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Kelly Simmons Scam – Beware Of This Woman

By Kyle / October 15, 2016

Kelly Simmons is a self-proclaimed work at home mom who claims to $379 per day and more. She is the founder of a number of make money online programs including Home Jobs Now, Replace Your Job, Home Jobs Today, and probably a bunch more that I haven’t heard about. But this lady cannot be trusted. Why you ask? Well.. because she doesn’t even exist!!

This Kelly Simmons scam is nothing more than a fabricated person. A name that some scammer made up to help sell you on a scam. I have proof that she is made up and I’ll show you.

She Goes By Different Names

It doesn’t really matter what work from home program you have seen Kelly Simmons on, they all show the same picture. This is probably what you have seen…Kelly Simmons is fake

It shows “Kelly Simmons” at her desk with her laptop. And the text beside the image goes on and on about living paycheck to paycheck and then finally finding that big break, which of course is this work from home opportunity that makes here $379 + per day.

The weird thing about all of this is that this same lady in the image to the right goes by several different names.

Here is another image of the same woman, yet here name is different. This image is taken from Ultimate-Home-Profits.com, which is a site that is pretty much identical to Home Jobs Now, Home Jobs Today, Home Income Course, and all the others. At this site the lady goes by the name of Emily Hudson as you can see.

Emily Hudson Scam

But this is just my own opinion on this. What do you think? Is it Kelly Simmons identical twin?? Who just happens to be wearing the same clothing and posing the same for the picture?

Or is Kelly Simmons a fake name and this image is fake as well?

Its obvious that she is fake and to really prove it to you, check out this…




The Image Is a Stock Photo

A stock photo is a photo that you can buy and use it however you with. In the world of online stock photos you have big companies like ShutterStock, iStockPhoto, and plenty others where you can buy any photo and use it on your website or where ever you wish.

The photo of Kelly Simmons or Emily Hudson, whichever you want to call her is a stock photo. How do I know?

Well, because I uploaded the image of her to Google and did an image search and look what I found…kelly simmons scam

There are literally over 10 pages of results on Google that come up for this image. And there are 10 results per page, so that means there are over 100 results for this image.

An as you can see many of these results are for legitimate businesses who just needed a good image of a woman on her computer for one reason or another.

I can’t find the photo stock site where this image came from so I am thinking that maybe it is no longer available to buy anymore.

But its pretty obvious that this is indeed a stock photo.


The Scam That Kelly Simmons Is Trying To Sell You

All of the scams that Kelly Simmons is involved in are the same. They all are link posting scams.

They make it seem like its super easy to go around posting affiliate links everywhere and making money. But its nothing like she makes it seem.

Its a legitimate business model called affiliate marketing, which I make my money with, What you do is promote products through affiliate links, and when someone clicks on your links and buys the products, the company then pays you a commission for helping make that sale.

Its a great way to make money online, but its just totally different then what you read Kelly Simmons talks about.

You absolutely will NOT post a link in 4 minutes and make $15 off of that link. There is no telling how much a link will make you. A link could make you a lot more than $15 but it also could make you absolutely nothing. There is no way you can put a number on something like this.

And you definitely shouldn’t think about spamming links everywhere like they lead you to believe works with Kelly Simmons different scams. This just isn’t going to work. You need to build a level of trust and credibility to get people to click your links and spamming them everywhere is not doing that.

Kelly Simmons is a Scammer

Well what I should say is that the person behind the fake and fabricated “Kelly Simmons” is a scammer, because there is no way any of these types of scams are going to work out for people.

And from what I’ve seen I think most of the scams that have Kelly Simmons in them give you training that costs $97, which is a major rip off because you won’t be learning anything of worthy value. And you won’t be making any money back.

In closing just remember this..Kelly Simmons is behind a bunch of horrible scams that you will regret you pay for if you decide to pull out your credit card. They teach you illegitimate online marketing practices that just don’t work. If it were as simple as they say it is then everyone would be doing it. But its not that simple and thats why not everyone is doing it.

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