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Join-Trade Review – Scam For Sure

By Kyle / April 29, 2016
  • join-trade review - definite scamName: Join Trade
  • Website: join-trade.com
  • Rating: 0/10 (SCAM!, impossible business model)

I hope you are reading this before you decide to invest money through Join-Trade. Why? Because its a scam. In this Join-Trade review I’ll be going over why this place cannot possibly be legit. Its literally impossible.

But first off, here is a brief overview of Join-Trade.

Join-Trade Overview

Join-Trade is an HYIP, or a High Yield Investment Program. They promise insanely high returns on investments in very short periods of time, as shown below.Join-Trade.Com profits

They (claim) to invest in oil trading and energy source markets, which is where they make all their money.

But is this really possible?

Its IMPOSSIBLE To Make Returns Like This

The simple fact is that it is absolutely impossible to make fixed returns like Join Trade promises you.

Sure, the oil and energy source markets are big, and there is a lot of money to be made, but there is also a lot of money to be lost.

The markets are continuously changing, and a fixed percent yield is just not possible.

Not only is it obvious that this place is a scam based upon their promises of a fixed yield, but their crazy high returns just blow my mind. 240% after 2 hours! Are you kidding me? I don’t know what energy source they are investing in but it must be some new groundbreaking energy. But really, returns that high are ridiculous.

Besides Join Trade’s business model being absolutely impossible, they also make a lie which I can show you proof of.

They Lie About The Date!

If you are on Join Trade’s homepage you will see a little “welcome” section in which they tell you a little about themselves. In this section they say that Join-Trade.com was created in 2014 and has been a leading investment solution for individual in investors.Join-Trade.Com age

The problem with this is that they were not created in 2014. Join-Trade.com just came out this year (2016).

If you conduct a WHOIS lookup on DomainTools.com, you can easily find this out and see that Join-Trade.com was just created on 04/14/16.Join-Trade.com WHOIS

They are just acting like they have been around for a long time to try to gain some credibility. Because the longer a place has been in business, the more likely people are to trust them.

I’ve seen this lie on a lot of scam sites out there.

You Have to Be Careful With HYIP’s

There are a lot of High Yield Investment Program scams out there just like this one. I’ve reviewed PayGetGreed-Rush, Open Deposit, and probably some other ones, all of which are virtually the same scam as Join Trade.

When it comes to making tons of money fast online, there is a big market for scam products. Sure there are legitimate ways to make money fast, but I’m just saying this market is a breeding ground for all sorts of scams, including HYIP’s.

What Is Join Trade Really?

Of course I have no real proof. But its more than likely a Ponzi type scheme.

This is where previous investors get paid by incoming investors. So when a new investor comes in and invests  $1,000, that money is split up and paid to the investors that were part of the program before him/her.

That is why they push you to refer others on Join Trade so much. Because their cash flow comes directly from new investors. They need new investors to make money.

This Ponzi type scheme is not a good idea. While some people will make money, statistically speaking most people will lose money in the end.

Join Trade Is a SCAM, 100%

This place is an obvious scam and should be avoided. It is just literally impossible for this place to be legitimate.

So save yourself some time and some lost money and don’t bother investing in this scam.

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