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Kypron Review – Scam or Legit Online Business Opportunity?

By Kyle / September 12, 2017

Wondering if Kypron is a scam or not? Its normal to be suspicious of new online marketing programs like this. When I first came across Kypron I was suspicious as well. When there are big claims made and things actually sound good… my first thought is that its a scam. “Scam until proven otherwise” is somewhat of a good saying to go by due to all the scams that plague the internet.

Anyway… I looked into Kypron further and even joined to see if it is really legit. Right here I finally decided to sit down and write a review for all of those that are looking into this place but need more information on it. I’ll be going over what this place is, what it includes, how you can make money with it, and more in this brutally honest Kypron review.

KypronKypron Review

  • Name: Kypron
  • Website: kypron.com
  • Type: Online marketing program
  • Legit?: Yes
  • Recommended?: I would recommend it to most people out there (more on this)


Kypron is a rather new online marketing program that was created by Kevin Hokoana (and partners) that is focused around lead generation. They offer a free membership that gives people access to some of the tools that can be used to generate leads, etc, and they have paid membership, which is of course how they make their money.

This program, system, whatever you want to call it, is something that newbies along with veteran online marketers can benefit from. Everyone needs leads to make sales and that is what Kypron helps do for you… get these leads.

The Man Behind Kypron

I find it necessary to look into the people, or entity behind the products that I get involved with before I get involved. In this case it is a man named Kevin Hokoana.

I have known about Kevin for a while just from working online for the past several years, but I haven’t every purchased any products/ programs by him. But anyways… he is a good guy. He is well liked in the online world and is someone that can be trusted. Some of you will also like hearing that he serves in the US Air Force.

What You Get With Kypron

As mentioned, Kypron offers a free membership along with a paid membership for their Kypron LIFE program.

With the free membership you obviously aren’t going to get access to everything. You will get access to some information videos that go over online business models and a few paths you can take with it. And the big thing you will get access to here is the funnel creation software. You can build out sales funnels for any online business here which is pretty nice.

If you join Kypron LIFE you get access to a lot more. And by the way, their LIFE program is for people that don’t have an online business already and are looking to make money selling Kypron to others. In this program you get a lot. You get pre-made sales funnels, pre-made ad campaigns, access to all sorts of training (FB advertising, PPC, email marketing, etc), and more.

The main focus here is paid advertising. This may seem scary for some people but you can get a lot faster results than SEO (aka getting ranked in Google) if you do it right.

The LIFE program sets you up with everything you need to make money selling Kypron, but its still of course up to you to actually put the training into action.

Oh… and also I forgot to mention that you also get access to private Facebook groups with any of the memberships. This is actually really nice because you can then communicate directly with other members.

Can You Really Make Money With This?

You can absolutely make money with what you are given here as long as you also implement what you learn. Its not like this is a some magical system that you just plug into and start making money with.

Kevin and his partners did a very good job with this as far as I see it, but you are still going to have to put in the work to make it happen.

Why I Joined

I am very picky when it comes to online marketing programs because many of them just seem to want to get into my pocket and don’t provide much value. In fact, since I started online marketing in 2015, I have only joined around 3 (or so) programs.

But I decided to give Kypron a try. I joined as a free member and recently bought into Kyrpon LIFE as well. I haven’t had it all that long but I have already seen small results and have big hopes for it. I will be using what is given here to sell Kypron to others as well as to promote a few other online programs/ products that I personally use.

Originally I was just going to use Kypron to help boost my other online ventures but seeing how simple they make it to sell Kypron and make money that way, I decided to join LIFE as well.

You Can Join Kypron Here

The Cost

The cost is going to be a problem for some people because it can be somewhat expensive.

Well obviously the free membership that I talked about is free. This is great but for those that want to promote Kypron you will want to join the Kypron LIFE program. Not only will this give you a bunch of pre-made sales funnels, etc, but if you are a member you will be able to earn 70+% commissions, whereas if you are just a free member you will only earn 30% commissions (which still isn’t bad).

But anyway.. Kypron LIFE has a $1 trial period but then jumps up to $97/mo. Its worth the price but of course you need money to get started with LIFE.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

Kypron is a pretty good program and it is something that I recommend. With the tools and training provided it is definitely beneficial for those looking to make money online or increase the money they are already making.

I took a chance signing up for this program but I’m glad I did. I’m seeing results so far, and literally just became a member a week ago. But this of course depends on how much time you put into it among other factors. The future looks bright here and I’ll be posting updates as to my progress with the program and maybe even share some income statements.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Kypron you can sign up HERE.

If you were interested in joining Kypron LIFE but don’t have the funds for it, another recommended program that I am a proud member of is Wealthy Affiliate. They are one of the best programs out there for beginners because they are very affordable and what they teach is something that the average Joe can realistically make money with. You can read my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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