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Jane Creswell Scam – She Doesn’t Exist!

By Kyle / November 7, 2016
jane crexwell profits eternity scam

Jane Creswell boasts of her Profits Eternity system being some rare opportunity like no other, but can you trust this lady? HECK NO! This Jane Creswell scam has got to stop. And in this review I’ll go over why she is nothing more than a fictitous person and that the whole thing is nothing more than a scam.

Jane Creswell… Who The Heck is Jane Creswell?

Upon doing some research into this lady’s background I didn’t come up with much. There are other Jane Creswells out there but not this one.

This Jane Creswell that founded Profits Eternity is an absolute ghost. There is nothing on her. No Facebook, Twitter, anything.

If she really was able to develop a crazy money making system like this that is absolutely zero risk, don’t you think she would be all over the internet. There would be people ranting and raving about her everywhere.

But there isn’t. You won’t find Jane Creswell on Forbes or any magazine. You won’t find her in any review other than reviews that are promoting this Profits Eternity scam just to make some money off of you.

What Jane Creswell Tells You Doesn’t Make Any Sense

jane creswell fraudOk, so she tells you that her system has never lost a trade, which is crazy. But the even crazier part is how she says it manages to never lose, because this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

She says the software automatically exits the trades when the probability of winning drops below 98.8%.

Ok, that still means that it WILL LOSE TRADES. For it to never lose a trade it would have to exit if the probability drops anywhere below 100%. Since it only withdrawals from the trade below 98.8%, this means it would stay in the trade if it had a 98.9% of winning, meaning that it would have a 1.1% of losing.

This means it would lose trades, although not much.

Anyway, even winning 98.8% of the time is way beyond possible with an automated system like this, but I just wanted to prove to you that she doesn’t make any sense and trips over her own words.

Jane Creswell Doesn’t Exist and Profits Eternity is a Scam

The only logical explanation as to why there is no information on this lady is that she does not exist. She is a paid actress that is simply acting out a lie for scammers who paid her. Her name is fake and everything about here is fake.

Her system Profits Eternity is a scam. She doesn’t make any sense explaining its win rate and she doesn’t tell you much about it. She just tells you what you want to hear…. that its free to use, its 100% automated, and it can make you over $10,000 daily.

What a scam. Stay away people. Scams like this come out weekly. Other recent trading robot scams that I have reviewed include Gemini 2, Instant Cash Club, Scalper Bot 1000, Quantum Code, Electoral Profits, and more. Beware of these scams.

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