Is Wealth Recovery International a Scam? – My Review

By Kyle / May 10, 2018
Wealth Recovery International Review

Wealth Recovery International claims to help recover lost funds from binary options scams. However do they actually do this or is Wealth Recovery International a scam itself? This is a serious question that you need to consider before using this service. It seems there are a lot of binary options fund recovery scams out there just as there are binary options scams.

These scammers play both sides of the field sometimes. First they scam you out of your money by suckering you into these ridiculous fake high-paying binary options scams and then scam you on the other side by claiming they will help recover your money and charging you another fee. Binary options is one heck of a nasty industry and it seems that there are no legitimate opportunities out there and it.

But anyways… Is this place actually a scam or will Wealth Recovery International help you get your money back if you have been a victim to a binary option scam? In this review I’ll be giving my opinion.

Wealth Recovery International Review

Wealth Recovery International claims to be “the leading intelligence firm for binary options asset recovery”. They claim to have a network of international attorneys that help strategize the best way to recover assets that you have lost to a scam.

If you are familiar with MyChargeBack then you pretty much know how these types of services work. Basically what they do is help collect evidence and set up a case so that you can get a chargeback on your payment.

They are headquartered in New York City but also have a second office in Tel Aviv, which is where most of the binary option scams are operated out of. For some reason Israel is very saturated with the scams.

Wealth Recovery International claims to have recovered funds from places like Starling Capital, Porter Finance, etc. I am very familiar with both of these places because I review binary options scams all the time on my site here, such as SnapCash Binary and Countdown to Profits, and I know that many of them refer investors to these two brokers.

Former Scammers Turned Good

According to an article at, nearly half of the staff for WRI was once involved in the binary options scam industry. They tell you that this is a good thing because they know exactly how these scams operate in exactly what to look for. However… It is definitely a bit concerning to hear that.

In the article it talks about how many Israelis come to the US, and other countries, and end up getting involved in binary options scams because they can make much better money than other job opportunities they would have. Now the staff for Wealth Recovery International has had a change of heart and is now helping people recover from these scams.

How It Works

If you want to use Wealth Recovery International’s service to help get your funds back then you will first have to file a claim. After filing a claim one of their analysts will look it over and contact you if it looks like something they want to work with.

After that you will be asked to submit all sorts of information to WRI. This will include documents such as emails, agreements, conditions, screenshots, credit card statements, etc. Anything that can help your case.

They claim to have informants working all over the world that will help perpetrate these scams and get to the bottom of things. So for example if the scam you fall victim to is operated out of Bulgaria, they will have a member of their team from Bulgaria work on it.

The end goal is to gather enough information to be able to submit a compelling case for a chargeback to your credit card company. If you provide enough Information And can prove that you have been scammed then credit card companies such as Visa and MasterCard can possibly run a chargeback where they will take the money back that you sent and send it back to you.

The Cost

From what I can find out it seems they charge an upfront 10% fee. However I can’t really find much information on this, but this is not all that strange. What I have found with other similar services is that the amount they charge usually varies with each case, since each case will differ.

However if there is a 10% “upfront” fee this is a bit concerning. I would feel much better off if they would just take a cut out of the money they help you recover rather than charging you before-hand.

What Other People Are Saying About Them

To be honest I can’t really find any real reviews on Wealth Recovery International. Don’t get me wrong… I have found many people claiming that this is an incredible place and that they have helped recover their funds… But for some reason they just don’t seem legitimate to me. The reviews seem to be fake and this is not anything strange.

For example, on Facebook there are a fair number of reviews for this service but I know that is very easy to pay for fake reviews. You can’t always trust what you see or hear and I’m getting this strange gut feeling when I read these reviews. Something just doesn’t seem right about it.Wealth Recovery International facebook

And I’m not the only one that believes many of the reviews out there for this place are fake. When doing my little investigation on the service I came across other people asking the same thing… Asking where the “real” reviews are.

Final Thoughts

So do I think that Wealth Recovery International is a service worth using to recover your funds? This is something that I am still unsure of. There is just nothing that I come across that really really proves to me that this is legitimate. If it is a scam, it’s a very well put together and professional one, that’s for sure, but many of the binary option scams are very professional and convincing.

I can’t really give you a confident answer of whether or not this place is a scam. If I were you I would definitely do some more research before going through and using the service.

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