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Is WAHEDU a Scam? Yes It Is and I Can Prove It

By Kyle / December 28, 2016

is wahedu a scamWAH EDU may sound like an awesome way to make easy money online, but its not what it seems. Is WAHEDU a scam? You better believe it and I’ll prove it to you in this short review. Its nothing more than a bunch of lies piled together to get you and many other people to spend money on a product that doesn’t work.

You will NOT make $379 per day or however much the lady said in the video. Heck, you will be lucky to make $5 per day with this load of BS system. I’ll go over exactly what this scam program is all about and why it won’t work like she tells you, but first I want to go over a few blatant lies that they tell you.

They Lie About Being Featured In The News

Although on the website they act as if this work at home program has been featured in the news, it hasn’t! This is nothing more than a lie put in place to try to gain credibility and ultimately enough trust from you to purchase this scam product.

If you want to verify this for yourself you can simply go to the website of CNN, FOX News, ABC, etc and search for WAH EDU, or Bobbie Robinson, or anything that has to do with this program. But you won’t find a thing.

And the next lie they try to pull over on you is even worse…

Bobbie Robinson is FAKE!

WAH EDU bobbie robinsonThe spokesperson in the video goes by the name of Bobbie Robinson and claims to have once been a struggling mom who lived paycheck to paycheck. Sadly this is all a lie that has been told too many times. I actually wrote an article on “Bobbie Robinson” because this is the name a group of scammers have been using for years to pull of these work from home scams.

Depending on what scam website you have come across her name, she may have been portrayed by a different woman. In this particular scam, WAH EDU, Bobbie Robinson’s role is played by a paid actress. And yes, I have proof of it.

Check out the screenshot below. She is an actor from Fiverr that anyone can pay to be a spokesperson for their product. Here username is Alliemadison12 in case you want to look her up. This actress has nothing to do with this WAH EDU product like she says. She does hundreds of videos like this and is simply doing so to get paid.


The Underlying Scam of WAH EDU

Its a link posting scam that simply will never work out like she says. Posting links for companies doesn’t work out like this.

Its called affiliate marketing. But there is much more to it. First off, you don’t get paid just for posting links. You get paid when someone clicks the link and buys the product from the seller.

Can You Make Money Doing This? Yes.

But Will You Make Money Like She Says? No!

She misleads you a lot throughout the sales video. Saying that you make $15 per link is ridiculous.

There is NO way of guessing how much money a link can make you. Its IMPOSSIBLE. It depends on the amount of people who click that link and the amount who actually continue to purchase the product. Many links you post will earn you a big fat $0. And others could earn you thousands… It all depends and can vary greatly.

She makes it seem way to easy.

I Specialize In This, I Know Its a Scam

Affiliate marketing is how I make my money online, you can learn more about how you can too here if you want.

You can’t make money affiliate marketing by just going out and spamming links everywhere. I mean, if you have social media sites with hundreds of thousands of followers you might be able to make some good sales, but for the majority of people this won’t even come close to working.

This isn’t something you just go out and do. It takes work. The way I make money affiliate marketing is by creating simple little niche websites and getting free traffic from Google. I have links on my site in which visitors will click and then be redirected to Amazon and other sellers, and I get paid when they buy from those sellers.

Its an awesome business model because you can make a lot of money without having your own product.

You can learn how to legitimately start affiliate marketing here

WAH EDU is a Scam.. Final Thoughts

Ok, so lets recap. Bobbie Robinson is completely fake and the and doesn’t exist, the whole news thing is fake and this program has never been featured in any news, and what they tell you about affiliate marketing is very misleading and will not work out.

There isn’t much more to say here. Its a scam without a doubt.

Btw here are some of the other duplicate scams to this out there.. Ultimate Home Profits, Home Jobs Today, Home Jobs Now, Home Income Course, Paydays at Home, Financial Health Reset and more. So just beware.

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