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Laptop Lifestyle System Review – Scam or Good Online Business Opportunity?

The Laptop Lifestyle System claims that you can make over $5,500 in commissions off of a single sale, but is all they tell you really true? Can you actually trust this place or is it just another scam program like the many out there that plague the internet?

I came across this program not all that long ago and decided to review it for good reason. The reason is because there are a few things that everyone should know about this place beforehand…. things that they don’t tell you before buying into it. If you are wondering if Laptop Lifestyle System is a scam or not you are definitely going to want to read this.

Laptop Lifestyle SystemLaptop Lifestyle System Review

There are probably more than one sales page for the Laptop Lifestyle System out there but they are all pretty much the same basic thing. They tell you that this company, program, whatever you want to call it, is a “done-for-you” system that handles all sales, website creation, product creation, and pretty much everything.

The only thing you have to do is find leads and send those leads to the website they create you.

It sounds too good to be true right? Well the truth is that it isn’t as great as it sounds as you will see. You really can make commissions of over $5k per sale but there are downsides to this.

How It Works

From the sales videos and page you are probably confused a bit about what is going on here.

Basically this is one of those systems that people buy into to make money online and then they make money online by selling the same system to other people.

It is a digital marketing program that provides you with tools and training to make money online. As mentioned, much of it is done for you. The part that you have to worry about is the lead generation. You have to be the one to drive traffic to the website they set you up with.

Something else to know, which I will go over more soon, is that it is considered a high ticket system because it can get extremely expensive but at the same time you can make bit commissions selling it.

The REAL Program Here

The real program here isn’t Laptop Lifestyle System, it is MOBE, or My Online Business Empire, which has been around for years. You can see MOBE mentioned on the checkout page if you click to watch the testimonial videos.

Laptop Lifestyle System is just part of a sales funnel to get people to buy into MOBE.

MOBE provides a lot of good tools and training for digital marketing and it is possible to apply what they give you to any online business. However, they push members to go out and make money by promoting MOBE to others.

Not As Easy As It Sounds

Of course things are never as easy as they sound in the beginning. It may sound like a piece of cake because all you have to do is generate leads, but this is easier said than done.

They will provide training on this but it is not how they make it seem. They make it seem like you just go on social media and promote it for free. The problem here is that this will not work for 99% of the people out there. Sure you might get some referrals and some sales but unless you have a massive social media following this isn’t going to cut it.

You are likely going to have to get into paid advertising if you want results. They provide training on this but there is still a lot of risk. With paid advertising you can blow through money like its nothing if you aren’t careful.

The Hidden Cost

When you buy into MOBE for $49/mo that is just the beginning of it. You will get access to their 21 step MTTB program that is for starting out. You will only be able to make money selling this same $49 program to other people.

Inside MOBE there are many other product/program upsells. These cost up to over $10k and in order to make money selling these products you will first need to purchase them yourself.

So in order to make those thousands of dollars in commissions you will first have to spend thousands of dollars. There is no way around this.

Why The Name Change?

You are probably wondering why the name change? Why promote this opportunity as Laptop Lifestyle System? Why not just call it MOBE as it really is?

The answer to this is simple. The reason is because of market saturation.

MOBE has been around for a while and since there are so many members out there promoting it trying to make money doing so, the market has become pretty darn saturated. Because of this many of MOBE’s affiliates, aka members that are promoting it, have started promoting it under different names to make it seem like a new program that no one has ever heard of before.

Basically what they are doing is re-branding it but it is still the same thing.

There are a lot of other names that it is being promoted under as well such as Online Profits Breakthrough, Home Wealth Club, and plenty others.

Do People Really Make Money With MOBE?

Yes, people do make money with MOBE but probably not as much as you think. There are people out there making hundreds of thousands per year but most are not even coming close.

I found this income disclosure from MOBE from 2014-2015 and as you can see 4.58% were making more than $25,000 per year. Most were not even coming close….

To be honest I was surprised to see this many people making this much. I was expecting less. However, this is from back in 2015. It also makes me wonder why they haven’t updated this. Lower earnings maybe???

Conclusion on Laptop Lifestyle System/MOBE – Worth Paying For?

Although you can make money here this is not a program I would really recommend getting into. First off, I don’t really like the whole thing about how they push you to just go out and promote their program and make money that way, and second, it is just too expensive for most people out there looking to make money online. You have spend a lot of money to make good money with this place.

What I would suggest is taking a look at this program. It is 100X more affordable and teaches a more legitimate way to make money online. I have been a members since 2015 and make a living with it now… so it works.

==> Recommended program here

Questions or concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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