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Join Wealthy Affiliate Free! – No Credit Card Required

By Kyle / March 20, 2016

Wealthy-Affiliate-Free-MembershipThe truth is that there are some good things that are absolutely free. And Wealthy Affiliate is one of these things.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online business training platform that focuses on affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the best type of online business you can get into in my opinion. There are a number of reasons why I think this, some of the main ones being:

  • it can be done with little to no startup cost
  • your business can be focused around any interest
  • you can work on your own schedule
  • it can be done without any prior experience

And affiliate marketing is one of those businesses that is sustainable. Its here and its here to stay. Its not a fad that will go away without warning. Its important to business and will be around as long as there is commerce.

But it can be VERY difficult to learn all the correct information and tricks that it will take to be successful at affiliate marketing. Its not something that you can just go out there and do.

What you need is training, and you want it FREE. Thats what I want to bring to your attention today.

Being an affiliate marketer myself, I’ve tried many different affiliate training programs out there, Niche Blitzkrieg, Chris Farrell Membership, Affilorama, and Wealthy Affiliate. But which did I find to be the best? and the most helpful?

Wealthy Affiliate is hands down offers the best affiliate marketing training out there. And they also offer something that NO other program offers, FREE TRAINING.

Free Training at Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has 2 memberships, Starter Membership and Premium Membership. The Starter Membership is absolutely free. And this is not some 30 day trial or anything like that. This is free for life. All you need to do is enter your name and email address to join, no credit card info.

Sure the Premium Membership offers some extra benefits that the Starter Membership doesn’t, but still, the Starter Membership offers a heck of a lot and is well worth signing up for. You have nothing to lose, its free!

So I want to give you a quick inside peak at what exactly you get out of the free Starter Membership.

Lets begin.

Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate

This includes Course Level 1 – Online Entrepreneur Certification. And in this course there are 10 lessons.course-1

These lessons are well laid out and VERY easy to follow. And the benefits you can expect to get from Course Level 1 are..course-1-benefits

The step by step training style at Wealthy Affiliate is one of my favorite aspects. It is excellent for beginners and really helped me out early on.

Most of the lessons have video training tutorials in which you can see exactly how to do what you need to do. In my opinion it doesn’t get any easier to follow than with video training lessons.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Here for Absolutely Free!

The benefits to the free Starter Membership don’t stop here

Besides the core training, there is more that you get with the Starter Membership. This includes:

  1. Two Training Classrooms – these classrooms have tutorials, videos, courses, and many questions and answers. They are both focused on a different aspect of affiliate marketing and are very helpful.
  2. Two Free Websites – thats right, 2 FREE websites. These websites are fully functional WordPress powered websites.
  3. Website Hosting – with your 2 free websites you also get free hosting. Hosting can easily cost you $20/month if you go out and buy it. But here its free.
  4. Keyword Research Tool – with your free membership you also have access to 30 free searches per month on the keyword research tool. This is essential for SEO and getting website traffic.
  5. Personal Affiliate Blog – Here you can blog about anything you want within the Wealthy Affiliate community.
  6. 1 on 1 Coaching – You will get free mentoring for the first 7 days. After that it will go away. This is a great boost to get you going at the very beginning.

And once again, this is all free.

Sign Up Today! You Have Nothing to Lose

This free membership is absolutely great for beginners. So if you have been thinking about starting an online business get started. This is the best opportunity you will find online anywhere, or thats at least what I have found to be true from personal experience.

Other affiliate marketing training programs might offer free trials, but they won’t due you much good. You will learn some and then either have to quit or have to pay. But like I’ve mentioned above, the Starter Membership is free and its free for life.

Click Here to Sign Up for Wealthy Affiliate’s Starter Membership

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