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Jed Onassis Scam – Scam Artist For Sure! Do Not Trust This Guy

By Kyle / November 11, 2016
jed onassis scam

Making $7,500 per day sounds awesome, the problem is that this isn’t going to happen. This Onassis by Jed Onassis scam has got to stop. The guy behind this product, Jed, doesn’t even exist. He is a fictitious person made up by a group of scammers just to try to sell this scam.

The sad part of all of this is that this isn’t uncommon at all. Systems like Onassis come out every couple days it seems and they are always scams. The people who claim to have founded them never exist.

But anyway, let me prove to you that this guy doesn’t exist.

Jed Onassis… Who Is This Guy?

He claims to be a self-made millionaire, but there is absolutely no proof of any of this. Jed Onassis is an absolute ghost. You won’t find anything on him. By researching his name the only thing you will find is a bunch of reviews on this Onassis system scam.

No Facebook, twitter, linkedin or anything. There is no information on him

Don’t you think if someone invented some extremely complex, groundbreaking algorithm that could accurately predict asset prices in the global markets with a 97.4% accuracy rate he/she would be all over the news???? I sure think so. That would be something unprecedented. The technology magazines along with the big financial magazines, such as Forbes, would be all over that.

This guy would be a rockstar. He would be like a king and people would be praising him. He would be trending on social media all over and it would be impossible to keep this Onassis system private.

But this isn’t whats happening. If you look for this guy being talked about on social media all you will hear is crickets.

Then Who Is He Really?

He sure as heck isn’t Jed Onassis. He is more than likely a paid actor that is simply saying what he is paid to say. Getting paid actors to promote these automated trading robot scams is nothing new like I said.

I wasn’t able to find him as an actor on any of the amateur databases, but this doens’t really mean much. There are millions of amateurs out there and its pretty much impossible for me to find one guy. And who knows… maybe he is just a regular guy who they decided to pay. I mean his acting isn’t very good in the first place. Did you see how terrible it was when he met up with those 2 people that signed up for this scam?

What He Tells You Is Impossible

A 97.4% win rate?????? Come on now, does this guy think I’m stupid or something?

The problem here is that with this scam system they are targeting people who are completely new to the word of trading. They butter you up with all the talk about it being completely automated and how you don’t need to do a thing. They make it sound like an amazing opportunity for someone who has no knowledge in this area of making money.

This way you don’t know how ridiculous the claims they are making are.

No automated trading robot has a chance of having even close to a 97.4% win rate. Having a win rate like this would be truly exceptional. It would be something that the world has never seen. But this simply is a lie.

Jed Onassis claims that his software uses some advanced set of algorithms  that can accurately predict the market’s prices. But thats all he tell you and you are supposed to believe that I guess.

There are so many variables at play when it comes to prices in the global market, many of which are almost completely unpredictable. For example natural disasters have huge impacts on the market, yet the impact they wil have is never known until after they happen. there are lots of other unpredictable factors. For this algorithm to be that accurate as he says it is, it would have to calculate an ungodly amount of variables.

My guess is that its a lie because there is just no information on any of it.

You Just Can’t Trust This Guy

There is no history on this guy, what he tells you are ridiculous lies, why would you trust him? You just can’t. There is nothing to back up any of what he is saying. And he expects you to go through with this lie and try out his system.

How You Get Scammed

I know you may be thinking that its impossible to be scammed because he is letting you try this software out for free. The problem here is that you have to make the initial deposit to start trading. The minimum with most scams like this is a $250 deposit.

Good luck ever getting that money back.

Final Thoughts.. Beware

Like I’ve mentioned a couple of times.. there are tons of automated trading robot scams out there. There seems to be a new one coming out at least once a week. They are always founded by some man or woman who have absolutely no history whatsoever. There is never any information on the people behind them. They are always throwing out a bunch of information that cannot be backed up with proof.

They are scams!

Beware of these other recent automated trading robot scams that I have reviewed including Gemini 2, Instant Cash Club, Scalper Bot 1000, Quantum Code, & Electoral Profits.

I hope I helped save you some money with this short review. Leave your comments and questions below!
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