted?

Its a very tough question because I have no proof of either of these places being scams. And you can likely make money from both of them. But I really don’t think they are legitimate.

It seems to me like they are pyramid schemes that are very well hidden. There are too many red flags with both programs.

And besides, look at the websites that promote these programs. I mean, look at the website I am reviewing right now, www.generateanonlineincome.com. This place is a get rich quick website that is sucking people in by convincing them they can earn easy cash, and lots of it. And there are a lot of get rich quick websites promoting these programs.

Next we got the Automated Wealth Network

Here you earn money by referring others to buy the training products. So as I mentioned above you there are training programs that cost:

  1. $7 for fundamentals training
  2. $47 for core training
  3. $97/month for underground training
  4. $497 for academy training

And you make 50% off of each person that you refer.

Its funny, because when they are explaining how Automated Wealth Network works they don’t even bother talking about the actual training. They tell you a few basic things and thats it.

Shouldn’t the training be the main part? I mean, thats what you are paying for, right?

Wrong, its not the main part. After a very brief explanation of the training they get right into showing you how to refer other people. Its all about referrals and getting other people to sign up. Or at least thats how it seems.

Is this Leaders League 360 program a scam?

I’m not even going to go over the rest of this program. In the other steps you

  • Learn their “Fool Proof” strategy
  • Use Power Lead System to set up your own Leaders League 360 system
  • Set up a domain with Power Lead System
  • Share code setup with Power Lead System

But the core money making processes of this program are what you need to be concerned with. And they sure as heck seem like a scam to me. Every money making process that they promote is all about referrals. And none of them provide any real value that I can see.

They are all about buying some strange product that isn’t really talked about in much detail and then referring others to buy these products.

This type of program just doesn’t seem like something I would want to be a part of. I would strongly suggest that you avoid this because it is more than likely a scam.

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