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Jacob Adams Scam – Completely Fake! Self Made Millionaires Biz is a Scam

By Kyle / November 13, 2016

This Self Made Millionaires Biz by Jacob Adams scam has got to stop. Its a complete lie and I have proof. Jacob Adams is completely made up and doesn’t even exist. If you are thinking about signing up for this scam you better read what I have to say first. I’ll prove to you that its nothing more than a scam and you will be glad you read it.

First off, I’ll show you how this “Jacob Adams” guy is fake.

Jacob Adams Does NOT Exist

If you watch the video on selfmademillionaires.biz right now you will not see any picture of Jacob Adams throughout the entire video.

But if you would have watched the video 2 days ago when it first came out you would have seen this…jacob adams scam

How do I know this? Because I started to write this review when this scam first came out and had already watched the video and took screenshots of what was important.

I didn’t end up finishing the review until today (which is a couple of days later) and I rewatched the video only to find out that they had removed his picture.

Now if you watch it you will only see “Jacob Adams – Great news for you” and there is no picture.

Why did they take down the picture????

Probably because there were too many people searching this picture and finding out that its nothing more than a picture they stole from another website.

dale-__-a-headshot-session-headshot-and-portrait-premier-photographer-adelaide-google-chrome-2016-11-12-15-48-14How do I know this???? Because I did some reverse image searching and was able to find this image online, which is the same damn one…

These scammers were a bit tricky. I had to flip the image around in order to find this identical image. They are catching on and making it more difficult for people to find their fake images online.

But anyway, I found it and its proof that this guy is a fake. By the way, the website I found it on is called BoomHeadShots.com, which is some sort of photo site.

Don’t Believe Me?

Like I said, if you go watch the video on Self Made Millionaires Biz’s website you won’t see any picture for him.

So if you don’t believe everything I just said then just do some more searching.

Jacob Adams is an absolute ghost. You won’t find anything on him. By researching his name the only thing you will find is a bunch of reviews on this Self Made Millionaires Biz scam.

No Facebook, twitter, linkedin or anything. There is no information on him

Don’t you think if someone invented some extremely complex, groundbreaking algorithm that could generate winning trades in the currency market almost every time it would be silent???? I don’t think so. That would be something unprecedented. The technology magazines along with the big financial magazines, such as Forbes, would be all over that.

This guy would be a rockstar. He would be like a king and people would be praising him. He would be trending on social media all over and it would be impossible to keep this system private.

But this isn’t whats happening. If you look for this guy being talked about on social media all you will hear is crickets.

This guy does not exist.

And Besides.. The Testimonials Are Fake

self made millionaires biz scamAll of those testimonials that they showed you are completely fake. These are nothing more than paid actors and you can find most of them on Fiverr.

I’ll prove it to you. Remember this old man from the video??

This guy’s username is “old man steve” on Fiverr and you can see a screenshot I took of his profile below.

I knew as soon as I saw this testimonial that they all were fake because I have seen this guy in a lot of product testimonials before.

Anyway, here is his profile…do-a-30-sec-video-testimonial-or-review-of-your-pro-google-chrome-2016-11-13-13-53-51

There are a couple more of the testimonial actors that you can find on Fiverr, but I think that showing you that this one is fake is enough proof that everything here is a lie and that you can’t trust this Jacob Adams guy.

Self Made Millionaires Biz by Jacob Adams Scam… Final Thoughts

Ok, so lets recap.

In the video on Self Made Millionaires Biz homepage, there was first a picture shown of what was supposed to be “Jacob Adams”. This picture was a fake and was stolen from another website, which I showed you. But this picture has since been taken down.

The name “Jacob Adams” is more than likely made up because there is absolutely no information on this guy that has anything to do with creating this incredible automated money making system. The only thing you will find is reviews of this Self Made Millionaires Biz scam.

And finally, the testimonials are completely fake.

Everything that I’ve mentioned really points to the fact that this is a scam. So just do yourself a favor and DON’T invest in it!! You will lose your money.

BTW beware of these other recent automated trading robot scams that I have reviewed including Gemini 2, Instant Cash Club, Scalper Bot 1000, Quantum Code, & Electoral Profits. They are all similar scams.

Comments?? Questions?? Leave them below….

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